Monday, August 7, 2023

Weekending 8/7/23

Good Morning,

How are you?  I'm doing well.  It is mild this morning, but humid.  We had a bit of rain overnight and I believe more is expected today.  The garden will be happy.

Another week has started.  Mine started off annoyingly with an email at 5:30 this a.m. from one of my bosses asking me to call him as soon as I got his email.  (I have not yet called him.)  Turns out his flight this a.m. was cancelled and all flights to PHL on Delta were cancelled.  Oh well...he booked himself to fly into Baltimore instead.  Just hoping this is not a portent of how the week is going to go....

I hope your weekend was a good one.  Mine was great!  Plenty of time for knitting and stitching and reading.  Saturday morning started off with a meet up with Dee for coffee, stitching and a whole lot of chatting.  It was great.  When we split up, Dee headed off to meet up with Steve - they had plans for the afternoon.  I decided to check out the Home Goods nearby.  I love Home Goods and I had not been in one in quite some time.  This particular one was a bit too crowded for my taste, so I did not stay long, but they are ready for Fall:

Lots and lots of Halloween decor and let me tell you, folks were buying!

Because of wandering around Home Goods (also Marshalls - no luck) and then heading to a grocery store for a couple of items I got home a little later than usual.  I spent the balance of the afternoon prepping for dinner and then Fletch and I sat on the patio to watch the birds and sip our beverages.  We had a goldfinch appear!

A little blurry zooming with my phone, but do you see him on the green fence post?  Just a brilliant shade of yellow.

Sunday was filled with a lot of cooking which you all know I love!  I made biscuits and sausage gravy to go with fried eggs for breakfast.  Once that was done I started prepping some things for home made pizza.  I roasted some eggplant, a pint of cherry tomatoes and sauteed a bunch of mushrooms.  Yum!  

Then I decided to make a peach crostata because our peaches were very (very!) ripe.

It certainly looks rustic, no?  I used this recipe and although tasty, the pasty was a real bee-otch to work with.  Next time I will use my own pastry recipe.  Holy moly the peaches are so good this year!

Sunday afternoon we went back to Colin & Mailing's house.  I checked the mail (mostly trash) and watered the house plants (no picture, but the yellow orchid is still in full bloom!).  Fletch did a bunch of weed wacking and trimming of plants overgrowing the sidewalk and other areas.  When we got home we indulged in a piece of the peach crostata and then sat on the patio.

Our wren family has been busy!  The parents feed the youngsters non-stop and I think they are getting ready to fledge.  If you look closely at the video, you will see a baby poking it's head out of the house...then a parent comes in, the baby opens his/her mouth wide, and the parent puts a worm or something in the open mouth.  They are noisy creatures!!

And that's it for me!  I hope your Monday is a good one filled with whatever you love to do.


  1. I am ready for cooler weather but not really ready for Halloween but I will take the pushing of the seasons!! I am weary of the summer.

  2. I cannot think about Halloween when it's this hot! I know it'll be here before we know it, but I'm trying to enjoy what's left of the summer.

    It sounds like you ate well this weekend, and you certainly got treated to some great birding! I hope the week is not too terrible (still getting over the thought of someone emailing you before 6 a.m. on a Monday about work -- how many more days until you retire?).

  3. Oof... Halloween, yikes! I am going to stay firmly in August until it is over... or at least I am going to try! LOL

    Those chittering wrens! Too cute!

    And finally... wtaf Mr. Boss... No one is calling you at 5:30AM... have you lost your mind? lol Hope this is absolutely not a harbinger of the week!

  4. Lots of people are hoping that welcoming fall will hurry its arrival. We all know better; September is often quite warm, too. Best we try to be patient and enjoy the fruits of Summertime, as you are. It truly has been a banner year for peaches. And my pesto production is nonstop, pretty much. More has to be made this week.

  5. I'm wondering what you were supposed to do about your boss' flight? Hopefully, he's got his own travel plans sorted by now. I don't decorate much for Halloween but certainly not in August (but there will certainly be Christmas decorations out by Halloween). Enjoy that peach crostata and your wrens!

  6. The peach crostata looks perfect in my opinion. Peaches HAVE been good this year. YUM!

  7. Sounds like a good weekend! I made ratatouille (sp?) this weekend with farmer's market eggplant and my only zucchini (so far). It was great!

  8. Your crostata looks amazing! I've had no luck with peaches this year. The ones they have in the markets down here are bitter. I tried making a pie with them and it was awful. Went right in the trash. I'll have to try some local ones at the farmer's market if I can find any.

  9. Nobody wants an email from the boss that early in the morning! Your weekend sounds lovely and that peach crostata looks fabulous!

  10. I love hearing those baby wrens demanding dinner! You're right, all day! It's comical, as soon as I approach even from behind, complete silence. How do they know??

  11. I’m not a peach fan (the fuzz bothers me), but the nectarines have been fantastic this summer, too.

  12. The little wrens are busy. And yes, the peaches are really good this year. We just ate a few of the first Colorado peaches. Yum. Your pastry looks delicious.