Tuesday, December 31, 2019

A New Word

Hello All,

My it has been a long time!  I confess I have enjoyed my break from technology and was rather frustrated when I (tried) to post about the gorgeous quilt that Val made.  Only one picture showed up and only half of what I wrote.  My work computer is so much faster (and reliable) than my at-home laptop.  But...here goes an attempt again.

Our holidays were just so nice, and I trust all of you had an enjoyable December as well - whatever you celebrate.  We had wonderful food, lots of family time, some walks, plenty of knitting and naps!!

Back in early December when I was in Trader Joe's, I saw they had Amaryllis bulbs encased in wax.  No watering required!  Naturally I picked one up and it has been sitting on my kitchen counter ever since.  This happened yesterday:

There is one open bud and three more showing color.  The second stalk is slowly growing too!  I wish I had picked up a bunch of these.

A few weeks ago I "discovered" my One Little Word for 2020.  It is Nourish.  I love that it means to encourage, support, foster, etc. and I love that it can be applied to all parts of my life:  physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Honore will be hosting monthly discussions surrounding our chosen words.  I hope you will join in the exploration!

And now, fingers crossed, this post will publish in its entirety!!  Wishing you all a very Happy and Peaceful New Year.  May 2020 be one of excellent health, much laughter and plenty of time to do all those things you love - ENJOY!!