Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Unraveled Wednesday 12/4/19

Good Morning!

I was surprised this morning when Tyg came in wet.  Looking outside I realized it was snowing and the car was already covered!  Fortunately there was not much, it came right off the windshield with the wipers and it stopped snowing by the time I was ready to drive to work.  Winter is here I guess.  A White Christmas might be nice (as long as we can get over to Colin & Mailing's!!).

So here we are at the first Unraveled Wednesday of December.  After finishing the socks for my little brother I had been working on the Canary Blanket, but my fingers sometimes hurt, so I cast on another sock!  What a surprise..

This photo shows the yarn as grey-ish, but in reality it is green.  Christmas Green!  I'm knitting the Hermoine's Everyday Sock pattern (again) (because easy and I already memorized it).  These will be another gift.

Last night I did manage to get three more rows knit on the blanket.  It is getting heavy in my lap, but I still have such a long way to go!  I had hoped to finish it for Colin's birthday or Christmas, but I doubt that will happen.  I just can't knit much of it at any one time.

Yesterday's mail brought the first Christmas card and inside the sweetest gift from Betsy - a very pretty Christmas stitch marker/progress keeper:

Bells!  I love this.  Thank you Betsy - I am going to use this on the new sock I'm knitting.

Also, on the seasonal front, our office is decorated (my home is not yet...).  Actually the "service" that does all the plants in our building also puts up the trees and decorates.  They did that the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Here is the tree in our reception area:

So pretty and festive.  And, our office is filled with poinsettias.  They are everywhere!  There must be at least 50+ in our office - on all the tables in the kitchens, in the hallways, etc.  Our office is on the second floor of the building and in the main lobby there is a tree that is just about 3 stories high!  Lots of garlands all over the place too.  So pretty.  I need to do some decorating at home.  I think we will put our tree up next Thursday when Colin is over for dinner.  We always used to put it up and decorate it on the 11th (Colin's birthday).  Fletch will be on a mission to find the Perfect Tree for us!

Still plugging along on A Better Man by Louise Penny.  I'm about 65% of the way through it and it is getting a little better.  I still am not thrilled with it - I think the other books in the series are so much better (personal opinion).

Looking forward to a short day at work today.  I'll be leaving by 2 p.m. for an eye doctor appointment and then tomorrow I'll be in late thanks to a dentist appointment (just cleaning) at 7:30.

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  1. I always loved the decorations in my office - we had that same TALL tree in the lobby and it was a fun place to take photos.

  2. I'm glad you haven't had to do any unraveling! The new sock start looks nice and that pattern is a delight to knit and to wear!
    pretty decorations--I haven't felt like doing the house yet either!

  3. This is the year we bowed to the Inevitable of an artificial tree, what with both of us being a bit out of commission. It will be much less work for us both and no imposition on the boys.

    You are knitting right along! I'm impressed.

  4. I haven't decorated yet either, though I have a pile of pine and birch branches from Dad sitting in my backyard just waiting to be arranged. I'll probably decorate this weekend.

    I like a white Christmas too, but only if it's not actually snowing at the time - because you're right - getting places is tough!

    The weather has warmed enough here to melt about half our snow, but apparently there's more on the way by weekend. I have a feeling it's going to be a long, cold winter.

    Your new socks are going to be lovely - and you can never have too many pairs of socks on the needles! :)

  5. If only we could have that plant/decorating service come to our homes! I love to have the house decorated, but since it all falls to me, I've been decorating less and less each year. I was surprised by snow this morning, too, and found out the hard way that it's slippery when I went out to fill the bird feeders!

  6. I found the cutest little tree (3' and perfect for an apartment) before Thanksgiving. I decorated it on Thanksgiving as the snow was falling. That and a few other other decorations scattered around have made my home more festive.

  7. Our house is getting decorated in dribs and drabs, with the big push probably this weekend.

    God forbid they decorate at work ...

  8. I've been enjoying having our tree up much earlier than usual. I supposed that means i'll be ready to have it down right after Christmas though. I'm glad the stitch marker made it in one piece.

  9. There have been intermittent flurries here, but nothing sticking. Next week our forecast says it is going to be in the 50's again. December and Pittsburgh - a unique weather combination!

  10. That tree is beautiful. Those surrounding poinsettias are just gorgeous!

  11. Your office must look GORGEOUS!

    It was mostly rain here today -----------COLD rain.

  12. Wow, you're so lucky your office pays for all those wonderful decorations for all of you to enjoy. Like I say.. your job sounds like one of the better ones out there. Stay safe on the roads. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. what fun to have a festive office. Our gym has a tree and I love how twinkly it is as I work out. Love your socks and they look a little green over here.

  14. I just finished our holiday decorating here at home yesterday. I love the cozy-festive-ness of it! I love seeing the decorations everywhere I go! Enjoy your weekend, Vera. (And I'm with you on the latest Louise Penny. I think . . . she needs to shake things up a bit!) XO

  15. I have the same opinion about that book, still it is worth reading. I am sure it is lovely to go to your office when it is decorated so nicely. Enjoy!

  16. Poinsettias seem more spectacular in groups anyhow! I saw some BLUE toned and prefer the traditional Red! Glad you have some short work days!