Friday, June 29, 2018

A Miscellaneous TGIF

Good morning!

Well, the heat and humidity are building.  This weekend is supposed to be brutal (temps in the upper 90's, high humidity, etc.).  I'm hoping to get out early when I need to...or to get a walk in, but then hang out in the house and knit, read, maybe sew?????  Today is a half-day Friday for me.  I am working Monday and Tuesday (but Tuesday won't be a full day) and I've taken next Thursday and Friday off.

I managed to knit 2 more rows on my shawl at lunch yesterday.  I stopped after 2 because every time I try to go further during my lunch time I go into some kind of a zen state and mess it up.  The knitting is so rhythmic it could almost lull me into dozing and I ALWAYS mess up the count!.  So 2 rows were knit successfully and then I read 2 chapters in my current book.

Colin was over last night (as usual on Thursday nights) for dinner and we had our first serving of green beans and cherry tomatoes from the garden!  While I was getting other things ready, Fletch and Colin picked the tomatoes and then Colin blanched the beans.  Wow!  They were so flavorful and delicious.  Nothing like fresh garden produce to improve a meal.

We managed to play a game of Scrabble (and I beat Colin by over 100 points!!) and then had a small fire.  Colin texted me on his way home that the moon was enormous - and it was!

On the knitting front I ordered the new Field Guide from MDK and that will arrive Monday!  I also ordered yarn for a sweater!!  I've decided to make Juniper Top which I fell in love with a little bit ago, and to use the called for yarn - Berroco Remix Light.  I couldn't find it at any local shop, so placed an order with Webs and the yarn will arrive tomorrow!  Fast!  This is the color I've chosen:

Strawberry.  I can't wait to cast on.

So many fellow bloggers are on a sewing binge as well and I am sorely tempted.  I may try to go through my patterns and fabric this weekend and come up with something to make!

That pretty much wraps up my Friday so far.  My morning conference call has been cancelled (yay!!) and I think I'll toast a bagel and have some coffee.  Enjoy your day and the weekend!