Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Little bit More From the Weekend

Well Good Morning!

Whew!  It has been steamy.  Yesterday I went out at lunch and drove to a shady spot to read.  Windows were down and there was a slight breeze, but my phone was telling me it was 98 degrees!  And it was around 90% humidity.  A sticky mess.

We did have a fairly strong thunderstorm move through last night which was nice.  The rain smelled So Good!  And, it managed to drop the temp to the 80's (at 10 p.m.).  Oy vey!

Meanwhile, my brother in Boulder texted me pictures - they were getting a second hail storm (the first one was a month or so ago and stripped all the peaches from their trees!).  He sent a close up shot of the hail - too big!