Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Unraveled Wednesday 7/8/20

Good Morning!

Here we are at Unraveled Wednesday.  Linking up with Kat to take a look at what everyone is making and reading these days.

If you read my blog earlier this week, you know there was a lot of unraveling - or rather tinking - over the long weekend.  I did, finally, knit some on the Hellebore Hitchhiker last night, but honestly it looks no different, so no picture.  I have yet to gather the energy to figure out what to do with my Tomfoolery sock.  But, I have been making some Granny Squares.  The first 6 of the next 25 are finished:

These are turning out to be so much fun - quick and colorful.  As long as I don't think about all the joining that I will have on my hands!!

On the reading front, I think I already mentioned that I finished Wild Game the next "Read With Us" book which we will be discussing in August.  I started reading "Fair Play" by Tove Jansson (I loved "The Summer Book" by her), but I can't really get into it.  Via Overdrive I have on my Kindle "The Woman Who Borrowed Memories" also by Tove Jansson, but I'm not sure I will bother with this right now. 

We are back to muggy weather - needed the AC last night to sleep.  Fletch has hung up the garlic to dry.

Hanging from the patio roof - hopefully it will dry ok despite our humidity!

I'm running into the office this morning to do a few things.  I don't expect to be there more than an hour or so.  Hope everyone's week is going well!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The BEST News and TNT


Thank you all for your concern about Mailing and your prayers, sending good vibes and good juju, etc., etc.  Finally heard yesterday morning that her Covid test came back NEGATIVE!!  Yay!!  As I mentioned, she was sure it was just a stomach bug of some kind, but it is still such a huge relief to get the news that all is well.

Yesterday started out pretty sticky and humid.  But, inspired by Kym I decided I had to do something with the over-ripe peaches, apricots, blueberries and raspberries we had.  So I made a galette.

Very rustic looking and delicious!  I only added a sprinkle of sugar - maybe a tablespoon at most,  Fletch had some last night for a snack - warmed up in the microwave and then covered in whipped cream - and pronounced it delicious.  I had a bite and thought it was pretty good.  These are so much easier to make than a pie.

Of course, on a hot, sticky day having the oven on at 400 degrees is not the best (we do not have central air).  But late afternoon an unexpected storm rolled through and the temp dropped from 90 to 70 in 20 minutes.  Then it really started storming.  At some point it got really loud and we realized it was hailing!  I went out on the patio and reached out and picked up a couple of pieces.

The hail didn't last all that long, but the storms continued for a few hours.  Last night I was able to sleep with no air, just the ceiling fan and the windows wide open.  It felt so good!

Anyway, here we are on a Tuesday, or like we say, TNT - Tiny Needle Tuesday.  I did manage to finish "Crows at Strawberry Hill" over the weekend.  It took a little longer than I expected as I realized I was off on my count by one thread on the border at the bottom.  Grrrr - had to rip that out and re-start.  But I love the end result.

I did pick out a new Adam & Eve sampler to stitch, but I'm waiting for threads to be shipped to me.  So, in the interim I pulled out an old UFO.  I'm pretty sure I blogged about this piece a year or two ago when I pulled it out and worked on it a bit.  Then it went back into the stitching black hole.  This is The Sailor's Huswife by Darlene O'Steen.  I believe this is out of print now, but is on the Bay of Evil.

Excuse all the wrinkles - this piece has been folded up for so long...Next up under the flowers is another dividing band and the balance of the alphabet.  I don't plan to make the whole thing (back side and pockets to keep things in, etc.).  I'm just stitching this main panel.  After the dividing bands and alphabet the next (and last!) section has acorns and squirrels on it!!  This is a fun piece to work on.  I think I'm using 36 count fabric, but I'm not sure, and DMC threads.

As I mentioned the other week, my office is now not opening until August 6th.  This Friday, July 10th, no one is allowed in the office as it is going to be "deep cleaned."  Not sure what that means exactly.  I will probably go in one day this week as there are things I need to print on the "big boy" paper (lol - that is what we call 11x17 paper - makes small spreadsheets that much easier to read).  I'll also take in some rhubarb for my boss and leave it in one of the refrigerators for him (our rhubarb plant is going gang busters again!).

In other news I had a doctor's appointment (routine) with my primary care physician next week, but received a call that she is still not coming into the office.  I didn't want a telecon appointment so they rescheduled me.  The first appointment I could get is in late October!  Crazy!

Well, time to fix another cup of coffee and get to work.  Hope everyone is doing well.

Monday, July 6, 2020


Hello, Hello!

Welcome to the 2nd half of the year.  Did you have a good weekend?  How was your 4th of July?

Thanks for all your concern about Mailing.  Still no results on her test if you can believe that!  Today will be the 5th business day, so she should hear by today sometime.  A neighbor told us that if she had gone to the county facility to be tested (she went to a CVS) she would have had results in 48 hours...but we also hear our county testing site is closing.  Not sure why with the number of cases increasing....Anyway, she is sure it was just a stomach bug of some kind that she had

Anyway, back to the weekend.  It was nice to not work ALL weekend including Friday.  I never turned the computer on!  Friday was stinking hot - too hot for walking or being outside, but Dee and I met up mid-morning at a coffee shop where they are allowing inside seating.  It was so good to get together with her again!  I ended up just tinking rather than knitting.  I was working on the Hellebore Hitchhiker when I noticed I had forgotten a tooth.  So, I tinked back 3 rows or so and then bound off for the tooth and continued on...until I noticed a hole a few rows back.  Dee is a much more experienced knitter than I, so I had her look at it.  Nope - neither of us could see a dropped stitch.  Not sure how or why that hole appeared, but I started tinking again.  When I got to the point where I could continue knitting I put it away.  LOL  I wasn't going to take any chances.

And the Tomfoolery socks are exactly where they were (or I should say it - the first sock).  The pattern is Cathedral Socks a free pattern on Ravelry.  I'm altering it so there are no purl stitches.  The leg pattern is a 32 row repeat.  I've done two repeats, so 64 rows.  That's shorter than I usually knit legs of my socks.  So, I'm debating whether to just knit some plain rows before starting the heel flap, or do a portion of the pattern.  The heat has addled my brain and I can't figure out what I want to do!

Saturday, the 4th, was another hot one, but thankfully not quite as humid.  I made a corn and black bean salad to take over to Colin & Mailing's.

I also took the gin that had been marinading in my basement with rhubarb.  It was good, but not good enough to bother making it again - lol.  Mailing's Mom made a cucumber and radish salad and also brought some marinaded chicken wings and smoked salmon rolled around peppers and cilantro.  Col & Mailing had made a potato salad and Colin grilled hot dogs, chicken sausage and plant-based brats.  And then there was a huge bowl of cut up watermelon for dessert.  Everything was tasty (except I had the vegan brat and it was not good - lol).

Mailing's Dad had been visiting his Mom earlier in the day and he brought potholders that she had made for all of us!

Aren't they so pretty?  Little tiny stitches.

Around 8:30 or 9:00 the neighbors (in all directions) started setting off fireworks.  It was like a competition of who had the loudest and brightest display.  I had a headache immediately.  Poor Marcel and Talbor were terrified, as were all the wild animals - birds, bats, deer, bunnies - everything was looking for cover.  I felt badly for them.

There may be no knitting to show you (since it all looks the same as it has), but I do have some other pictures from the weekend.  First up, Mr. Frog!  We've had two in our water feature lately.

And Mr (or Mrs) Wren poking out of our camper birdhouse.  Not the best picture - I'm unable to get too close, but we watch them coming and going ALL day long!

Our Trumpet Vine is blooming and we are hoping to finally see more hummingbirds.

And look at this gorgeous Calla Lily at Colin & Mailing's house.

Such a deep, strong yellow.  Love it!

Yesterday Fletch pulled our garlic.  Look at this haul!

Well, I supposed I've rambled on for long enough.  I need to pull up work email and start the work week.  Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Tiny Needle Tuesday 6/30/20

Good Tuesday Morning!

Still no results yet on Mailing's test.  Colin told me yesterday it could take 2-5 business days (I thought it was 2-4 days...not business days).  She is feeling much better - was back to 95% yesterday, so that is good news.

It is pretty hot and humid here in Eastern PA.  I did not go out to walk yesterday.  Work was humming and I was busy (and irritated) all day long.  I've got more to do today, but am hoping to get out at some point.  Other work news:  the opening of my office is now scheduled for August 6th (had been July 13th).  It keeps getting pushed out, which is fine with me.

Meanwhile, it is the last day of June (how did that happen?) and is TNT, or Tiny Needle Tuesday.  Here is what I started after finishing Hallow Eden.

This is another small piece by Blackbird Designs called The Crows at Strawberry Hill.  Fletcher thinks the berry looks more like an acorn and is wondering why the crow has a collar on.  LOL  The liberties of cross stitch designers.  There is a mirror image (well, one hopes it will be a mirror image) of the crow on the other side and a couple of flowers center bottom.  A small border at the bottom and it will be finished.  Small, pincushion size.  I'm using 35 count linen and one strand of floss over two threads (thus, 17.5 stitches to the inch).  The threads I'm using are once again Crescent Colors.  I should finish this up in a couple of days and then I will start the next larger piece I picked out (another Adam & Eve sampler).

We are going to need to get to the grocery store soon.  We are almost out of cat food, we have no lettuce (garden lettuce has all bolted), almost no spinach, low on milk, yogurt, eggs.

I think I mentioned in another post the cat birds that have been pestering/scolding Tyg all the time.  Cat birds have a beautiful song - IF they sing.  Otherwise, they spend time screeching and it gets tiresome to hear.  Fletch and I often sit on the patio in the late afternoon and when we do, Tyg will join us.  The cat birds perch in the apple tree and start an awful racket.  We were tossing tennis balls at them which worked, but Fletch stopped at the Dollar Store and picked up a pack of water pistols.  Since he bought them, the cat birds have stopped their noisy fussing!!  Figures, huh?  But, the pistols are by our chairs ready to be put to use.

In other nature news, our trumpet vine is beginning to open - lots and lots of buds and blooms, so we should be seeing more hummingbirds.  And, our first frog of the season showed up yesterday!

OK, time to pour another cup of coffee and get to work.  Hope your Tuesday is a fine one!

Monday, June 29, 2020


Good Morning!

How was your weekend?  Mine was not what I had planned.  Dee and I were supposed to get together for a walk and then some knitting under my apple tree.  But, Thursday night Mailing started running a fever.  So erring on the side of caution Dee and I decided not to get together.  Mailing was tested Friday for Covid, but we don't know the results yet - hopefully today (2-4 days for the results).  Since Fletch and I saw Colin & Mailing 6 days before she ran the fever, we are staying away from everyone.  I had planned to go into the office today, but am staying home instead.  Mailing is feeling better each day, but is still not 100%. 

Friday I did walk along the canal, and looking across the water I saw these day lilies:

Such a profusion!  I love seeing the reflection in the water.

On Saturday I walked a little over 5 miles along the path in Oaks.  And boy was it muggy!  We had rain early in the morning but by 9 it was clear, so I headed out.  There were a number of walkers and a lot of bikers.  I thought this little guy was going to come right for me:

Hard to see in the picture, but this is a young buck with tiny antlers still in velvet.  Tail up and he meant business!  I was in his way and he was not going to stop - lol.  Later a young, spotted fawn broke out of the woods running right towards me.  It had been frightened by two German Shepherd dogs (on leashes) ahead of me.  I'm like a magnet for these deer!

And, speaking of deer, they have managed to do severe damage on our garden!  They have munched bell peppers, jalapeno peppers (!!), tomato plants, etc.  Farmer Fletch has put up screening and wires around everything!  And he went out and got coyote urine to sprinkle around everything.  LOL

So disappointing after everything was doing so well.  And now our garden looks like a prison with wire everywhere!

I did manage to get a little knitting and a little stitching done over the weekend, but no pictures yet.  Not sure what I will be able to do today.  The morning has already been busy work-wise and I have a conference call at 10.  It is also feeling a bit sticky already, so I doubt I will get out for a walk.  Time will tell.

Wishing you all a great week!  I can't believe we are at the end of June!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Unraveled Wednesday 6/24/20

Hello and Good Morning!

It's a bit overcast and muggy here.  I need to get into the office this morning, so I'm guessing I will not be walking today.  I did manage to walk yesterday morning (around 9:30).  I walked 3.6 miles on the Oaks path.  Though still warm it was not nearly as bad as it was walking at 1 p.m. the day before.

Knitting is moving along nicely.

That is the Hellebore Hitchhiker with a few more teeth and the start of the Tomfoolery sock (which is reminding me of Tequila Sunrise).

Here's a close up of the sock which isn't great - I think this is one where it is going to need to be spread out on a leg for the pattern to be appreciated.  I'm knitting Cathedral Socks by Jeanie Townsend (free on Ravelry), BUT...I am not doing any purl stitches (except in the cuff).  I always mess up when doing purl stitches and yarn overs so I decided just to skip the purls and simply knit (plus I'm much faster at knitting than purling).  There's a bit of lace and a few cables, both of which I wanted.  Hopefully they will look good once on!

I've also managed to make a few more Granny Squares - no real dent in the needed 75 more (at least) for my blanket, but at least a start.

Yesterday when Fletch went out to water things in the garden he found this under our apple tree:

The sweet beginnings of a little nest.  Not sure why it was abandoned or who it belonged to, but it is fun to see how intricately the grass is woven.

As I mentioned, I've got to go into the office this morning.  Suddenly there is a bunch of stuff that needs to be done TODAY, so I will be busy.  Additionally, I had an e-mail from one of the managers at the Embassy Suites across the street from my office.  They are offering (free) 2 rib eye steaks, seasoning packets, an onion and a few other things.  Their chef will be doing a zoom class Thursday late afternoon.  I'm not doing the zoom class, but I am scheduled to pick up steaks this morning!  The hotel has been going through extensive renovations (badly needed) during the pandemic and now they are trying to drum up business again.

So that's my Wednesday.  I need to get dressed and out of here.  Should be a pretty drive through Valley Forge Park to get to my office.  Hope your week is going well!

Please head over to Kat's to see what others are making!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Tiny Needle Tuesday June 23, 2020

Hello all,

Whew!  Summer is definitely here.  I did go for a walk after lunch yesterday.  Just an hour along the path in Oaks that runs by the Perkiomen Creek and the Schuylkill River.  I was literally dripping when I got back to my car.  And, I noticed last night that my shoulders had gotten a bit sun burned which is a  no-no for me.  I think maybe I should try to get out this morning before the heat of the day. 

The good news is my floss arrived from the second shop I contacted.  I called them last week and the floss arrived yesterday!  So, Hallow Eden is finished:

I really like this piece - just quirky enough for me.  Today I will take the time to go through my stash and decide what to stitch next.

Last night I managed to do both a little knitting (on the Hellebore Hitchhiker) and a little crocheting (another Granny Square is finished).  But my hands felt sticky the entire time...just too hot.

The rooster up the street has been crowing non-stop for the last 20 minutes.  Actually he crows ALL day long.  Fletch and I often hear him when we sit on the patio in the late afternoon before dinner.  Sometimes I think that rooster is like a baby who has his days and nights mixed up.  Other times I think he just likes to hear himself - lol.  And the catbirds that have come back this year are constantly fussing at Tyg when he is outside.  It's enough of a racket to make you think you will lose your mind.

The hibiscus that Fletch picked up the other day is apparently loving being here rather than Lowes!  I just took this picture a few minutes ago from our patio.  Fletch planted it just at the front of our garden.

The picture is a bit blurry, but you can see how LARGE the blooms are and how many more have opened up.  It is a show stopper for sure (and it was only $16!!!).  Hopefully the deer will leave it alone.

That's it for me!  I think I'll go through my stitching stash and pick out my next project.