Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Tiny Needle Tuesday 9/22/20

 Good Morning!

Happy First Day of Fall!!  It's a bit warmer here today - my phone says 40.  It is still dark, so I can't really read the thermometer we have on our patio (even with the patio light on!).  I never did get out for a walk yesterday.  I ended up being fairly busy work-wise, but also spent the entire day sneezing and blowing my nose.  I don't know if it was/is allergies or a cold or what.  I also could not get warm!  It doesn't help that there is no heat in my home office!  Yikes!!  We have electric baseboard heat and each room has a thermostat.  The one for the office room stopped working several years back and we just ignored it because we rarely used the room.  Our neighbor, Rob, will be over to replace the thermostat before we get into Winter for sure.  I also discovered one of the windows was still open - letting 37 degree air blow in - lol.  No wonder I was cold!

Fall is being ushered in on Tiny Needle Tuesday.  I don't have much to show this week.  The third and final section at the bottom of my sampler is taking FOREVER!  I'm liking the way it looks - a lot, but geeze it's taking a long time to stitch.  There are so many color changes and then weaving in the ends on the back side....here is a picture of the whole thing and then a close up of that final section.

You can see that the final section is divided into 3 bands.  I still have some stitching on the top band.  The middle one is similar to the top and then the bottom one is (thankfully) just one color and the pattern is like a Greek key - very pretty.  My hope is to have this finished by next week, but we'll see.  My sock knitting is also calling to me...

I'm going in to my office later this morning.  I have some things to go over/review/work on with my boss Bill and then I have a meeting from 1-2 with finance to review one of our year-end procedures.  Our fiscal year ends September 30th and then the scramble begins to finalize those numbers and start a new fiscal year fresh.

Somehow we ended up with an invasion of fruit flies in our house.  Oy!  We have traps out, but it takes a long time to be rid of these pesky devils.  And, they get in everything!  I'm constantly wiping down counters with disinfectant.

Well, time to do a bit of work before heading out.  Wishing you a beautiful Fall day!

Monday, September 21, 2020


 Good Morning!

A chilly 37 degrees this morning.  What a beautiful weekend we had.  How was yours?  Those of you who read Dee's Blog know that we met up on Saturday for a walk along the canal path.  There were a few turtles out and we saw blue herons!

We walked the path/trail and then had lunch at Fitzwater Station which is situated right by the canal.  We were able to get a table on the deck overlooking the water.  There were plenty of folks canoeing and kayaking and plenty of ducks too.  After lunch we headed to a local coffee shop for some knitting/sipping/chatting.  A lovely time.  Thank you Dee!

The cooler weather and so many birds migrating prompted Fletch to pull our feeders out from the shed (we don't feed the birds in the summer).  Lo and behold someone - Mr. Mouse - had built a cozy nest in the feeder we use for sunflower seeds.

Luckily no one was home when Fletch pulled the feeder from the shed!

The cooler temps also had me putting out a few Fall things:

A vase with goldenrod and winter berry and my squirrel candle holder.  I bought squirrely years ago at Restoration Hardware and I love him.

I also felt like a Fall dinner, so I made some Butternut Squash Peanut Curry (recipe link) - delicious and so easy to make (in about an hour).

Saturday night Fletch and I watched Little Women and I confess I dozed through some of it...but enjoyed what I saw.  All in all, a lovely weekend.  A very little bit of knitting was accomplished.

I started the heel flap when Dee and I were at the coffee shop...and I knit a few more rows on it, but didn't quite finish.  Maybe today.  It's not a race.

Meanwhile, the workday is here.  I have a conference call at 10 and have some things I need to prepare for that.  Here's to a good week!

Friday, September 18, 2020

More Trail Pictures and a Friday Feline!

 Good Morning!

Another grey morning and a little nip in the air.  Lots of rain around us, but we didn't get any.  In fact, Fletch and I sat around a fire last night for a little bit.  No conference calls today!  But, I have a rather large spreadsheet I need to work on, so I will be busy.  I'll try to walk a little later.  First I need to go back to feed Talbot & Marcel (Colin and Mailing will get back tomorrow).  C&M had a rainy time in Richmond, but were able to meet up with Fletcher's cousin for dinner.  I believe they are heading to Washington today to see a friend.

I did get out to walk yesterday (5 miles) in Oaks.  This trail is paved and easy to walk on.  I looked out at the Schuylkill River and saw a Blue Heron hanging with some ducks.

Herons always look so regal to me.  Then I came upon this EVIL SERPENT and almost screamed out loud (well, I kind of did...)

Yes, I know it's a harmless garter snake, but still...an EVIL SERPENT to me.  Just about scared the sh*t out of me!

On to nicer things.  Just because it's Friday, here is a picture of Tyg (and yours truly).

He doesn't look happy in the picture, but he was purring up a storm.  Tyg is not fond of the fires we have in the pit, but last night he actually came around and hung with us for awhile.  Maybe he is getting used to them?

Well, cheers to the weekend!  Hope you all have a wonderful one.  Enjoy!

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Pictures Along the Canal

 Hello All,

Last night saw me put 8 more rows on the sock, but not enough to merit an updated picture.  We ended up watching The Wife with Glenn Close (finally).  Very good!  Unlike all of you (or at least almost all of you), I don't knit while watching TV - we usually have all the lights out and I can't knit in the dark - lol.  We also saw Rocketman earlier in the week, but neither of us really liked it.  I was bored during most of it.

Yesterday after leaving the office, I came home and had a bit of lunch and then took off for a walk along the canal.  It was a little bit warmer, but still pleasant walking and once again hardly anyone on the trail.  Here are some pictures from yesterday.

My old friend, Mr. Skelton is still hanging out on the bench.  I love the Purple Martin House too.

Some lovely flowers trailside and a house on the opposite side of the canal with a beautiful display of flowers.

A picture looking down the canal.  So calm and peaceful.

Finally, this guy was fly fishing in the Schuylkill River (the canal is on one side of the trail, the river is on the other).  It was mesmerizing to watch him cast.

It was a nice walk (I ended up walking 4 miles) and I'm looking forward to going back there on Saturday with Dee!!

Hope your week is going well.  We are almost at the weekend!  Now I need to go over to Colin & Mailing's to feed Marcel and Talbot.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Unraveled Wednesday 9/16/20

 Hello and Good Morning!

Another hazy morning here - they say it's from the smoke on the West Coast!  It is also another cool morning - 45 when I got up at 5:30.  The air is so fresh.  When I got home from the office yesterday I took a 5 mile walk on the River Trail and it was wonderful.  Refreshing, cool (I even had a sweatshirt on for half the distance!).  There were not many people at all on the trail (though more unleased dogs!!) and it was just so peaceful.  Turns out the River Trail is 3 miles long...so my goal the next time I am there is to walk the 3 miles and then back for a total of 6!

I showed some knitting the other day and no more progress has been made.  Monday was devoted to finishing that one section on the sampler and yesterday there was not time for knitting or stitching!  Not a good thing...but here is a picture of the sock that I started using Val's Pattern somewhat stretched out so that you can see the pretty lace.

Isn't that pretty?  And this yarn is fun.  The various colors that show up are so subtle and pretty.  Wish I could remember where and when I bought it!

So, as mentioned, no time for crafting yesterday because 1) I was in the office in the morning, 2) I walked in the afternoon, and 3) when I got home from walking and cleaned up Fletch and I left for Colin & Mailing's.  Mailing had been in NYC for the day and hadn't gotten home by the time we arrived, but she showed up shortly thereafter.  Colin made homemade pesto using garden garlic and garden basil.  OMG - so good!  And he grilled shrimp.  Can you say yum?

Since the kids are leaving for Richmond this afternoon, Fletch and I brought the leftovers home with us.  I didn't have dessert, but the others finished up the coffee ice cream I had made for Labor Day and Mailing brought home some cookies from a bakery in New York.

There are some definite signs of Fall around.  Here is a look at the kids' Dogwood tree.

And these berries (Poke Berries?  Poisonous?) growing amongst the thistles Colin is letting thrive.

What a pretty magenta color.  And gosh, the bees and the goldfinches LOVE all the thistles.

Here is Colin after firing up the grill.  The stand of thistles is in the back...hiding their table and chairs for dining (though it was chilly enough that we ate inside).

His hair is beginning to curl a bit!  After dinner Colin built a fire in their fire pit and we sat and chatted for a little while.  We didn't stay late - I had to get up dark-early again today to be in the office.  I'm hoping to leave by Noon and get a walk in again this afternoon.

As I mentioned the other day, the latest Louise Penny book came through on Overdrive for me, so I'm reading that (only 2 chapters so far, but it is good) and then some other books have come through on Overdrive or I am very close to getting them (#1 or #2 on the wait list).  I'm hopeful that my reading mojo is back and raring to go!!

Like other Unraveled Wednesdays, I'm linking up with Kat - head on over to see what others are making and reading.  Inspiration abounds!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Tiny Needle Tuesday 9/15/20

 Good morning!

It's a bit later this morning as I drove in to work earlier.  And gosh!  What a nip in the air (it feels wonderful).  It was 47 at my house when I got up at 6.  And DARK!  Right now it's a bit hazy, but it should brighten up a bit.  

Yesterday I did steal away from my desk for a bit and walked at the canal.  The trail was pretty empty (except for two women with a nasty looking dog NOT on a leash).  I didn't even see any kayakers or canoers.  Kind of weird, but it was a great day for a walk.  Not sure I will get one in today.  I have to be at my office till Noon or a little after...so maybe once I get home I can get out again, not sure.

At the last minute (meaning pretty late - for me anyway) yesterday I finished up the bottom middle section of Dona Dorothea:

It was not the most fun (meaning it was BORING) to stitch this section, but I'm pleased with how it turned out.  Here is a close up of that middle section.

There is one extra space on the right hand side which makes me slightly crazy, but that's the way the design is.  I did change the colors a bit as they were all over the place and some of the changes in color were barely noticeable.  I like my version.  

So now I just have that bottom right section and this sucker sampler will be finished!  I like it (especially the top part with the checkerboard deer and the alphabets), but I will be happy to put it away and move on to something else.  A few ideas are percolating in my head.  I need to go through my stash (again) and see what calls to me.

The latest book by Louise Penny (this one) just came through on Overdrive for me yesterday.  You all know I've been in a bit of a reading slump - starting a book and not finishing it numerous times.  But, I love this series and I'm betting this gets my reading mojo back.  I only read the first chapter last night (because it was late when I finished stitching the middle section above), but so far I'm loving it.

Fletch and I are going to Colin & Mailing's for dinner.  I think Col said he was going to grill shrimp and make pasta with home made pesto sauce.  YUM.  Not sure if we will stick around for a fire or not.  Those two are leaving for Richmond, VA in the morning.  Mailing has to go to a plant in Richmond for work and Colin is tagging along and will just work from the hotel.  They will be home on Friday and we will be on cat duty till they get home.  And I think Colin leaves Monday (9/21) for his Batchelor Party which is a 3 day, 2 night (camping) kayak trip.  Suddenly everything is happening so fast leading up to the Wedding!!!

Hope everyone's week is going well.  

Monday, September 14, 2020


 Good Morning!

Did you all have a nice weekend?  I hope so.  Mine was lovely...and three days too!  Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes.  I had a very nice day and apologize for not responding to comments, but...I turned off the computer and left if off for 3 days.  So nice!

Meanwhile, Dee came over on Friday and we took a nice long walk along the Perkiomen Creek and then went out for coffee, knitting and more chatting.  It was such a nice time.

I imanaged to get out for walks on both Saturday and Sunday as well.  Saturday I was back at Oaks (Perkiomen Creek) and Sunday I walked the River Trail in Valley Forge which goes along next to the Schuylkill River.  I took a couple of pictures on Sunday, but nothing fabulous.  I saw one guy canoeing on the River (opposite side, so far away) and one bee very busy at some flowers.

It was a beautiful morning for a walk.  Our temps in the morning have been in the lower 60's.  Some humidity, but not as bad as some days.  I'm hoping to get out today to walk along the canal...depends on how busy it gets work-wise.

Our garden is continuing to produce.  Fletch picked some more green beans and Sun Gold cherry tomatoes.  Also orange bell peppers which have finally turned orange!  Best of all, our large tomatoes are FINALLY ripening!

We were happy to see this guy show up yesterday...hadn't seen him in a few days and were worried that Tyg had gotten to him!  But he is ok.

Turns out there was another one in the water too!  This little guy jumped right in as soon as Tyg walked by on the patio - lol.  He was not going to take any chances!

I did manage to get a little knitting done over the weekend as well.  I started a hat Antler Toque by Tin Can Knits - free on Ravelry and a new pair of socks using the Hera's Peacock yarn.  The pattern is This One - Val's latest release and it's free!!  Thank you Val.  Loving the way it is knitting up.

I even managed to find time to switch to a Fall tablecloth!  (Also a Fall runner on the buffet).

That's pretty much a wrap on the weekend.  It was a good one.  Now it's back to work.  I'm home today but need to go to the office both Tuesday and Wednesday (Kevin is conducting panel interviews for an RVP position).  They won't be full days for me, luckily.  I'm looking forward to catching up on everything you all have been up to.