Monday, December 2, 2019

Back At It

Good Morning!  Is anyone still full from Thanksgiving?  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  Ours was lovely.  As usual, Colin & Mailing hosted and everything was so delicious.  The pies I made (maple pumpkin and pecan) turned out well.  It was just Colin & Mailing, Mailing's parents and her grandmother (who speaks NO English!!) and us.  We almost forgot to put plates on the table!

We did watch The Irishman which was so good.  And so long (3.5 hours!!).  I managed to get a little knitting done while watching.  And, it was just so wonderful to have 5 days off in a row.  I wouldn't mind that every week - lol.  But, of course, now I am Back At It (at work).

Friday I surprised myself by going out shopping.  I haven't gone out on Black Friday in years, but I just felt like it this year.  Traffic was not bad at all and the stores I went to were not crowded, plenty of parking, etc.  I stayed away from the malls (which I stay away from anyway) and I managed to get a lot of shopping done.  We mail quite a few packages to friends and family, and I've just about finished shopping for those folks and even started wrapping some gifts!

Sunday morning Fletch and I ran out to do a few errands, and when we pulled back into our driveway it had started to sleet.  Within 20 minutes, it looked like this:

Little ice droplets on the apple tree branches.  The black spot on the shed door is the remainder of a sunflower head that Fletch had hung for the birds to enjoy.  I think it's time to put the little mini wreath on the shed.

This morning we are having a "wintry mix" that is supposed to change to all snow by Noon with anywhere from 2-5" accumulating before it's all said and done.  It's been snowing now for the past half hour or so.

On the knitting front, I did manage to finish my little brother's socks!

I love the way they turned out and love the colors in this yarn (Lorna's Laces and the colorway is "Baltic Sea").  They could have used the hand knit socks this past week - they were driving back from California and camping, but ran into snow in New Mexico.  (They abandoned camping and took a hotel room!)  Meanwhile at their home (Boulder, CO) they had two feet of snow!  They did make it home safely yesterday.

And here is where the Canary Blanket stands at this point.  I crossed another cable and added a 4th ball of yarn.

So bright and cheerful!

On the reading front, I'm still making my way through the latest from Louise Penny - A Better Man and I'm not sure if I'm still in my reading slump or what, but this book just doesn't seem as good to me as the other ones in the series.  Or am I getting bored?  Anyone else have opinions on this book?

I'll be trying to catch up on some blog reading today between conference calls...and keeping an eye on the weather in case I want to leave before it gets really messy!  Nice to have the luxury to do that.

Wishing you all a fabulous week!


  1. I loved A Better Man, but I think some did not. It looks like you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  2. We've had ice and freezing rain, and now it's snowing as predicted. I hope you have a safe trip home. I love those socks and that blanket is truly an antidote to winter's dull colors!

  3. beautiful socks and the blanket is stunning, I do love the color!!

  4. That ice is so pretty but so dangerous. I hope it all turns to the nice fluffy stuff soon. We have cold rain here. Ugh. I liked The Irishman too. I thought Al Pacino was incredible. I didn't even recognize him at first.

  5. Brother's socks look great. I'm SURE he will appreciate them.

    The blanket is looking good too. That is such a cheerful color.

  6. Oh, I'm glad you got home before the ice began. We got just a dusting of snow last night, just enough to make the roads slick on the drive to the airport this morning with Mandy and Piper. We have to go all the way back there to take Alex and Tara tonight.
    Your weekend sounds lovely. I like that you almost forgot the plates. We ate buffet style for the first time as we had so many people here.
    That blanket is turning out so pretty.
    Stay safe today my friend.

  7. I'm still not able to knit even though I'm out of splints now. No gift knits this Christmas.

    Your blanket is just lovely. And the socks came out perfectly. Nice job.

  8. That movie is getting good reviews from everyone I know who's seen it. I want to watch it soon! Good job on the sock finish... their trip sounds long and exciting! I kind of envy your snow.. all we had was a little dusting. ((hugs)), Teresa :-) OH.. I love that yellow blanket!

  9. I'm thankful that I stayed home for Thanksgiving - all the roads were closed on Friday and Saturday. The wind howled and snow was falling and moving horizontally for three days. Love the socks and the blanket.

  10. Hello, I cooked and we stayed at home for Thanksgiving. I love having the leftovers. We had a rainy weekend, a little snow mixed in. We only went to the food store on Black Friday, I really do not have much shopping to do. The canary blanket is pretty, I love the bright color. I enjoy Penny's A Better Man, I have read them all. Have a happy day and a good week ahead,

  11. The weather does seem ominous-be careful!
    The pair of socks turned out great--encouraging to me to keep at it!
    The blanket is lovely--what an undertaking!

  12. Your weekend sounded wonderful. As for Louise Penny, I am a huge, huge fan but that book was my least favorite of all her books. Still worth reading but still it just dd not seem the same to me.

  13. Vera--thanks for your comment on Tim's sock. I lost the ball band so I don't know the socks, and I'm trying to find a way to figure out what they are! Will respond if I do!

  14. It's spitting white stuff here but I don't think it will stick. Holding my breath for Friday.

    Love the sock's color blend.

  15. Me again! The yarn is Indulgence 6-ply which is now discontinued. Knitting Fever.

  16. Looks and sounds like you had a lovely weekend ... except for the way-too-early arrival of REAL WINTER (yikes!) I will say I'm with Kat about A Better Man ... I think it was one of the best yet and sure hope Penny is going to keep writing more Gamache!

  17. We’ve not yet had a snowflake...but it’s been cold...the blanket is lovely...the color! [deep yellow - sigh].
    Have a good week!

  18. Great finish on the socks, and the blanket is looking fabulous! Such a cheery colour to be working with in winter.

  19. The blanket is looking great. The socks look terrific. I thought A Better Man was enjoyable but perhaps not the best of the series. Some days I'd just like to go sit in the Three Pines Bistro with a cafe au lait and chat with Merna.