Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Unraveled Wednesday 8/2/23

 Good Morning All,

It is a gorgeous 56 degree morning out there (at least in Eastern PA) and the sun is up (later each morning).

Last night after dinner and after I had cleaned up the kitchen, I took a bit of time with my glass of wine to sit on the patio and enjoy the evening.  The air almost had a chill to it!  There was some bird chatter, but it was mostly quiet.  I was looking at the apple tree.  Our apples are on the small size this year (like our peppers and tomatoes).  The deer don't seem to mind and several apples dropped from the tree while I sat there for 15 minutes.  I decided I'd best pick a few before they rot on the tree...or get infested with anything...or the deer get them.  Many are already insect damaged and some looked rotten on the bottom, but I managed to get a few:

Aren't they pretty?  Red delicious (Fletcher's favorite).  Fletch bought the tree at K-Mart (of all places) when Colin was a toddler.  It was just a sapling, but grew nicely and then started producing apples.  For years we gathered them up in the Fall and made applesauce.  So Good.  Back then, the apples were bigger.  Now it would take an awful lot of these to make just one jar of applesauce, so I'm not planning to do that.  But apple pancakes are not out of the question and Fletch enjoys just munching on one of "his" apples.

That brings us to this morning - the first Wednesday in August and time to check in with Kat and her Merry Band of Unravelers to talk making and reading.  The making in my case is least a little bit.  I really did have such grand plans for the last week, but alas not much happened.

The Shakerag Skirt is now on a longer needle but only 2 rows were knit.  However, it is much easier to knit now (thank you Kym and Kat).  My plan was to start Hitch on the Move using "Wish You Were Beer" and "Weathervane" yarn.  The yarn has been caked, but that's as far as that went.  The purple cowl came out of the project bag.  I looked at it and then stuffed it right back in the bag.  LOL

That leaves the Allsorts socks.  At least some progress was made on sock #1.  I have 10 rows until the heel flap, so not too shabby.

(And now I want to get some allsorts licorice)

I do like the way this yarn is knitting up.  The stripes are fun and the colors are keeping me interested (when I have time to knit that is).

Reading this past week was nothing to brag about either.  I did finish the awful beach read and then promptly started another!  I just thought I wanted something mindless to read.  They were both mindless alright.  But now I'm about halfway through The Bandit Queens by Parini Shroff and am enjoying it.  It is a little different than what I thought it would be (not sure what that was) and there are a lot of characters (with names that are not John or Nancy) and at times I'm having difficulty keeping them all straight.

I'm in queue at my library for a number of books and received notice late yesterday that one is available to pick up, so I will head there this morning.  I've got a few other errands to run as well (I've run out of one floss color for the big sampler and getting low on a few others), so my morning will be busy with non-work things.  Of course, days like this - filled with errands - means not as much time for knitting or stitching.  Oh well, it's not a race of a contest.  I will get to things when I get to them.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday - Enjoy!!


  1. Apples in early August! They do look lovely and I think you're right to get some before the deer do. Your socks are looking good and I would find it hard to knit those without some allsorts licorice at hand. Enjoy your Wednesday!

  2. I love hearing about your apple tree -- and how much Fletch enjoys HIS apples! (I don't know much about fruit trees, but I do know that their production diminishes over time.) Those stripes ARE fun, Vera! The socks are looking great -- and I'm so glad you're finding it easier (and more enjoyable) to work on your Shakerag skirt. (Those rows DO get shorter . . . once you get past the lace section.) I didn't care much for The Bandit Queens . . . glad you're liking it!

  3. Wow... apples!! (and yes, like Bonny... in August??) Now I need to Google allsorts licorice as well! :)

  4. I always like the look of allsorts, but when I taste them I'm disappointed.

    We're enjoying some cool evenings and mornings currently as well. What a joy not to have to run the airconditioner. I've noticed lots of apple trees bearing fruit early this year. The hot July must have rushed them.

  5. Those are some beautiful apples! The smell of an apple fresh off the tree is something that can't be bottled. I haven't had a decent apple in years. I've given up buying them in the stores.

  6. Beautiful apples! Nice to know you had the tree right from its beginning! The sock is really turning out beautifully!

  7. I smiled, reading about how Fletch enjoys "his" apples. How fun to have your own tree with lots of memories attached. I'm sure the deer really appreciate them too.
    You have lots of projects on the go, (or waiting for a start.) And you're right, you'll get to them eventually. Sometimes other things take precedence.
    I'm working on the third sweater, although I did finish a Christmas gift of socks during Sunday school. Only one more pair of socks to finish, all of the kids & grands ornaments and then I can make my own green & red Christmas socks. I've always wanted a pair and finally got the yarn this year. I always seem to add more projects though, the closer to the holiday that I get.
    Have a wonderful day Vera!

  8. Glad the deer were willing to share some of their apples with you. They look pretty good.

  9. I eat an apple almost every day, so it would be such a treat to be able to go out to my backyard and pick a fresh one! I hope the ones you picked are delicious.

    I also found it a little hard to keep track of the characters in The Bandit Queens, but I had them all sorted by the end.

  10. Those apples!! like Sarah, I eat one nearly every day, and I would really enjoy ones that fresh. Love the Allsorts socks (and a plain vanilla pattern) and your sampler (from Tuesday's post) is really coming along. Stunning!

  11. I love that apple tree story. And that's really great sock yarn!

  12. lovely sock! I think I'm the only one who likes licorice so it's rarely in this house.

  13. The sock looks great and so do the apples. That tree has survived for quite a few years. You know, sometimes there is time to knit and stitch and sometimes there is not. Life and errands do take up a certain amount of time. How nice to feel a touch of fall in the air. I can't say that has happened here - yet.