Thursday, August 17, 2023

So Big!


A bit of a later start for me today.  I slept 9 hours last night!!  Woo-Hoo.  And then, of course, I had to jump right into work, but things are quiet now so I have a chance to write a brief note to you all.

The other day Fletch mentioned that he had seen a giant cucumber that had been hiding on the vine, so yesterday I walked out to the garden.  There was not one, but four!!

They look more like zucchinis that cucumbers.  LOL  And, they are just as productive as zucchinis.  Our neighbor Rob said he did not need any more (his plants are finally producing), but that a work colleague of his would appreciate some (the work colleague's plants had all died).  So we took 2 over to Rob for his friend.  

Meanwhile, Zhongren had brought over several on Saturday.  So, we are a bit swamped with cukes.  I've started adding them to my infusion water bottle (a nice change from strawberries - very refreshing).  And, I guess I should make some more pickles.  I only make quick/refrigerator pickles - I don't process any, and we still have one jar in the frig from my last pickle making day.  Whew!

When Fletch and I went over to Colin & Mailing's on Tuesday to water plants and trim back weeds, we apparently forgot to shut the garage door when we left!  Geeze.  One of Colin's neighbor's texted him to say the garage door was open...he (the neighbor) went over and shut it.  I might be losing my mind...not sure.

Finally, I received a confirmation call yesterday that the washer repair guy will be here today between 10 and 2.  YAY - laundry has been piling up.  Hopefully it is an easy/quick fix and I can get to washing this afternoon.

That's it for me - short and sweet.  Hope your Thursday is a good one.


  1. I feel you on the cucumbers - we still had three in the fridge and I brought three more big ones in yesterday (though not quite as big as yours).
    I definitely planted too many plants this year though. I planted 12 and I think I can probably get away with half that, or maybe even just four.

  2. Wow! Those ARE big cukes.

    Hope the washer is an easy (and quick) fix.

  3. I just keep making refrigerator pickles from our cucumbers and giving them away to anyone that will take them. We'll probably all be glad for them in the winter but you can only use so many cucumbers, especially when they're huge! I'm thinking good washer thoughts and sending them your way. Here's hoping he shows up early and it's a cheap and easy fix!

  4. I actually thought when I looked at the photo that the one on the right was a zucchini! Mandy sent 3 home with us last night. Her cucumbers are overproducing too! :-)
    I sure hope the washer guy gets things right and in a hurry too. No one needs piles of laundry to deal with.
    Blessings and hugs,

  5. Those are some big cukes! It's been hard to find good ones in the stores here. Green peppers too. All of the produce looks wilted and past its prime. My last onion delivery was all mush as was my cantaloupe. I think the terrible heat has caught up with the supply chain.


  7. Our cukes were very different this year, not sure what we bought. VERY long and slender, slight curve. Very productive but croaked two days ago. Just wilted and gave up.

  8. Wow, those are big! Having a surplus of cukes would not be a problem for me (I eat one in my lunch salad every day), but I can see how too many pickles can be an issue.

    1. And that comment is mine -- Blogger is being weird and not commenting under my name the past couple of days!

  9. I thought you had some zucchinis instead of cucumbers! Nice! I hope the washer is back on track today for you!

  10. I can remember my nana reveling in this time of the year... there would be cucumber salad for DAYS! lol

  11. Those cucumbers do pile up. I finally pulled up my vines. And no, you are not losing your mind. Some days it's easier to remember everything than others - or at least that is my excuse.