Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Unraveled Wednesday 8/9/23

 Good Morning!

The sun is up and the sky is blue.  So far the temperature is nice too.  That's a bonus for an August day.  It's Wednesday and time to link up with Kat and her Merry Band of Unravelers.  On Wednesdays we gather to talk about making and reading...two things very dear to my heart.

Jumping right in to the making...I have one finished sock!

The first Allsorts sock is finished and the second one has been fear of second sock syndrome here!  This yarn is just fun - I love all the colors and the way it has striped up.  sock #2 will not be matchy-matchy, but that is fine with me as I am not really a matchy-matchy person.

Surprisingly I also managed a few rows on my Shakerag skirt!!

The key word is "few."  The above picture shows 10 rows completed.  Still a way to go before the lace portion is completed.  The biggest issue I have is trying to find a block of time to work on this.  Socks are easy to pick up and put down - a row is not that many stitches.  This..this is a lot of stitches in one row and I don't want to stop mid-row at any time since I'm in the lace pattern.  If work cooperates, I will try to put in some time on this today.  That is a big IF though...time will tell.  I do love the color I chose in Rowan's Creative Linen (colorway is "Oasis").  I will say that I am finding the yarn to be a little on the splitty side - I really need to pay attention when knitting this.

Moving on to reading...I finished The Bandit Queens and I'm glad to be finished with it.  A glossary would have helped - lots of Hindi words that I do not know.  I became tired of all the man-bashing and the violence.  Much of  it did not seem possible to me, but that is just my opinion.

I am now in the midst (about a third of the way through) of A Place in the World - Finding the Meaning of Home - by Frances Mayes.  I've read a number of her books - mostly her memoirs but also some of her fiction and I've enjoyed it all.  I love that she shares so many recipes.  The first section is about her place in North Carolina - lots of gardening information which was fun (except for the mention of copperheads in the midst of the jasmine!!).  I'm into the second section now which is about Bramasole - her place in Tuscany.  I'm thoroughly enjoying this book.

When I finish "A Place in the World" I have The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida waiting on my nightstand.  I was able to pick it up within 2 days of requesting it from my library!!  This is the next "Read with Us" book and I'm looking forward to it.

Fletch and I are part of the way into the 2nd Master & Commander book - "Post Captain."  We still have 14 or 5 hours of listening to go!!  Fletch is enjoying it more than me, but it is fine as background to my knitting after dinner.

So far work is quiet today.  I need to TRY to do some laundry.  Yesterday I managed 2 loads and then the washer stopped working.  This is the new washer just bought in January!!  I'm going to fool with it again to see if I can get it to work...if not, a service call will be made.  Ugh!

Have a great Wednesday and be sure to check out Kat's blog to see what everyone is up to making and reading!


  1. Those All Sorts socks are looking great!

  2. The All-Sorts socks DO look like fun to knit.

  3. Hooray for a finished sock! And good luck with the washing machine, I hope it's not a big thing to fix!

  4. I find knitting socks with self-patterning yarn to be so freeing because it's often very difficult, if not impossible, to get them to match, so you just knit and go with it. I do hope you can find some time to work on the lace on your skirt. Once you get past that and are just knitting stockinette in the round, it should be a lot faster!

    1. Oh, and good luck with the washer. I swear newer appliances never last like the older ones did.

  5. I am loving your Shakerag start! Go you! (and I really love those socks!) It is scary to me that it is August 9th...

  6. Love the sock! I've got some pink Static in the stash that keeps calling my name.
    I hear ya about the washer. The one I bought during the lockdown broke too. I'm not going to even take out the extended warranty again. If it breaks-it's going. It's been a real pita.

  7. I have the Bandit Queens on the Kindle but I think I'll just forget about it for now. I'm just not into really violent books these days.

  8. mid-week catching up! bummer about those apples. and the sampler from Colin is going to be so pretty. curious about starting with the border? (and about how 36 count linen over 2 strands is easier than 18 count aida? seems like the stitches are about the same size?) and finally - love your finished sock! glad to hear #2 is already underway. I don't have much 2nd sock syndrome, but as much as you hang out with Dee, I'm always surprised you don't have LOTS of socks in progress, too - LOL!!

  9. I love that sock (I hope you found some All-sorts as a reward) and your skirt is really beautiful! I like the color and as Dee recently told me, knitting isn't a race. Sending you all the good washer juju!

  10. I do like how the yarn striped on your sock!

  11. I love the All-Sorts socks. Good for you for attempting that skirt. I know both Kym and Kat made one and find them very wearable. The color looks like a good choice, very pretty.

  12. Great looking sock #1! I sympathize with the need to pay attention to a project-I keep counting wrong on the crochet doily bc I don't sit and finish a whole row at at time!

  13. Sorry about the washer. That is so frustrating to have issues with a new appliance. I do like the yarn colors in your socks. I'm working on a crochet lace border for my shawl...well if working on means I've made three very short rows so far! Each row is different so I have to really pay attention. And we had both puppies this afternoon after my doctor appointment. Enough said. Not much concentration with the two of them playing. :-)