Friday, August 18, 2023

Friday and No, My Washer is Not Yet Fixed 8/18/23

 Hey Hey and Good Morning,

I woke early and sat up in bed reading (finished Tom Lake) and listened to the rain and the wind!  It was dark - darker than normal thanks to the cloud cover, but it was lovely if you know what I mean...peaceful.  A good way for me to start a day with 3 conference calls.  Yuck!

So my washer is still not fixed.  Oy!  The repair guys (2) came around 11:30, pulled it out from the wall, fiddled with it a bit and then said that there is a "service bulletin" out on our washer - that other folks have been having the same problem (turning on...skipping all the cycles...and then skipping to done!).  The recommended cure fix is a new motor and something else (I confess I sort of stopped listening).  They promised to get the parts ordered that day and I should receive a call in a day or two to schedule their return visit.

Of course, this begs the question why not come prepared?  If there is a "service bulletin" out on the machine about the problem I described, why come out without the necessary parts?  But, I guess that's just my thought (apparently).

Dee had texted asking if the washer was fixed.  When I explained what was happening, she very generously offered her washer and dryer for my use.  Thank you Dee.  It so happens that Colin & Mailing's house is a little closer, so I will be spending a bit more time over there using their washer and dryer and catching up on the piles of laundry.  Colin did suggest that I could leave a few quarters on his workbench when I use the machine!  LOL  

I will just look at it as more found time for knitting, stitching or reading.  I can't be doing any of my own chores while I'm at their house!

No more huge cukes, but then I have not been out to the garden to check.  Some of the giant platter-sized leaves of my rhubarb are beginning to yellow and wither, so I need to get out there and harvest the rhubarb.  Hopefully this weekend...or maybe even this afternoon.

The hisbiscus is still blooming.  It seems to open only one or two blossoms per day.  I can only imagine the beauty if ALL of the buds opened at once.  It would be amazing.  For now it is gentle and lovely.  And the figs on Figgy are growing - they are now marble-size.  Most of our lettuce bolted and Fletch pulled it out in preparation for planning Fall spinach and lettuce, but there is still some red romaine that is good and we had some of that in a salad last night.  

I spotted a couple of larger tomatoes (still green) on a plant and more cherry tomatoes are beginning to ripen so there is some hope there.  Fingers crossed we will at least get a few home-grown tomatoes this year.

Two things to share with you.  You all know how fond I am of crows (really any birds) and Bonny sent me a great cartoon the other day:

And this - I love it.  Saw this on a blog the other day.  Wise words.  Have a good Friday and a wonderful weekend!


  1. Ugh, I am frustrated on your behalf! I think this is a common thing these days, sadly -- they know what the issue is but don't come prepared to fix it. I don't know if it's laziness or a way to try to charge for a second service visit. I'm glad you can at least go over to C&M's to get your laundry done.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. What a pain! At least you can do your laundry at the C&M laundromat, but it's still not much fun schlepping it all over there and back. Maybe one or more of your conference calls will get canceled and make this a better day!

  3. That seems to be how repair companies work theses days. Uber frustrating!

    Love the crow joke and the last photo... so true.

  4. Unbelievable over the washer drama! sorry. The two comics are very fun/true!

  5. No one has parts these days. They all have to order them and we all have to wait. Still, why didn't they go ahead and order your parts once the service bulletin became known? Sigh.

    Even this summer has been so fleeting; on a larger scale, the years are passing like weeks, it seems.

  6. thank goodness for your son's washer and dryer! Good grief is your patience being tested. I hope it's fixed soon!!

  7. Sorry to hear about the washer woes... at least you have a work around that's not too much trouble.
    It sound similar to something that happened with my PT Cruiser when I had it. You might remember that the turbo went down... well we had that replaced, and then a couple years later, the EXACT same thing happened... took it back to the same mechanic, who said "Oh yeah, there's a Service Bulletin out on this... there's an oil feed hose that's too small and needs to be upgraded". Uh.... why didn't you take care of that on the first turbo repair??? It was all under warranty for the first time, so it was fine, but I was stuck without my car for a couple of weeks. Frustrating

    Can you knit on your conference calls? I do that on a lot of mine - especially the long boring ones!

  8. Oh my, how frustrating. I ditto what everyone else said. The same thing happened to us with a refrigerator year ago. The wait seemed to take forever.
    Hope the calls go quickly and your weekend can begin.
    Blessings and hugs,

  9. I had one of the infamous Neptune front-loaders years ago and there was a computer board or something that was always failing (forgive me but I've let most of the details slide). Called a repair service, TOLD THEM WHAT WAS WRONG, they showed up completely unprepared. Jerks.

  10. Sorry about all the washer ick. I had the exact same experience that Vicki Knitorious--the SECOND time it went out, I even told the repair guy exactly what was wrong and what was needed and STILL he had to come out, look at it, and order the part. I guess they have their 'process' that they have to go through but honestly WHAT IS IN THOSE BIG VANS THEY DRIVE AROUND IN? Rubber bands and zip ties? OK now I'm frustrated and pissed off on your account. On the bright side, though, you have places you can go to use a washer and dryer that isn't the scary Laundromat/DrugDealership that I had to go to once or twice!!

  11. Same thing happened with mine. It only needed two small parts for the suspension and it took two weeks to get the tech back to install them. All in all it was over a month before I got it working and I don't have a washer nearby. I did build up some muscles doing it all in the tub. I haven't been in such good shape in a

  12. Let's hope the service bulletin hasn't depleted their replacement part inventory!

  13. Oh, man Vera... that washer news just sucks! I hope the motor is quickly replaced and your washer will be problem free! Gone are the days of things that lasted forever... it really is quite disheartening.

  14. Yes, it is a short trip. I love that little meme. The washing machine business sounds like a pain. At least you can use the one at Colin's. Your gardening is amazing. I have about a bazillion tomatoes. I wish I could share with you.