Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Tiny Needle Tuesday 8/22/23

 Hello and Good Morning,

How are you?  I am well.  I slept well (8 hours - woo-hoo!) and believe I am ready to face the day.  We ended up just getting our flu shots yesterday - the new Covid booster will not be available till mid-September.  I'm still not clear why CVS scheduled us (since that's where we have received our other boosters, so they have our records....).  Whatever!

Yesterday Fletch cleaned out the bird house where the wrens had nested.  Not a very pleasing nest - lol

The little wren building it struggled to get twigs, etc. into the house.  It provided for good entertainment watching him/her, but it also provided for sloppy nest building.

And, no frogs at the water feature yet, but some sparrows were sure having fun cavorting in the water yesterday!

(Taken through my kitchen window)  At one point when I looked out there were six birds around the water and more waiting their turn!  While Fletch and I sat on the patio a little later, they would not come in, but they were flying all around hoping we would leave so that they could get back to splashing and having fun.  

Well friends, it is Tuesday, so time for a Tiny Needle update.  A bunch of progress has been made.  First up we have the cacti triptych:

It won't take long to finish the Prickly Pear portion.  This is such an engaging piece to stitch - I'm loving it.

There was also some progress on the Sampler Aux Bouquets.  First an overall view:

And then a close up of what was done this past week - a few more blooms in the vase and another winged friend.

The vase seems to be taking FOREVER to complete and I confess to being a bit weary of PINK.  Fortunately I am still enjoying this piece a lot too.  Good thing as there is still much to stitch on it.  I think I am roughly half way through (yup - it is going to be a BIG sampler when completed).

Good news - the parts for my washing machine already came in!  We got a call yesterday while we were out and about saying they could come today.  However, we already have plans (and I'm sort of caught up on laundry anyway), so we are sticking with our Thursday date.  Good to know that everything is ready though.

Cloudy and grey here today.  Hopefully it will not get too sticky out.  Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday - do something FUN!!


  1. I love seeing all those sparrows having fun! I always think they're the sweetest birds, and I enjoy seeing them playing in water or dust. The stitching is looking wonderful as always!

  2. Those sparrows are delightful to watch! (Now I really want a nice water feature.) Your stitching is looking good, and I hope you get to start on something other than pink soon.

  3. Those sparrows are too, too cute. You've made them a little wading pool!!!

    Sampler is coming along nicely. The vase of flowers...so pretty!

  4. Oh, the backyard pool antics. Birds love a water feature. Our pond and waterfall are always well-attended, especially by robins and jays. It's so gratifying to watch the birds appreciate the cool running water.

    Love the cactus piece. It's so unusual and fun.

  5. I enjoyed watching the little birds. I haven't noticed any playing in ours. Your stitching is so pretty. I like the vase and flowers, but I could see the pink getting old as you're stitching. :-)

  6. Oh, those sparrows!! We've been talking about getting a birdbath... hm, must bring that up again. Wow, I'm excited to see that enormous sampler continue to take shape! We are in for it tomorrow... heat index up to 105-110 and humid. Ugh. (I will NOT be riding my bike tomorrow!)

  7. I love watching the birds in the bird bath - they look like they are having so much fun. Dave really wants to put in a small pond in the new shade garden - I love the idea, but it's definitely going to have to be a next year project!

  8. Thanks for the booster update... I will be heading down to Rite Aid for mine! I love watching the birds in the bird bath, but birds in the water fountain are even cuter! :)

  9. That piece is so charming and for some reason I love the keys.

  10. Two beautiful stitching projects - curious how you decide which one to work on? (and so glad to hear your wachine machine should be fixed this week!)

  11. can't wait for the post where you tell us your are all caught up with the laundry and you did it with your fixed washer!!! lovely stitching :)

  12. Your stitching is lovely as always. The sampler looks quite large. Hooray for parts coming in and a scheduled repair. It always amazes me how much I depend on working appliances!

  13. I think the birds will get used to you being around watching them at the pretty water spout! The stitching is looking great!