Friday, August 25, 2023

Well, It's Been a Long Week...8/25/23

 Good Morning Friends,

It is a rainy morning here.  It sounded so nice when I first woke up, but it is keeping things a bit darker than normal.  I guess it kind of suits my mood.  Ha!

The washing machine is still not fixed!  The repair guys were out yesterday and installed a new motor and capacitor as was recommended for the problem I was having.  They were in and out before Noon.  After lunch I put a load of sheets in to wash.  When the cycle was done I took them out.  They felt heavier and wetter than normal - almost like the spin cycle hadn't fully run its course or something.  Anyway, those sheets went into the dryer and another load went into the washer.  But, it would not work...again...all the lights flashing but nothing.

Long story - I called the repair place back and the guys came back out around 3:30.  They could not get it to work either despite several different things they tried.  A new mother board has been ordered for my machine.  They are also going to try (if they can get away with it) ordering another motor and capacitor (since those are not always good...which doesn't give one a lot of hope...).  They are hoping to be out much faster than in a week, but time will tell.  Depends on when the new stuff is shipped to them.

Surprisingly, I was not upset or nasty or ugly.  I actually laughed.  I surprised myself (and Fletch!!  lol).  but really, as I said to someone - first world problems you know?  And, it is something completely out of my control, so why get upset.

On another disappointing front, it does not look like we will be taking vacation as planned.  I asked for some time off in October and I cannot take it.  Not really a surprise to me.  Our fiscal year ends with the close of September so between year-end processes and new year processes, I am going to be swamped with reports and things that HAVE to be done.  We could maybe get away at the end of September, but that is when C&M will be in town for a little bit and we do not want to miss them.  So...we won't be taking the week plus that we had hoped.

Oh well, again, I am not surprised and you know what?  Next year will be different...for sure!

Moving on to more pleasant things.  I had 7 inches cut off my hair on Wednesday!!  Woo-Hoo!  No pictures as of yet, but at some point I will show it.  I feel so much lighter!  Actually, I had been starting to get headaches and I think it was the weight of the messy bun or ponytail.  My hair now just comes to my shoulders and I really like it.

And look!  New garden produce:

We have turnips!!  After not doing all that well earlier (we were wondering if they would even sprout), yesterday we discovered they had sprouted and indeed grown!  Last night I cut them up and roasted them with a bit of EVOO, salt & pepper and a sprinkling of sage.  Delicious!  These turnips are actually very sweet and mild - almost like a radish taste.  Fletch managed to plant a bunch more turnip seeds for a Fall crop.

Turnips are one of those things I did not like (at all) when I was growing up.  Parsnips too.  Now I can't get enough of either of them.

Tomorrow's plans naturally include meeting up with Dee - this time we are going to meet at the Lansdale Farmers' Market first before coffee and knitting.  That is near C&M's house, so I will stop there afterwards to water plants and check the mail.

That will do it for me.  Enough said!  Here's hoping we all have wonderful weekends!!


  1. At some point, you'd think they'd just give you a new washer -- it seems like it might be more cost effective than replacing all these parts! I'm impressed that you weren't upset, though. I'm sorry about the vacation time not being approved, but as you said, next year you'll have all the time you want! I hope the rain clears up and you can have a relaxing weekend.

  2. I'm sorry your washer is not fixed, but I do admire your response. I guess it is a first-world problem; you don't exactly have to go down to the river to beat your laundry on the rocks. While not taking time off in October is disappointing, you're right that it will be different next year and you definitely don't want to miss C&M. I had a terrible experience at the dr. yesterday and I let it aggravate me all day, but I'm going to try and adopt your attitude and maybe even laugh at the situation. Thank you and have a great weekend!

  3. I cannot believe that your washer is still broken! I'm furious for you :) Bummer about the vacation time, it's frustrating and I hope you can get a staycation, weekend of something! maybe buy some yarn?

  4. What a great attitude to carry into your weekend. Kudos to you! Maybe something wonderful will happen to balance out your woes. And who knows--maybe some vacation will sneak in, too.

  5. Can't wait to see your new hair cut!

    Sorry to hear about the vacation. Maybe that means there is a kitten (or two) that are waiting for you.

  6. Oh, man, Vera! I'm sorry about your washing machine & vacation, but your attitude is everything. Karma, baby.

  7. So sorry about your washer problems. It seemed like a very long week here too. Enjoy your knitting and coffee with Dee. I envy the time you have to be with a fellow knitter.

  8. Maybe I should plant some fall turnips and parsnips. I really like them too. Sorry about your washer and your vacation. Hopefully things will be brighter later today.

  9. Turnips peeled, sliced, and lightly salted are one of my favorite snacks. Yum! It’s raining here today as well. The cool temperature feels good after a week of heat. I bet you’ll love your new hairstyle.

  10. Sorry to hear about the washer and vacation time!
    I've been debating on what to do with my hair. It's to my waist right now, and it definitely needs a trim. My usual is to go pixie cut and start growing it all over again, but I know Dave prefers it long. I may do something in the middle.
    Hope you have a good weekend!

  11. My new washer is starting to act up AGAIN too. It's been bumping off kilter again and the stuff is heavier and wetter than usual too. It's also taking too long to go through the cycles. It's only three years old but it's going if it breaks again. I've had it.
    I'm a big turnip fan too but they are hard to find here. My mother always put them in her vegetable soup and they were my favorite part.

  12. That washing machine is the gift that keeps on giving, isn't it? So frustrating but it sounds like you're keeping it all in perspective. Sorry about the vacation plans getting nixed but hopefully you can do something soon - planning a trip is half the fun, right? Happy Weekend!

  13. Oh, why don't they just deliver a new washer! lol I hope you had a good time with Dee today! The turnips look wonderful-yum!

  14. I am thinking a new washer is in order as well... just wow! And I am sad about your scrapped vacation plans! Boo!

    But those turnips look beautiful, Vera! I bet they tasted marvelous as well! XO

  15. Well rats, in more ways than one - the washer and the vacation plans. But I'm glad you like your haircut and your garden continues to produce.