Monday, May 1, 2023


 Good Morning Everyone!

How are you?  And how was your weekend?  I hope it was a good one.  Our weekend was extremely soggy.  Lots of rain, lots of greyness, more wind (again).  Happy May Day!  It does not feel much like May at the moment, but maybe things will improve.

My Saturday morning was spent with Dee sipping, chatting and knitting quietly (why are some people SO LOUD in public places?).  We both worked on socks while trying to solve the world's problems.  I don't think any problems were solved (after all, we are not really in charge), but a bunch of rows were knit and at one point Dee helped me pick up a dropped stitch (very difficult to see when working with Crazy Zauerball).  Thanks Dee!!

The afternoon was nice and then I made pizza for dinner - tons of fresh spinach and tons of sauteed sliced baby bella mushrooms.  I also added roasted red peppers, onion, fresh garlic.  Oh my!

Sunday morning we headed over to Colin & Mailing's house after breakfast.  The place is very dirty and the yard looks like a jungle!  Fletch walked around picking up fallen branches and sticks that would be in the way of someone mowing the lawn.  He had contacted someone who will be doing that twice a month (and they cannot start too soon!).  I watered all the houseplants that are still there and then did some vacuuming and sweeping.  Lots of dust.  We are nowhere done, but it's a start.

Sunday afternoon I made a new (to me) recipe for banana bread that includes coffee (both brewed and some instant coffee).  I'll let you know how it is once I try it and if worthy, will share the recipe.

Remember the Flaming Sword Bromeliad that we recently purchased at Otts?  Well, more flames have appeared!

When I moved it to take a picture this morning, I noticed that there are "flames" on both sides of the sword!  Fletch re-potted it because the sword was getting too big and heavy it was tipping over the pot the plant came in!

In other exciting houseplant news, we now have 3 lemons growing on our lemon tree!  Fingers crossed that they all hang on and grow and develop.  This is the largest one (still peanut size):

It appears that the blogger issue has been cleared up - I am now receiving comments and I hope the issue has been cleared up for everyone else too.  My day is busy - I've two conference calls (both with way too many people on them) and all the peripheral stuff for my new laptop should be delivered today.  Most important is the new docking station, so I can hook up to a large monitor and have a keyboard and mouse to use.  Wish me luck with all of that, please.

Time to pour another cup of coffee and let the work day begin!


  1. When we hold the election for putting people in charge of solving world problems, I am going to write you and Dee in. I always hated cleaning and doing yard work in two places when he had the MD house, so you are good to take care of things at C&M's place. (It might be time for them to come home!) I hope you have a good Monday, with all the things you need to do your job!

  2. I feel better knowing that you and Dee are working on the world's problems. You may not have solved them all (yet), but every little bit helps! I'm excited to see your baby lemon! I've been meaning to ask, did you get this tree as a plant or grow it yourself?

  3. Oooo! Look at that little lemon! How exciting! And your "flame" is really awesome, too. Even if it is a short-lived houseplant, it is really putting on a splendid show in the meantime. :-) Here's to a good start to May. I figure . . . the weather can only improve! (Snowing here today. Holy moly.) XO

  4. It was a soggy weekend. I've been dealing with the fallout all morning. We've got wet leaves and muddy pawprints everywhere.

  5. The weather here in NEO is Novembery. Ugh.

    You must have a very green thumb to have your plants do so well. I will have my decidedly NOT green fingers crossed for your baby lemons. How much longer will C&M be away? Do they have another year?

  6. Looks like the plants are all doing well.

    Had a great time on Saturday. I think the only thing we solved was your dropped stitch, but it sure was fun.

    Steve and I were out yesterday and every place we went I kept thinking "for the love of Pete people are loud". It's EVERYWHERE. LOL

  7. The plant is very happy! Wow! Glad you and Dee can meet regularly--what a treat!

  8. I laughed at you two solving problems. We would probably all be better at it than the people in charge around the world are right now. It can be downright scary. Glad Dee was able to help you. She's a keeper for a friend and I think it's wonderful that you two can get together.
    I'm sure your yard help is much appreciated by Colin and Mailing. How much longer will they be gone?
    Dennis and I went out to a late lunch, early dinner on Friday. It's something we rarely do, so we looked forward to it. In a nearly empty restaurant they sat a famile, Man, Woman, and an approx. 2 year old. They proceeeded to ignore said 2 year old completely for the entire time except to put his plate in front of him. He yelled, he screached, he ran around the tables, he knocked Dennis's glass of water off of the table and then cried because he got wet and blamed the "mean man". Huh? We were just trying to eat.
    This is a trend I've been seeing too often. People ignoring their kids and if you say something you would probably be the bad guys. People in public, talking on their cell phones very loudly, etc. The world is goinging nutso, crazy.
    I hope all is well at work today and you got your new parts for the computer.

  9. Sending you best of luck for the new computer. Lucky you had Dee with you, as she is a Zauberball Queen!

  10. Sounds like a busy weekend, Vera! It's good that you and Fletch are helping with C&M's house. I may have missed this but how long will they be gone? I hope your weather improves and feels more spring like soon! It's warm-ish here today but very windy. I'm just glad the sun is shining!

  11. Solving the world’s problems at a coffee shop while knitting just might be the answer we are all seeking! I drove home yesterday in ,Ishtar traffic, so it was enjoyable. It’s good to be home and recharged.

  12. You and Dee should be in charge. I'm fairly certain you would do a great job. The banana bread recipe sounds interesting. Keep us posted. We are having a spell of cool sunny and very windy weather. Maybe the wind will blow the sunshine your way. My daughter in Ct. said they had 48 hrs of heavy rain. We could use more- you could use less.

  13. How exciting to have lemons! That other thing is scary.