Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Tiny Needle Tuesday 5/2/23

 Good Morning!

The sun was out yesterday and after such a soggy, grey, damp weekend, that was a joy to see.  But, it was so windy that being outside was not pleasant.  Fletch was out and about working a bit in the garden.  I managed to walk out and cut more Lily of the Valley along with some Azaleas (gorgeous), but was really swamped with work, so stayed in at the computer all day.  Today we are back to the overcast skies.

Now it is Tuesday morning and time for a Tiny Needle Update.  Woo-Hoo!!  The spotted stag has been completed.  That darn animal seemed to take forever (and it did), but I love the end result, so all is good.

I find the red eye still to be a little off-putting, but I am not going to change it!

Do you see the little brown and red bird above the stag?  Perhaps a robin?  That is the latest motif.  There are two more birds and a whole lot of gold at the bottom to stitch and then this baby will be finished.  I make no promises as to when that might be.  This is the beginning of a really crazy time for me at work (budget season), so I will not have much time for knitting, stitching or reading.  C'est la vie.  Anyway, here's an overall shot of Ellen Harrison.

Fletch and I will head out later to procure some groceries.  I have a conference call at 11, but I think I'm going to skip it.  After my two rather long calls yesterday, I don't feel like participating.  Plus today's call could have upwards of 75 people on it!  That is way too many.  Instead, I will take the time to (hopefully) (finally) set up my new laptop.  The peripherals were delivered yesterday morning, but I haven't even opened the box.

I was made aware of more organizational changes at work effective immediately.  Some are a bit disturbing and it all makes me wonder if I can really hold out as long as I would like to.  Time will tell.

Wherever this Tuesday finds you, I hope you are having some fun!  Time for me to dry my hair and pour another cup of coffee.  I'll be back tomorrow for Unraveled Wednesday!


  1. Wowza...that is a big stag! That's a lot of fill especially when you have to work in dots.

  2. I find the red eye a little off-putting, too, but the rest of him is very nice, as is that fluffy robin. I can see that you have quite a lot of gold at the bottom to stitch -- that would be the perfect thing to do while listening to a good audiobook!

    I'm sorry to hear about the changes at work. We are getting a new vice chancellor later this month, and I'm sure there will be some changes on the way. I hope you can manage to deal with yours for long enough!

  3. Changes at work are always so . . . disruptive. I hope you can find your way through them (around them?) with little upset. Here's to lovely spring weather finding you -- with plenty of time for some stitching. XO

  4. Lilies of the Valley are right up there with Lilacs for me as scents of spring. I love them both.

    It's always nerve-wracking when the higher-ups at work decide to make big moves. The collateral effect on those below is never their concern when doing so. Hang in there. I'm sure they know your value.

  5. Congratulations on the finish of the giant stag! He is really something. There's a giant Bronco sculpture outside at the Denver airport and he has glowing red eyes, too, which I've always wondered about. I hope you set up your new computer easily and also deal with the changes with ease.

  6. Sorry to hear about more changes at work. UGH!

    Congrats on finishing the stag. The eye is a little odd, but if it was a darker color I don't think it would show up very well.

    The wind was crazy yesterday. I walked in our neighborhood and getting up the big hill with the wind at my face was a challenge.

  7. That piece is so great, although I agree the eye is a little odd. The stag itself is wonderful and you're doing such a beautiful job stitching it all.
    How sad that when you're nearing the end of your career, you have to deal with big changes. That is NO fun. Just ask me how I know. That's why I retired early too.
    The wind here was crazy Sunday and Monday too. Upwards of 30 mph at times. So hard to be outside when you have to be.
    Good luck putting your peripherals together, I know that can be a chore too. :-)
    Blessings and hugs,

  8. It's been chilly, grey and overcast here since last Thursday. I am ready for some sun!

    Love the flowers! I picked some tulips and brought them in the house.

    Hope budget time isn't too bad, and the org changes don't mess up your plans too much

  9. Sorry to hear about the news at work, and hope it all works out as you desire. I love the spotted stag! The red eye really doesn't bother me because it fits so well with the colors surrounding him.

  10. The weather has been gorgeous the last two days - sunshine, blue sky, and puffy clouds. It’s heavenly to have the doors open for a change. Wonderful progress in the sampler. Changes at work are difficult to handle: I like to establish and stick with a routine that works.

  11. The sampler is looking very nice. I'm glad you have had some sunshine. I love the flowers.

  12. I hope you can hold out as long as you want to at your job! It's nice to do anything on your own terms as opposed to theirs.