Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Unraveled Wednesday 5/3/23

 Hey, Hey, and Good Morning!

It's Wednesday and my brain feels beyond is crispy!  All is set up with my new laptop (which is so much smaller than my old one), but it took SO LONG for all to transfer over...and even now I'm not sure it all has.  Some of my files were missing forever; there were issues in setting up my printer; and I am NOT an IT person.  That is why we have IT departments and folks working there.  Jake (from State Farm)...oopppssss I mean Tom from IT did call me back pretty quickly yesterday which was a major surprise, but he is a talker and our session lasted way longer than it should have.

Anyway, life goes on and the kinks will (hopefully) work themselves out.

Meanwhile it is Wednesday and time for Unraveled Wednesday.  Usually we all link up with Kat to discuss our making and reading.  But this week Kat is on I will go it alone.

The first Crazy Zauerball sock is finished!

I absolutely love it.  Fletch loves it!  (But, I made it my size, not his...hahaha)  I have yet to start Sock #2.  I thought I might get to that yesterday...but the new laptop took up my whole afternoon and a lot of my evening.  Maybe today...

On the reading side of things, I started Shrines of Gaiety by Kate Atkinson and so far, so good.  I am roughly 125 pages in and enjoying it.  Hopefully I will have more reading time today and the balance of the week.  After being in the queue literally for months, Foster by Claire Keegan came in for me.  It is under 100 pages, so I may just settle in and read that one night...I know there is still a long wait for it, so I'd like to get it back to the library quickly.

Today (in between fixing some of the kinks in my laptop), Fletch and I are going back to Miller's - our local greenhouse that we really like.  And, I hope to find time to start sock #2 and do a bit of stitching.  Here's hoping you all have a wonderful Wednesday.

A funny thing:  at the bottom of my screen where the date and time are shown, my laptop shows that it is 10:37 p.m. on May 3rd.  I tried to fix the clock yesterday and it turns out I do not have permission!  I will be looking in an hour and a half to see if the date changes to 5/4/23!  I will head to the office tomorrow and Jake/Tom will be there, so hopefully he can fix that and get me hooked up with the printers at the office that I use.


  1. I love that sock! Zauerball is always a fun yarn to work with.

  2. The old way to get a new laptop sounded so much better than all the work you had to do! I hope Jake can get things fixed tomorrow in person. (I am picturing him in khakis and a red shirt.) But your sock looks great and there is probably no chance that you can make the second one match, so have fun with it. Now I want to get some crazy Zauberball, too!

  3. I love the sock as well! I don't know that I've ever seen a Zauberball that colorful.

    I hope the IT issues are fixed soon -- but in the meantime, how's life in the future? ;-)

  4. That is such a happy sock! I just love the colors. :-) I think there is nothing more draining than computer/tech issues (except maybe car issues), so I understand how taxing that can all be. I hope you get the support you need to get everything working the way you need it to be working (including . . . the TIME!!!). XO

  5. Well, according to my husband's weather station, it's still May 2nd, so my coffee table is stuck in the past. LOL

    I love love love that sock. What terrific yarn, and what great transition from colour to colour. Can't wait for Sock2.

  6. That sock is so happy! It will definitely make everyone who sees it smile. I've never used Zauerball before but now I'm tempted.
    I'm sorry about the IT issues. I'm not an IT person either. At all. So I understand your pain. I hope you get it fixed soon.

  7. Congrats on the sock finish. Such happy colors!

    Argh! on the computer. Hopefully it will straighten out quickly.

  8. Ugh to computer woes but that sock is beautiful!

  9. I sure hope Tom (the talkative IT guy) can fix the issues on the new laptop tomorrow. All the Zauberball I’ve seen or worked with lean toward the darker colors. It would be fun to knit with the ball you’re using.

  10. What a pretty sock. I hope the talkative Tom can fix all the bugs with the new equipment. It took me awhile to get into The Shrines of Gaiety but once I did and could keep the characters straight, I enjoyed it. I forgot about Foster so I'll have to add that back into my TBR list.

  11. Oh, I feel your pain! I had a tech-meltdown on Tues when I tried to pay bills! On the bright side, the sock is a beauty--really attractive--like I want to knit it! lol

  12. Those socks are delightful! And I hope you like Foster. I thought it was a wonderful little book!

  13. New laptops are such a pain to set up but the do work way better than an elderly one. Hope it's all to your liking soon. That sock colorway is awesome.