Thursday, May 11, 2023

Yarn in the Mailbox!

 Hello and good Morning!

How are you today?  Gosh I slept so well last night.  I am still feeling a bit dopey and I have been up for a little bit now.  Soon my coffee will kick in.

My friend Carol did arrive yesterday despite having horrible traffic on the way up.  For those of you familiar with the Blue Route...she endured about 6 exits of moving only at 9 miles an hour!  Going home she decided to take Route 202 and back roads, but that was no better.  Her trip was 2.5 hours!  But, we had such a nice time and it was so good to see her again after more than a year.

We also found out about the lawn service and Colin & Mailing's yard.  Turns out the lawn service mowed the back yard yesterday and they claim to have never done the front yard!  I'm guessing one of C&M's neighbors got tired of the jungle look and took it upon themselves to at least mow the front.  LOL  Anyway, we are now on a 2 week schedule with the lawn service folks (still no contract in the mail and we have not paid a penny yet).

Meanwhile the kids are on their trip out west.  They were in Guadalupe National Park, Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands and now are relaxing at La Posada in Santa Fe.  We stayed there a number of years ago on a trip with my Dad and Damon & Austin.  It is a beautiful resort and one of my favorite cities to visit.  I believe they are off on a day trip to Taos today.

The mail did not disappoint yesterday!  I was expecting yarn and it did arrive.  YAY.  First up we have Rowan Creative Linen in the color Oasis for a Shakerag Skirt.

LOVE this color!

I will not be casting on immediately as much as I would love to.  The next few weeks will be flat out crazy busy at work and I would much rather cast on then I have more free time.  Soon I hope.

Naturally a couple of other skeins jumped into my basket before I checked out.  First up, another Crazy Zauerball skein.

Crazy Zauerball Route 66

As it turns out, C&M Plan to drive on part of Route 66 on their way back to TX, so this skein will become socks for the boy.

And this skein of Regia:

Fall Night designed by Arne & Carlos

This skein may be destined to be another pair of socks for Fletch.  Hard to tell from the skein, but once knit up, it should look like this:

The orange and browns remind me of Fall (guess that's why it's named Fall Night).

Time to buckle down and get to work.  First, another cup of coffee is in order.  Cheers to Thursday...we are on the cusp of the weekend!!


  1. Ooo! I love that we are both knitting denim-y blue skirts! :) But that Route 66 Crazy yarn... omgosh! I am certain I need that... now! Would you share where you ordered it from?? Hahaha! (One of my favorite renditions of Route 66 is by the Manhattan Transfer.)

  2. Those will be some pretty fancy ManSocks. I like them.
    Lovely yarn for your skirt. Once finished, it should go with just about everything, like jeans.

  3. I've knit up Fall Nights and that pair was hard to give it away. It's very pretty. All that yarn is to die for. That bluish yarn is spectacular.

  4. What great yarns you've got there, Vera! And I just LOVE the color for your skirt! What a great piece that will be. (Just FYI . . . Kay of MDK is knitting a skirt right now, but subbing the lace for an eyelet pattern - for faster knitting. Just sayin.) As far as the lawn service, we have had a couple of lawn services over the years. While we always have had a contract, we've never paid in advance for mowing. If that's helpful info for you in any way. . . XO

  5. Those sock yarns are very fun and a knitted skirt - I am impressed!

  6. I haven't really checked out the Arne and Carlos line but will have to do that. I think you are very brave to knit a skirt. Eager to watch it progress!

  7. Any day with yarn in the mail is a good day! I love the color you picked for your skirt.

    As to frustrations with yard services, I feel your pain. Ours do a decent job of cutting the grass and weeding, but they don't seem to know anything about plants and have killed my oregano and one of my lilacs by pruning them too aggressively!

  8. Thankfully, I don’t have to deal with lawn service or sprinkler companies anymore, but I’ve had more than a few problems. Your squishy mail resulted in some gorgeous yarn. Enjoy!

  9. Great new yarns! Hope you have a good work day!

  10. I hope you get the lawn straightened out--such a bother to get reliable service any more! The new yarn is gorgeous-I think you are very daring to knit a skirt! lol I can't wait to see how it goes! The sock yarn is delicious, too!

  11. oh that skirt is SO CUTE! (and I love Creative Linen - I just knit a sweater with the yarn and it's a perfect warm weather blend) ... and look at those socks and all that sock yarn. The Route 66 should be fun to knit and Colin will certainly enjoy wearing them.

  12. Glad you had a good visit with Carol. Traffic everywhere was CRAZY yesterday. YIKES.

    Looks like you are going to have a very busy knitting summer!!!

  13. Hooray for yarn in the mailbox! I love the color of that blue but I have yet to meet a shade of blue I don't like. Have a good weekend.

  14. Love that skirt, but won't it stretch out? When I used to knit, I obviously did not block correctly. Nothing ever stayed to shape!

  15. I just ordered some yarn for granddaughter to be - can't wait for it to arrive. Love what you bought!!