Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tiny Needle Tuesday 5/30/23

 Good Morning Everyone!

How are you?  It is 6:30 a.m. on 5/30 and my Dad would have turned 103 today!  Hard to believe - even harder to believe he has been gone almost 10 years.  Still missing him all the time - miss his wisdom and advice, his sense of humor and his love.  Meanwhile, it is 51 degrees and sunny.  The skies are blue and I think it will be a fine day.  Busy...but fine.

I hope you all had a nice, long weekend.  I did manage to be a slug for a lot of it - lol.  Honestly, I was pretty tired all weekend.  Saturday morning I did meet up with Dee but much unraveling ended up happening (more on that tomorrow).  I'm not sure that we solved any world issues/problems, but we had our usual delightful time together.  Saturday also found me connecting with Leslie.  Please send her all your good and healing vibes and juju - she is having her final chemo session today and her radiation sessions are over.  I'm looking forward to seeing her before too long!!

Fletch and I did go over to Colin & Mailing's house yesterday.  Fletch did a bunch of weed whacking and I watered house plants.  We were not there all that long, but it was good to do that.  We also gassed up the car in their neck of the woods and saved 12 cents per gallon over the price by us.  Ridiculous!  Last night on PBS we watched a very interesting documentary on Shofuso the Japanese house that is in Fairmount Park.  It was originally at MOMA which I had not known.  Anyway, a fascinating story and a look at some of the creations of George Nakashima and Junzo Yoshimura.  It was only roughly 30 minutes long and I would have loved to have it run longer.  (Side note:  Shofuso is where Colin & Mailing had their engagement photographs done!)

Now we are at Tuesday morning and it's time for a Tiny Needle Tuesday update.  A little stitching was accomplished during the past week.  There was also a bit of frogging....

First up, The Crows of Strawberry Hill.

The second crow has joined his brother!

It was here that the frogging occurred.  I had just about completed stitching the crow on the left when I noticed that the stitches were not matching up with the pink border at the bottom.  I was one thread off.  No one might have noticed, but I knew it would bug me.  Thank goodness I did not start ripping out the crow (which I almost did).  This mistake was in the pink border.  When I looked at it closely I could see where one of my stitches crossed over 3 threads instead of 2.  Grrrr.  Luckily I just had to un-stitch - or frog - it back towards the left crow's foot.

Next up is the Sampler Aux Bouquets:

I was working on the leaves last night, but I kept making mistakes, so I ended up putting it away.  More leaves and a couple more blue flowers on the left and then I will begin the alphabet on the right hand side.

Friday I discovered that my debit card had been hacked!  I went on line to check on an account to see what had cleared and noticed some charges that were not done by me or Fletch.  Luckily it was in the afternoon and the bank was still open.  I called and now my card has been cancelled and the purchases are all in dispute.  What a PITA.  I rarely use my debit card, but it is a bit unnerving to have this happen.  There are also a few automatic payments connected with that card, so there will be some havoc when those payment come due.  Oh well, at least I happened to go on line at the right time and spot the issues.

Today will be a busy and long day.  I've got a number of things that need to be completed today for work.  I had been waiting for financial information to come to me, and it finally did over the weekend, but I decided not to work over the holiday.  I may be sorry today, but c'est la vie.  I also have an eye doctor appointment this afternoon.  And grocery shopping this morning.  Busy, busy, busy!

I'll leave you with a pretty little bouquet on our kitchen table.

A Siberian Iris, some two-toned snapdragons and an Evening Primrose.  Gorgeous!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!


  1. What a gorgeous bouquet! The stitching is looking lovely -- sorry about the frogging! At least what you had to undo was limited.

    I think it was a good weekend to rest. I wish I had rested a bit more, but I suppose I can rest when I get a weekend with less beautiful weather!

  2. You are moving along with your stitching despite the frogging and it is lovely. I doubt that anyone would have noticed that you were one thread off, but I understand about you knowing it and having it bug you forever! Hackers are a PITA. Our Visa card was hacked 3x in 18 months to the point that we considered not having one, but the banks seem to take it in stride as part of the cost of doing business. Enjoy your bouquet and I hope today is a good one!

  3. Your stitching looks lovely, as always, to me... I am sorry about those thread mix-ups though! Grr... this is the main reason I don't cross stitch any longer, I can't see well enough and can't find a magnifier that works for me.
    I am so sorry about your debit card though... Steve does not use a debit card for this reason... it was constantly getting hacked. It is such a huge PITA. I hope those charges are reversed soon!

  4. My junior high home ec teacher had a sampler in her classroom: "So shall you sew, so shall you rip." I think about it every time I need to rip any kind of stitches out. (So true. . . ) Sorry about your debit card. I never use a debit card anymore (cut it up, actually). It's so much more risky than a credit card. So glad you were able to figure things out so quickly! What a pain. . .

  5. Your stitching always amazes me. I don’t know how you even see the stitches! I love the second one. Looks like thistle.

  6. I love that blue sampler.

    We had such a hugely Busy With Family weekend that I'm exhausted today. It was a family-filled lakehouse Memorial Day Weekend of boating and fun.

    So sorry about your debit card troubles. It's happened to us as well. Rick has a ton of safeguard measures built in, so he caught it immediately after one transaction. It was rectified promptly. I hope yours will be, too.

  7. The samplers are looking great. Sorry about the ripping. I've gotten pretty good at it since I do it so much anymore. What is it about getting things to meet up.

  8. The flowers in Sampler Aux Bouquets --------wow! Those colors are beautiful.

    Hope you have a stress free week with no more hacking.

  9. Such lovely stitching! Sorry about the frogging, I feel your pain--I had to frog a motif last night! It's because the pattern draws heavy lines after 14 stitches, not 10! I guess there are 14 stitches to an inch maybe, because I have never seen one that wasn't 10 stitches. Anyway, onwards! I was hacked last December. It got resolved quickly but I'm still finding places that I forgot to change---one is a monthly payment so I'm not sure how they made 4 payments without a working card but I'm not going to think about it too much.

  10. I'm glad you and Dee were able to get together but sorry about the ripping. It seems there is a lot of that going on. :-) I ripped out quite a lot yesterday too.
    Our account was hacked last November and what a pain it was. It was thousands of dollars but the credit union took care of everything except notifying our regular withdrawals about the new account. We had to do that but it was easy compared to the worry and frustration with the account being hacked.

  11. what a bummer about the card, what a pain in the butt to get that sorted. beautiful stitching!

  12. Nice to see the progress you are making on the new stitchings! Sorry to hear about the card being hacked--unfortunately, we've had it happen several times!