Thursday, May 4, 2023

A Bear and an Eagle!!

 Good Morning!

It's Thursday and I can feel the weekend looming ahead - thank goodness!  Yesterday was another very chilly day, and rather windy.  Fletch and I managed to get to Miller's Greenhouse for some snapdragons and a couple of peppers and some marigolds.  All are on the kitchen table as Fletch was worried it would get too chilly last night.  

Miller's is a small family business run by a husband and wife on the property where their house is.  It's kind of messy and a little junky, but they do have great plants.  They also have this wonderful carving right by their house:

When I asked Nancy if I could take a picture of it, she said sure...just please try to NOT get the house in the picture - it needs desperately to be painted.  And it does!  But I could not avoid the house in the picture, so you get to see that too.

The balance of the day was pretty calm.  I did manage to cast on for the Crazy Zauerball Sock #2.  I only managed 10 rows of ribbing, but it's a start.

It's gonna be completely different than Sock #1, which is fine with me.

After dinner I decided to run all my Thursday reports 12 hours early and get them out.  It took until 9 p.m., but they were all distributed.  I did not want to have to do them this morning as this is the day I'm heading to the office.  I'm meeting Jake/Tom around 8:30 and he will get a new docking station set up for me at the office as well as connecting my new laptop to the two printers I use at the office.  There are also one or two quirks he needs to look into - for example, even on the docking station, my laptop must be kept open or my monitor goes dark.  Weird and annoying.

While in the area, I need/want to stop at Trader Joe's and the State Store.  Then it's off to lunch at Maggiano's in King of Prussia (my least favorite restaurant in the area...I've never eaten there without getting sick!) with a few of the women from the office.  It will be good to get home this afternoon some more on Sock #2.

Time now to pour another cup of joe and dry my hair.  Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. I bet it felt great to have those reports done last night! I hope all goes smoothly today and that whatever you have for lunch sits well!!

  2. I don't know about you, but as much as I hate working off-hours, sometimes it's worth it to get things done ahead of time and to not have to worry about them! I hope all goes smoothly with the IT appointment and that you don't get sick at lunch!

  3. That's a great carving! Ooof....that house does need paint and what a job that's going to be. I've had to scrape parts of my old house before painting it and it's one tough job.

  4. What a thing to look forward to--getting ill from lunch! Fingers crossed that you're luckier this time. Maybe just soup and bread?

  5. There's a little husband/wife duo not far from us that have a nursery. It's a great place to get plants! They started as wholesalers, but opened to the public during COVID. I try to support them whenever I can.

    It's nice getting stuff off your plate like that. I wanted to do a bunch of stuff like that last night (because it's all meetings this morning), but sales didn't send me what I needed until 1 am THIS MORNING!
    Oh well- they are the ones who are going to have to wait now.

  6. That's an intriguing title and an interesting sculpture! I hope Jake resolves all your computer issues at the office, you don't get sick from Maggiano's, you get something good at the state store and enjoy working on sock #2. Hope it's a good weekend!

  7. Cool carving.

    Good luck getting through today.

  8. I think that was a good move to do your reports early--what a freeing feeling so you don't have to work so long today!

  9. I thought you were going to tell us that you encountered a bear and an eagle on your hike! That is a really neat carving, even with the house i the background. Painting that will be a job.
    Glad you got a headstart on what needs done today and I really hope Jake/Tom can get you all set up and running correctly. We didn't have an in-house IT department at my office. We had to hire an independent guy who was more than a bit odd. I hated it when he came in early in the morning when I was the only person there. But he did get the job done on the computer systems. :-)
    Have a wonderful Thursday Vera. I get to do more packing. :-(
    Blessings and hugs,

  10. It’s fun to see carvings like that. It’s a bit early to purchase plants for this area, but I’m getting the urge to buy some perennials for my tiny flower patch.

  11. Love the carving! A friend gave me some tomato starts today and I planted them and -- we'll see.

  12. It's such a treat to find places with GREAT PLANTS! :-) We're JUST on the verge of planting time here. It looks like the really nasty weather is out of the picture for at least the next week. Woo! Hoo! XO

  13. That's the kind of bear I like, not the in the wild alive kind :)

  14. Oh dear, I hope you didn't get sick again from lunch. I'm glad you found a few plants at the nursery. Having them on the kitchen table sounds about par for the course in the Spring time.