Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Tny Needle Tuesday 5/23/23

 Good Morning All,

Looks like it should be a pretty day again.  Yesterday I was able to hang two loads of wash on the line to dry - very colorful with all the handknit socks on display (Fletch wears his handknit socks year round).  Other than grocery shopping this morning, I have nothing on my docket.  Work has been (thankfully) very quiet.  I do need to go to the office tomorrow, but today the day is mine (hoping it stays that way).

Another Tuesday has rolled around and it is time for a Tiny Needle update.  I actually got quite a bit of stitching done over the past week...both pieces I am working on are coming along very nicely.  First up we have the small pinkeep size piece - "The Crows of Strawberry Hill."

Not quite halfway finished, but close.  Another crow to stitch and quite a few leaves.  Love the subtle colors of the overdyed cotton threads.

Next up is "The Sampler Au Bouquet" from Jardin Prive.  This is the piece that is actually 3 separate samplers stitched into one.  I'm working on the first part which, when completed, will look like this:

Some of the far right side will be eliminated due to adding part 2.

Here is where mine stands as of today:

This is a very enjoyable stitch - relaxing to work on.

Today, however, I'm hoping to get back to my knitting.  I have yet to cast on anything since finishing the Crazy Zauerball socks on Saturday.  So many possibilities and so many projects calling my name!

First, however, it's time for another cup of coffee - gotta get my engine started.  Have a good Tuesday!


  1. I love the blue flower motif, Vera. It looks like fun stitching! I wish I had a clothesline in my yard . . . but I do not. I love laundry hanging on a line . . .

  2. I love that crow! What a delightful little pinkeep that will be! It was lovely here yesterday too... It is so much easier to dry the woolens when you can lay them outside! I am hoping your Tuesday stays nice and quiet!

  3. The stitching is looking lovely! I hope today continues to be quiet and pleasant for you -- and perhaps involves casting on a skirt?

  4. I love the curtsying bird on the Jardin sampler piece. The whole sampler is so whimsical--the fonts of the letters, the border, etc. Just lovely.

  5. Whoa....you got a lot accomplished in just one week!

  6. Pretty projects. You got a lot done this week.

  7. The new projects are pretty. I especially like the new sampler.

  8. I love the two new pieces but especially the alphabet sampler. I do love anything in any shade of blue. I'm glad C and M's home seemed to be undisturbed the last time you went over. It's good you can keep an eye on things.

  9. I really like the new sampler. Lots done in a short time. I haven't had tons of time for any crafting the past few weeks but I have been crocheting shawls. It's an easy pattern that I don't have to think about and that's what's needed right now.
    I hope your week continues to be pleasantly slow.
    Blessings and hugs,

  10. Nice job on the stitching! Such a unique design with the 3 in 1!

  11. beautiful!! I am focusing on baby knits before I start the baby sampler, but I am excited to start it!!