Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Unraveled Wednesday 5/31/23

 Hello My Friends,

How are you?  I am weary (and sounding like a broken record - I know and I'm sorry).  Yesterday did prove to be a long day as expected and I did not wrap up work until almost 11:30 last night!  Whew!  A long day.  But, that's over and now we are on to the next.

Happy Anniversary to Fletch and me!!  43 years ago today I woke up, had some fruit salad and vodka for breakfast (ha!) and then my sweetie and I tied the knot at Noon.  It has not always been fun or easy, but I'd do it again in less than a heartbeat.  Happy Anniversary too to Ray & Linda - my oldest brother and his wife.  I can't remember how many years for them, but over 50!  (They married younger than Fletch and I.)

Once again, I am linking up with Kat and her Merry Band of Unravelers to talk making and reading on this Unraveled Wednesday.  Alas, today leaves me with not much to show.  As I mentioned yesterday, there was unraveling.  That pesky green yarn that had been in time out was once again unraveled.  I remembered (finally) that I had tried to knit socks with a bit of a lace pattern previously and that had not worked out.  I made up my own pattern (again a touch of lace) and was knitting away Saturday morning with Dee when I noticed I had made a mistake (apparently  not only can I not walk and chew gum, I cannot knit and talk!).  Dee is a master at correcting mistakes so after trying in vain to fix it, she took over.  But, whatever I had done stumped even Dee.  I decided the yarn was speaking...or not try to make me into lacy socks!

This is the state of that yarn as of this morning...I have yet to decide whether to cast on plain socks or put the yarn back into time out.

I am so very anxious to cast on for my Shakerag skirt, but I also have been too busy and tired to do it right.  So instead, I cast on the purple non-wool yarn to make a cowl for Leslie.

Not very far along...just the 3 rows of edging before I get into the lace pattern.

The pattern I'm going to make is Abstract Leaves Cowl - free on Ravelry.  I will not be adding beads into the mix, though the picture with beads is very pretty.

Here's hoping I have much more to show next week!

Moving along to the reading side of things...Fletch and I finished listening to "The Road to San Donato."  I would rate the story quite good.  3.5 to 4 stars.  I would rate the narrator at 2 at best!  Happy that we stuck with it though.  I also read The Last Remains by Elly Griffiths - the latest (and last?) in her Ruth Galloway series.

Fletch and I have started listening to Walking Home which (so far) is not quite as funny or as good as billed.  Hopefully that will improve.  I'm in the midst of The Dry by Jane Harper and it's good!  An easy mystery to read (I think there are 2 more starring the same main character).  I picked up The Thread Collectors on a recommendation from my sister-in-law.  Written by 2 women and loosely based on their family history, this looks like a good read about the Civil War era.  Have not yet started, but will let you know.

I'm hoping to do some laundry, some cooking and some knitting, stitching and reading today.  I'm also hoping that work stays quiet!

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday.  It is chilly here (just 43), but the sun is shining and the sky is blue.  Enjoy!!


  1. The green yarn looks pretty unraveled in a ball like that; hopefully, it will behave the next time you try it. Abstract Leaves is very pretty and I hope work allows you some time to work on it. 11:30 is far too late to be finishing up work, so I hope things are a bit quieter for you today and in the coming weeks!

  2. what a very pretty cowl!! Happy anniversary to you two love birds, I wish you peace in your job - sounds stressful when the work is endless.

  3. Have you ever knit Carole's Picot socks? I think that yarn would be perfect Picot Socks (and the pattern is delightful... and simple!)

    I hope you have little to no work today... and you can cast on your skirt!

    But Happy Anniversary to you and Fletch! May your day be as lovely as your wedding day XO

  4. Some yarn . . . just knows what it wants to (not) be, and silly-us for not paying attention. ;-) LOVE the color for Leslie's cowl. And . . . that cast-on for the Shakerag skirt? It's the worst thing about the knit. Once you get past that part, it'll be smooth sailing. XO

  5. Too bad about your green socks. Perhaps the yarn is telling you that it is pretty enough to be the star of a plain pattern.

    We're reaching ninety today--ugh. My AC will be employed. Not sure if this heat is headed your way or not; our weather person said something about a NE cold front pushing west.

    1. Oh, and Happy Anniversary! I have to say that I'm amused by your wedding breakfast.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you and Fletch! Love that you had vodka and fruit salad for breakfast, LOL. I think the green yarn needs to go back into time out for a bit until it's more clear about what it wants to be.

  7. Happy anniversary! You must've been a child bride if you've been married for 43 years!

    I'm sorry yesterday was such a long day for you (I don't know how you managed to stay conscious enough to work that late!). Here's hoping the rest of the week is easy. I prescribe stockinette or ribbing for that green yarn. I've learned my lesson and now never knit anything with patterning with variegated yarns.

  8. Happy Anniversary! The green yarn would make a nice Hitchhiker - simply garter with perhaps a few eyelet rows thrown in for variety.

  9. Happy anniversary! That is really an accomplishment! Here's to 43 more!

  10. Happy Anniversary!! and oh ugh for yesterday, I remember those LATE nights ... not one of my good work memories for sure - hope the rest of your work week is a lot easier! and that you find the "right" pattern for that lovely green yarn!

  11. Happy Anniversary! 43 How lucky you both were to find each other in this big ole world! I hope you had a very special day.

  12. Happy anniversary!!!!! Maybe that green yarn wants to be a cowl.

  13. Happy anniversary! Hope the day was kind to you.

  14. I am quite taken with that Abstract Leaves cowl. It has given me the pattern to use for the tiny skein of qiviut my son brought me from Alaska. Once I have made that (and am familiar with the pattern) I plan to make a second one for his wife (but not from the qiviut; I may be generous but not THAT generous).

  15. Belated, but happy anniversary!