Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Tiny Needle Tuesday 5/16/23

 Good Morning My Friends,

How are you this fine Tuesday morning?  I am patiently (sort of) waiting for the coffee to finish perking on my stove top.  It won't be long now.

It appears that I survived yesterday at the office.  Terribly boring if I do say so and not a whole lot for me to do (I'm much less involved than when Bill was still employed and my boss).  But that's ok.  When I got home I did a little dinner prep and then Fletch and I sat on the patio with beverages.  And...we spotted the first apples on our tree!  The tree was FULL of blooms this year, so we are hoping for a good crop - it's been years since we were able to harvest some and make applesauce.

Many of these little first-forming apples will drop over time, but our hope is that there are enough remaining to give us a good crop.  Time will tell.

Here we are at Tuesday morning and time for a Tiny Needle check-in.  The finish of Ellen Harrison last week meant that it was  time to choose a new project.  I had several in mind, but when I looked through my stash again I ended up picking something totally different!  Instead I chose "Sampler Au Bouquet" by  Jardin Privé which is actually a set of three patterns that are stitched together to make one large piece.

I love the colors in this one and the different birds and animals.  Of course the alphabets too.  This will be large - I'm using 32 count fabric and stitching with two strands of DMC floss over two threads.  The finished piece will be approximately 32" by 6.5".  Here is my small start on it:

It's kind of weird to be stitching with two threads again, but one thread would not give sufficient coverage.  And, I wanted to use the linen I have in my stash...the only piece that I could get a good size cut from was 32 count.  Anyway, I am finding it relaxing to stitch on this piece.

Given the size of  Sampler Au Bouquet, I also picked a smaller piece to work on.  it is "Crows at Strawberry Hill Pinkeep" by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread pictured below on the bottom left.  I have a thing for crows, so this is perfect.

Another rather small start on this.  I am using old linen from my stash that is either 28 or 32 count, so again using two strands over two threads.  For this I am using a mixture of Gentle Arts Threads and Weeks Dye Threads - both overdyed cottons.

Today will be another busy one...but more personal stuff.  I told everyone I would be back in the office today but not until close to lunch time.  Fletch and I will do our weekly grocery shopping this morning and then I will head to the office.  That, of course, means I will probably have to stay till later in the afternoon.  Boo-Hiss  And, when I do get home this afternoon, we will run out to drop off our ballots for today's election.  By law, Fletch cannot drop off mine for me, so we will both go this afternoon.  This is the last day to do so as our local primary election is today (and Fletcher's ballot only just arrived in yesterday's mail!).

Whatever you are up to, I hope this Tuesday finds you doing well and enjoying life.  Have some fun!


  1. Your new sampler is a lovely (and large) one and you're already off to a good start with those beautiful blue flowers. And the crows in the other piece could compete with Ellen Harrison's giant stag! I hope your time in the office goes quickly and you have a good Tuesday!

  2. Wow that large sampler is amazing! But I love the crow piece... too cute! Happy Tuesday!

  3. I LOVE the new sampler you've chosen! That will be a lot of fun to watch as you stitch. I've just come from voting after dropping my daughter off at school; the last time I voted by mail, I never got a confirmation that it was received, so I don't trust it anymore and vote in person (luckily our polling place is at our synagogue, so just down the street and around the corner).

    I thought of you on Sunday when we went to Home Depot to pick up some stuff for the garden. They had lemon trees!

  4. My, that's a big sampler. You'll be busy for some time with it.
    Isn't it frustrating how work cuts into your free time?

  5. What great pieces you've selected as your new projects, Vera. As always, I look forward to seeing them come to life on Tuesdays! XO (Also . . . I'm really sensing that you are READY for retirement!)

  6. I love Jardin Prive. I made the mistake of clicking on your link and now I want all the charts even though I've already got two of their patterns on my frames now.

  7. Lovely new projects! That big one is quite ambitious!

  8. Those are both so nice! I need to go through the stash today and see what I'll start. Is it too early for a holiday piece?

  9. Oh, wow! That large sampler looks amazing, and I can't wait to see it in more detail as your work progresses. The crows are cute, too. :)

  10. That new sampler piece is STUNNING! The colors --- wow! I'm looking forward to seeing this one work up.

  11. Hey! Guess who's back?! Whew! That was a busy week or so.
    Love that new piece you chose to work on. The colors are wonderful! Just my thing.
    Sorry you've had to go into the office two days in a row. Yuck. Retirement is coming. :-)

  12. nice stitching! I have a sampler to start for the granddaughter who is due in late August.

  13. Oh, I really like the long and narrow cross stitching piece! It will look great!

  14. The new project is going to be fun to watch progress. I like the design.

  15. Love your choices for new starts. 32 count has been great to work on for me, love the loop starts because my thread ends are always getting caught up in another stitch. My stitches sometimes have twisted threads but I realized that I am using a magnifier so of course I would see them! On the wall, nope.