Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Unraveled Wednesday 6/28/23

 Good Morning,

Still no sign of Mabel I am so sorry to report.  We miss her dearly.  I keep thinking of our calico cat, Maestro, who once disappeared for a week and then showed up looking like a drowned rat.  That was a very good ending.  But, I'm not sure this time.  It's hard to be optimistic.  I do appreciate all your kind words.

We've had more rain and more thunder and lightning.  After so long with no rain, everything is now dripping.  Our air is still humid.

This is Wednesday when we usually link up with Kat to talk making and reading.  Kat is taking a little break though, so I will just post here.  

It still looks the same, but my green Hitchhiker has grown a little bit.  There are now 27 points or teeth I think.

I knit on this a little bit last night while Fletch and I listened to our audio book after dinner.  The rows are naturally taking longer and longer to knit.  However, I still have 48 grams of yarn left, so still a way to go.

The first PairFect sock is progressing...slowly, but progressing.

The heel flap has been knit.  Usually I will sit down and knit a heel flap, heel turn and start the gusset decreases all at once.  Folks, this particular heel flap took a week!  What???  I have no idea what my issue was or is, but I could not do more than 5 rows at a time.  Weird.  I'm hoping to get to the turn soon and then race down the foot.  We'll see (in this humidity I don't seem to be racing anywhere!).

Reading has been good.  Fletch and I almost finished listening to Vesper Flights last night.  I think we only have 10 minutes left (I would have finished right then and there, but Fletch wanted to get on with whatever it was he wanted to do).  We should wrap that up tonight and then we need to pick a new book to listen to together.

I did finish Finding Freedom in the Lost Kitchen which was just ok.  I wanted it to be more about food and less whining about life.  Then I picked up and read You Could Make This Place Beautiful by Maggie Smith.  So many of you have raved about this book and given it 5 stars.  The writing is wonderful and beautiful, but oh my!  This book was hard to me to read and even painful at times.  It just made me sad.

Now I am reading Hamnet and what a glorious read!  Maggie O'Farrell has such a way with the English language.  I loved "The Marriage Portrait" and now I am loving this book.  Initially I had no interest in reading Hamnet - the plague didn't seem like a very good topic to me (especially during a pandemic).  But this book is so much more!

Yesterday I also picked up 3 more books from the library - a cozy mystery that someone (I forget who) recommended and two other books that grabbed my attention - more on those later.

This morning I'll get out to run some errands.  I need to pick up a thing or two at Staples, a few things at Trader Joe's and also some wine.  While over at that shopping center I will also stop into the office to check mail and print a couple of things in color (knitting patterns...nothing work related...hahaha).

Here's hoping that everyone is having a good week.


  1. I opened up your blog this morning hoping for good news, but I will continue to send all the good wishes for Mabel's return home today. Both your Hitchhiker and sock are looking good, but I know what you mean about the humidity. I feel like I'm moving through molasses and that is about how slowly my brain is working. I'm glad you're enjoying Hamnet; I think it's one of my favorite books ever.

  2. praying that Mabel comes home.

  3. Like Bonny, I hoped to open your post and read that Mabel had reappeared. I will keep everything crossed that she comes home soon!

    I really loved Hamnet, so I'm glad you're enjoying it. It's really not about the plague but about the characters and their relationships and the impact of tragedy. And the writing is just spectacular!

  4. I am heartbroken (but hopeful) about Mabel. I'm continuing to send the good juju, Vera. I'm holding you in my heart . . . Here, we're dealing with the smoke (in a big way) from the wildfires in Canada. It's keeping me inside for the most part, and I hope the wind shifts (or the fires go out!) so summer can return.

  5. My blog reading is sporadic since I'm away and I totally missed the news about Mabel. This makes me so sad and I hope she will turn up soon, let's not give up hope!

  6. Fingers crossed in NEO.

    Isn't Hamnet so lovely? The writing is sumptuous. I read it slowly, savouring each sentence. Simply gorgeous.

  7. I will have to try Hamnet again based on your recommendation! And I like the pairfect sock, and agree it is hard to knit in humidity. I continue to hold a good thought about Miss Mabel and hope that at 4am she'll be crying to get in the house. xo

  8. I am so sorry about Mabel. We had one, Emmaline, who went out one day and never came back. That was year's ago and it still hurts. We also have one, Louise, who was gone for a week and then showed up looking like a skeleton. She slept for 48 hours and has never gone far out of the yard since. Sending good juju and big hugs for a happy outcome.

  9. I was hoping for good news this morning. My heart hurts with you. Hopefully, someone saw her in the bad weather and maybe took her in.

    Continuing to cross my fingers and hope she comes back soon.

  10. Oh no, Vera, I'm so sorry that Mabel isn't back. I'm hoping she'll still return and is just hiding from the rain.
    I have a pair of socks that I've been working on for a couple of months. I've finally turned the heel in the second one so hopeful I'll get it done soon.
    Prayers going up for Mabel and you two.

  11. Darn - I was hoping you'd say Mabel came home completely unrepentant! Still sending all the good juju to bring her home safe

  12. oh my ... sending up all my best thoughts for Mabel (and you) - and delighted you're finding some joy in Hamnet. It's a beautiful book!

  13. Hamnet is such a well written book. It is interesting how some books are just not for some readers. The hitchhiker in green is beautiful. Still holding thoughts for Mabel.

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about Mabel, I wonder if she took shelter from the rain in a shed or garage and got locked in. I'm sure you will have checked already with your neighbours.

  15. So sorry to hear about Mabel. I am happy to know I’m not the only one who has not yet read Hamnet. It is on my TBR

  16. I hope Mabel surprises you -- sooner or later (but preferably sooner)!!