Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Unraveled Wednesday 6/7/23

 Hi Everyone,

How are you this fine morning?  I'm waking up...slowly...have had a few sips of coffee, but still feeling rather groggy.  A hazy sky doesn't help matters.  Last night - whoa!  When our zoom call for Read With Us wrapped up I stepped outside and could actually smell a smoky scent.  About 15 minutes later my phone binged with a text from the county alerting folks to the fact that we are being impacted by the wildfires in Canada.  I stepped out on our patio earlier and I can no longer smell the fire, but the haze from the ash and smoke is still there.

As usual, yesterday's office visit was longer than necessary.  It was nice to see people at the office.  I thought the food was so-so (provided again by Founding Farmers).  There were bacon lollipops (!!) which were fun, but everything else had too much cheese in it for me - LOL.  However, it was free and I did win a gift card as well as get a "bonus" gift card in my email when I got back to work.  Not bad for a day's work!  I'm staying home today.

Welcome to Wednesday and Unraveled Wednesday where a bunch of us link up with Kat to talk making and reading.  Before anyone asks, no I have not yet cast on for my Shakerag Skirt.  I plan to, I just need to find quiet time (counting the bazillion stitches to cast on) to concentrate and get it done.  It seems that when those quiet moments roll around I am extremely tired.  So...another day.

I did begin work on the Abstratc Leaves Cowl for my friend Leslie.  All was going well until at the end of row 6 I had an extra stitch on the needles.  Of course, row 6 was a lace row.  I tinked that and am now back to row 5.  I have not picked it up since (too tired and bleary-eyed at night), so here it is with 5 rows completed.

I am planning/hoping to make a dent in this project today or at least this week.

The green yarn!  I could almost hear it sighing with relief...or humming the Hallelujah Chorus.  That yarn did NOT want to be socks of any kind apparently.  Nancy suggested a Hitchhiker with eyelet rows.  And that is what I have cast on.

The yarn is now behaving beautifully and I think this will be a lovely Hitchhiker once finished.  I will confess that I get quite bored knitting a Hitchhiker, but I will take it a few rows at a time and just be happy that the right project has finally been found for this beautiful yarn!

I have nothing outstanding to mention on the reading side of things.  Fletch and I gave up on listening to Walking Home by Rick Rogers.  We thought it would be humorous and fun, but it was boring and bland.  We are now listening to Vesper Flights by Helen MacDonald and are thoroughly enjoying it.  Bonus, it is read by the author.

I've started two new books.  First up is The Dog of the North (one of the Women's Prize nominations).  This is a quirky book for sure.  I'm undecided as to whether or not it is for me, but I'm giving it a chance.  After reading one chapter I almost put it aside, but picked it up again last night and felt a little more engaged (plus I love the name Pincer for the Grandmother!).

The second book I am reading is The Thread Collectors which my sister-in-law had recommended.  This is written by two authors and loosely based on their family histories.  It is set during the Civil War.  I'm only 100 pages in or so, and it is ok.  Not compelling, but a good read.

Not started yet, but picked up from the library yesterday and now on my nightstand is Quietly Hostile by Samantha Irby.  I have not read anything by Irby to date, but this one has very good reviews and I'm looking forward to dipping into these essays.

Today's agenda includes some laundry (I think laundry multiplies overnight when no one is looking), a little cooking (more deviled eggs, shrimp salad, watermelon pickles and blueberry muffins) and, hopefully, time to knit, stitch and read.  Fingers crossed that work does not rear its ugly head.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Hump Day and let the slope into the weekend begin!!


  1. I think that green yarn will make a lovely Hitchhiker, Vera! (I really need to knit that pattern one of these days. I always love seeing everyone else's . . .) Dog of the North . . . is super quirky. Maybe even TOO quirky. I did finish it, but didn't love it. We have the smoke-haze here, too. I thought I could smell the smoke, but Tom insisted I could not. (I could.) XO

  2. Bacon lollipops? I like my bacon plain and crispy, please! But the gift cards are nice and it will be nice to stay home today. Your Hitchhiker is beautiful! I'm glad that you found what that yarn wanted to be. I'll be looking forward to hearing what you think about Quietly Hostile and Thread Collectors.

  3. The smoke/haze is really something over your way. I can't recall there ever being such a phenomenon before in the area. We're just getting milky skies in NEO, but still some air quality alerts.

    Your hitchhiker start looks very pretty. Think of it as therapeutic knitting--for when your hands can be busy but your brain needs to be quiet.

  4. The smoke/ash are making it the oddest color outside. Sherman and I are both taking shorter walks... it really is harsh to breath the air right now!
    I love that Hitchhiker start! Perfect!

  5. We are under an air quality alert also but from what I've seen on The Weather Channel this morning it is nothing compared to what's going on up your way. This spring has certainly been crazy. I can't complain about all this cool weather but all the same-it's weird.

  6. Oooh, that green yarn as a hitchhiker with eyelets is awesome! And you've got some good reading going on, too. Dog of the North is a wild rumpus for sure, enjoyed it.

  7. We had that nasty smoke a couple of weeks ago, but it's gone, for now anyway. The green Hitchhiker is beautiful. It's nice when you finally figure out what the yarn wants to be. I've never made one but should probably jump on the bandwagon sometime. I make lots of Pimpleisse Shawls which are very similar.
    I hope your day is exactly how you planned it. We're leaving in just a few minute to meet with our financial advisor and go over the last years paperwork. I don't think it will be pleasant this year with the economy, etc.
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. I cast on my own Abstract Leaves yesterday at knitting group, but stopped when I got to the part where the beading started. That’s gonna require some quiet time, no distractions. We had Smokey haze last week from wildfires in western Canada, but nothing like what you are suffering.

  9. Thanks for the link to the cowl pattern as I sure have a lot of beads that need a home! Have you read Caste? It's extremely thought provoking!

  10. The Hitchhiker looks great in that color.

  11. my eyes have been burning since yesterday due to the crappy air quality. Such a shame that Canada is having a wildfire crisis... I'm working on a hitchhiker when I watch tv at night (no project page yet).

  12. Because of my wacky schedule today, I was out for my run early (like 6:20 this morning) and saw the sun going up, and boy was it creepy looking because of the smoke! I think we'll be staying inside as much as possible until the air clears.

    The green yarn is looking spectacular as a Hitchhiker! I think the next one I knit will need to have eyelets because I'm really liking how yours is knitting up.

    I have not yet read The Thread Collectors, but my mother read it earlier in the year (it was featured as part of the Naples Jewish Book Festival, which she's participated in the last couple of years) and really enjoyed it, so I'm sure I'll be inheriting her copy at some point.

  13. It's wild that the smoke is reaching you - but we don't have much here. I'm on the west side of Ontario, and it all seems to be heading south. I have coworkers in the Ottawa area who said it's really bad there, but one of the fires is only an hour north of them.

  14. The smoke drifted down to southeast Wyoming and Colorado a couple of weeks ago. It was awful to be outside. I hope the fires are extinguished soon. I love the green Hitchhiker: it’s clear the yarn is happy to become something other than socks.

  15. Thinking of you with all the smoke - ugh! and delighted to see that the green yarn has settled into becoming a Hitchhiker - I think it's gonna be perfect! (also, I think you'll like Dog of the North - it feels like the kind of quirky that might be right up your alley)

  16. Wow, I was sure the smoke wouldn't reach you and Dee when my Mom was telling about how bad it is at their house in Central NY--they have to stay inside because the smoke is so bad! The new shawl is so pretty!

  17. That green hitchhiker is going to be beautiful. We were in Connecticut, quite close to NYC, on this Wednesday and the smoky air/sky was like something out of a doomsday movie only real. Yikes. I really enjoyed listening to Vesper Flights.