Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Unraveled Wednesday 6/21/23

 Good morning!

How is it already the Summer Solstice?  Time is just whizzing by these days.  It is another grey and damp-ish day here.  No rain yet, but heavy rain is in the forecast for Thursday and Friday and then a chance of rain every day after that through next week!  The lawn and gardens will be happy.

Speaking of time whizzing by, here we are at Wednesday again and time for an Unraveled post.  Let's link up with Kat and talk making and reading.  I'll stick with knitting on the making front today.  And, I will not bore you with another green Hitchhiker phpotograph.  It looks the same even though a few more *teeth*  or points have been added.  No progress on the purple cowl.  I think I have cold feet with that one!

But, the first Pair-Fect sock is coming along nicely and I like it!

(I also like my pen with the mop-head - LOL)

Yesterday I only managed 5 rows, but that is better than none.  The colors are more pleasing to me than I thought they might be.

Last week I managed to finish 2 books.  The first, "The Thread Collectors" I had almost finished last week, but not quite.  It was good - not really compelling reading for me, but a nice read.  I found the ending to be a bit rushed and/or contrived, but it was ok.  

I also finished "Nine Horses" which is a collection of poetry by Billy Collins.  What a joy to read!  This is a book that had gotten buried on my nightstand under varioius library books and when I re-discovered it I was reminded of what a balm it is to read some poetry just before turning out the light at night.  I need to get back into that habit (and I already have numerous poetry books on my nightstand - both bottom shelf and top shelf!).

Currently I am reading Finding Freedom in the Lost Kitchen which is ok.  Not great, but it is keeping me interested.  Lots of abuse so far which is not one of my favorite things to read about...hopefully I will get out of that part soon.  I'm about half way through this book.

And, Fletch and I are contining to listen to "Vesper Flights" by Helen MacDonald and enjoying it a lot.  We have just under 3 hours left of listening time.

Yesterday I picked up two books at the library that I am anxious to delve into:  "Hamnet" by Maggie O'Farrell - I am finally jumping on this bandwagon!  LOL  The second book is the Maggie Smith Memoir "You Could Make This Place Beautiful" which so many of you have raved about.  

I'm planning to do some laundry today, some cooking (Mongolian Beef again - YUM) and hopefully will find pockets of time for knitting and/or stitching.  Fletch is taking my car in for it's 4 year check up and inspection...hopefully no major findings there.

Enjoy the daylight hours on this Solstice Day and have a good one!


  1. I do like that sock (and your pen)! I hope you enjoy Hamnet as much as I did. I think it's one of my favorite books of all time. I need to look for Nine Horses; Billy Collins is one of my favorite poets, too. Happy Wednesday, Vera!

  2. I hope you enjoy Hamnet... I loved it! I am with Bonny in picking up Billy Collins Nine Horses. Happy Wednesday!

  3. Kinda jealous of your rain forecast, Vera. My garden could certainly use some rain. . . And I loved Hamnet AND You Could Make This Place Beautiful, so I hope you enjoy them, too. XO

  4. Oh, Hamnet. What a treasure of a book. I honestly feel bereft that I cannot read it again for the first time. O'Farrell is such a gifted writer.

    We're ready for rain here, and hope to pick some up on Friday.

  5. I still remember so vividly reading Hamnet -- I could not put it down! I hope you love it! And I think reading a little poetry before bed is a great way to wind down. I will have to remember that for stressful days.

  6. Lovely sock!
    It's raining here this morning too and I'm glad. We've been in a drought pattern and I've been worried about our well.
    I had to abandon Hamnet because I was reading it during the start of the pandemic and it just hit too many nerves. It's still in my Audible library so I should give it another go.

  7. my knitting has slowed down and will be slow for another week. I just knit at night, I try to cross stitch at least one hour a day (still have to photo that project!). My reading has been minimal, no excuses!!

  8. Sock is looking good! You're definitely managing more progress than me. I managed to move Dad's sweater down to my chair in the livingroom, but still haven't picked it up

  9. You've got two great books from the library right there, I loved both of them! We'll be in Lost Kitchen territory starting tomorrow.

  10. I don't know how you have so many books going at the same time. LOL Just another way we are so different I suppose. My fuzzy-brain could not handle all that. I'd be lost in the weeds!

    See you on Saturday -- come rain or ...........oh, come rain. No shine this weekend.

  11. Very nice sock, I like the colors too. I ended up ripping out the shawl I had started for the wedding because I just wasn't enjoying the knit at all.
    I need to get my car in for an oil change really quick because we're thinking of driving it to Washington instead of camping. There's no way I can hitch and unhitch as many times as I would need to. That's IF we get to try again to go see the kids and friends.
    Blessings and love,

  12. I like the colors in that sock. Enjoy all that rain. Man, I am envious. I forget that summer changes my evenings. Wednesday I went to my local book group and then Thursday and Friday I worked in the yard so I'm behind on blog reading. Hope to catch up this weekend.

  13. We had rain off and on all day! The socks are beautiful!