Monday, June 26, 2023


 Good Morning,

The air this morning feels very thick.  We've had a little bit of rain over the past few days, but nothing like what was forecast.  At most we got (maybe) a total of half an inch?  An hour South of us in Delaware, my brother and his wife have gotten so much rain that he cannot mow the lawn or even get out to pick greens from his garden!  As Fletch and I sat out yesterday afternoon on the patio, there was thunder all around us, but no rain.

I walked yesterday and was surprised at how many joggers passed me.  I don't know how folks run when the humidity is so high (and it is so warm).  It is already 70 degrees at 6:15 a.m.  I felt sorry for the dogs that were being walked who passed by me panting with their tongues hanging out.  There was no river traffic which surprised me.  Usually I see one or more kayaks or canoes on the water.  There were a number of people walking and a few folks on bikes.  I heard a lot of bird song, but the only creature spotted was this guy who hopped in front of me.

There were some pretty cobwebs among the foliage.

I'm not much on spiders, but their handiwork can sure be beautiful!

Dee and I had our usual Saturday morning session at Panera.  We were both very tired and I didn't get the normal amount of knitting done.  I worked on my green Hitchhiker and I was just happy not to have messed up very badly (there was one spot where Dee had to figure out what was wrong...and she did!).  Panera's was crowded.  There were the normal folks we see every week and then there was a large girls lacrosse team from Dallas.  They were in the area for a tournament.

That was basically my weekend.  We ate leftovers and cold shrimp - I did not do any cooking.

Today I am hoping to get out for a walk this morning.  Though, my weather app shows we could have a thunderstorm within the hour.  I may wait and go a little later.  I need a bit more coffee in my belly to help wake me up before I try to do anything!

Monday seems to be off to a slow start.  Wishing you all a good one!


  1. It's always good to have a friend who can figure out our knitting problems! :-) I hope you have a lovely week, Vera. XO

  2. The air is humid and thick here and I feel groggy, too! I'm not sure I appreciated those lovely cool days we had at the beginning of June quite enough. I hope your Monday is a good one, even with a slow start!

  3. I wilt when the humidity is up. We have had decent rain so that he doesn't have to water the flowers. Seems around here they cannot predict who gets rain.

  4. I was one of those runners out yesterday in the heat and humidity -- today we were supposed to be having thunderstorms pretty much all day, so I assumed I wouldn't be able to get out to run on my usual schedule. I'm glad I got my run in, but it was HARD. I was definitely slower than usual and very tired afterward.

    I'm glad Dee was there to help you out with your knitting issue. Here's hoping you all get some rain soon!

  5. My lawn is also saturated and the air is so thick I can't imagine that it's going to dry out any time soon. We needed the rain but it's really icky out there. Pup and I are in for the duration. I can't take muggy.

  6. I am glad that Dee was able to figure out your problem! Those storms have been falling apart around us as well... I watered my thirsty plants this morning. (and those runners...I am in agreement)

  7. Chiming in with muggy here, too. We were almost at 90 yesterday, then some storms moved in. Ours was dry at first, but then some rain came in the wee hours. Now, just the humidity is here. Ugh.

    I could use Dee myself; I have to figure out where I messed up a pattern today. I hope it isn't too unwieldy. I'm not looking forward to undoing rows of 123 stitches.

  8. Good for Dee! I'm glad you have each other to knit and visit with. I must admit, I'm a bit lonely at the condo after having so many people and things to do and help with at our old apartment. Walking inside isn't as easy either and it's just too hot and humid to walk outside.
    I hope you're Monday is fantastic Vera.

  9. Even though I was so tired, I would not miss one of our Saturdays.

    I don't think we got much rain either. Steve did squeeze in mowing the lawn this morning. It started drizzling right when he finished up.

    See you on Saturday at Montgomeryville.

  10. Is Mabel ok with thunder? I worry.

  11. I hope the big storm we had last night peters out before it gets to you! (we've had a wet June and I'm not complaining about a lower water bill) Rest up - there's a big weekend coming!!

  12. I hope you had a good day; the sights on the walk look relaxing!

  13. Hooray for your Saturday meetups. I know, how do people run or even walk long distances in the heat. Today is a scorcher here.