Friday, June 9, 2023

Friday Miscellany 6/9/23

 Good Morning!

TGIF, right?  I wish I could say I am in weekend mode, but not yet...I have two scheduled conference calls which have not been cancelled (yet).  I did not think the air was too bad late yesterday, so I sat on the patio with a glass of wine.  Fletch only came out to water the garden, and he wore a mask.  Our neighbor Rob was mowing his lawn and also wearing a mask.  I sure hope this ends soon.

I don't like the pickled watermelon rind at all.  The mix of ingredients just tastes off to me.  I may try again, or I may just order some (hello my friend Amazon).  Fletch has yet to try any - if he likes them they will stay, if not, they will be tossed into the compost.

Our apple tree is really loaded with apples this year.  As usual, a number of them are falling (or have already fallen) off the tree.  This is common.  And it brings this guy in:

The deer have been coming in to chow down on the apples.  Good thing - you could twist an ankle stepping on one in the yard.  I walk out to the garden to gather lettuce and parsley with my head down so I can see where I am stepping.

Then we have this sweet girl sharpening her claws.

Trust me, her claws are plenty sharp, but she does not think so.  Yesterday she was "playing" (or tormenting) a little mouse or vole or mole under the picnic table.  But later I found a dead robin on the ground.  I scolded her and spoke harshly, but it doesn't seem to do any good.

The purple yarn for the Abstract Leaves Cowl may be speaking to me...I knit a few rows last night and once again ended up with the wrong number of stitches (one too many).  I tinked back and will look later today to see how it is (and if I now have the correct number of stitches).  If not, that will most likely be completely unraveled and I will need to come up with another idea for that yarn.  Maybe another Hitchhiker?  That would be pretty.  Maybe with eyelets (like the green) and a few well placed beads?  Leslie might like that.  Hhhmmmmm - something to think about.

Meanwhile, time to get going!  I need to slurp down more caffeine and let the day begin.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. We haven't seen many deer this year. The back wood paths are so overgrown thanks to The Mister's surgery I don't think they can get into the yard. That's fine by me. I actually have hostas this year. Last year they even ate the ones in the pots on the front porch.

  2. I hope your conference calls are canceled and you get yourself into weekend mode early today! That Mabel is a beauty but she needs to let the birdies be. Not likely given the strong hunting instinct she has but we can hope.

  3. Fingers crossed for cancelled conference calls -- those should be outlawed on Fridays! I hope your air quality is getting better. We're still at code orange here, but it's supposed to improve a lot by tonight.

  4. One day this week, I watched (with glee) three rabbit babies running and playing and jumping in our back yard... it was so much fun! I also got some peanuts in shell... and have been laughing at the blue jay antics as they battle "our" squirrel for them!

  5. I hope one or both of your conference calls get canceled and you can start the weekend a little early. I also hope your knitting cooperates, continues to speak to you, and you have a terrific weekend!

  6. It's to be our turn for the smoke this weekend. Ugh.

    I had to stop abruptly on my drive to the grocery store yesterday as a doe and her very new spotty fawn crossed the street right in front of my car. I drive an electric Prius, so they probably didn't hear me coming. What a treat to see them!

    Here's to cancelled calls and a good weekend ahead.

  7. Every piece of wood in the catio is scratched up! I even have TWO wooden scratchers out there just for them, but they love the scratch the railing post and the porch wall anyway! Oh well... it's their space, right? They are very good about not scratching furniture in the house.

    And all four have VERY sharp claws.

    And Mabel can't help hunting... she needs to provide for her family, lol. Lemmy tried to catch a hummingbird that flew into the catio last night. He did not succeed.

  8. The smoke seems to be dissipating from our neck of the woods -- at least for the most part. Hope it moves on from yours, as well. We've had lots of deer . . . but luckily, not in my backyard garden. (Fingers crossed.) They are so bold, though! Eating my container plants . . .right on the front porch!!! Here's to a great (smoke-free) weekend, Vera! XO

  9. Mabel is such a beautiful girl. I know the hunting instinct is strong but I sure wish the birds are safer. Our outdoor kitty used to bring us gifts. On the bed. We would go into the bedroom and there was a dead bird smack dab in the center of the bed. Yikes and yuck!
    Hope all is well for work and you finish early for the weekend.
    Eye drops really do help for the smoke. I went through bottles of them in Spokane.

  10. I hope the smoke gets better--that's what August is like here out west! Not fun.

  11. Oh we have deer and they are destructive, we try our best to plant deer resistant stuff just to thwart them :)

  12. I hope you had a very good day and now your weekend is well on the way! Sorry the pickles didn't hit the mark! Love to see Mabel--I like it when they catch rodents but it is always hard when you see birds as the target!

  13. Careful with those apples. Our neighbor's apple tree is close to our yard and I do worry about one of us spraining an ankle or worse. She is good about picking them up and I pitch in when I go by.