Thursday, June 8, 2023


 Hello All,

A bit of a later post for me.  This morning was filled with work.  Ugh!

So yesterday the morning seemed ok - a little haze, but not bad and no odors.  I hung two loads of wash on the line to dry. 2 p.m. we could smell smoke.  I got everything off the line before it smelled like a campfire (fortunately everything had dried).

Today I could still catch a whiff of smoke in the air when I first was up.  However, the notice from our county states that the air quality is expected to improve throughout the day.  Still, I have sheets in the washer and I think I will just put them in the dryer today.

The only time I picked up yarn yesterday was to take care of this:

Someone wears his hand knit socks daily - even in the summer - and it looks like his toenails might need to be cut a little more frequently.  Ha!

It was a day of cooking though.  First I did make the watermelon rind pickles.  I'm not sure I will like them - will be trying them at lunch today.  I used an Alton Brown recipe but skipped the Star Anise (since I didn't have it) and instead of Allspice berries (which I also did not have), I just threw in a little allspice.  We shall see.  There is also crystalized ginger in there which I love!

Next I made a cucumber-edamame-avocado-sesame seed salad to go with our dinner.  Fletch didn't eat it because although he likes cucumbers, he does not like edamame or pieces of avocado (he loves guacamole, just not slices or chunks of avocado).  Next time I would skip the avocado.  I think adding that to salads is iffy at best (I'd rather have it as avocado toast or something).  The dressing was good though - a mix of rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, honey, fresh ginger, soy sauce, and a few other things I can't remember.

Dinner was a dish I used to get for  lunch years ago at a great little restaurant in Chadds Ford (unfortunately they have been out of business for years).  You take a croissant, split it, top it with shrimp salad and a little cheese and then stick it under the broiler.  I added fresh spinach as a bottom layer.

And then finally, after dinner I made a batch of blueberry muffins.  When I stopped at the store on Wednesday to pick up something they had Strawberries and Blueberries on display - buy one and get one for $1.  Not bad!

I ended up skipping breakfast today, so perhaps I will try one at lunch.  I need to run out to the garden to pick some lettuce so I can make a salad for lunch.

After that, I hope to find time to pick up my needles - either knitting or stitching.  Hope everyone is having a good Thursday.  


  1. You put CHEESE on something???? I'm so PROUD of you!

  2. I tried my watermelon pickles and I love them! I can definitely see making them again this summer. I can also see making croissants with shrimp salad. They sound delicious (with or without cheese)! I hope work allows you plenty of time for knitting, stitching, or maybe both today.

  3. Mmm, those muffins look awfully good! You do of course need to try one for quality control.

  4. My great grandmother made the best watermelon rind pickles. I was just telling The Mister about them the other day when I was pitching our rinds out in the woods.
    We're under a code purple here today and it's just awful out there. You can't see across the bay. It's so weird.

  5. Your kitchen has been busy! Everything sounds wonderful especially the shrimp croissant and muffins. We had really bad smoke a little over a week or so ago but it's moved out now.
    Our friend Neal made me a darning egg out of walnut and it's beautiful. I've used it quite a bit to fix socks. And you're right, toenails are normally the culprit! :-)
    I hope you have a great day Vera.

  6. That's a lot of yummy stuff coming out of your kitchen, Vera! Our air quality index has improved a lot, thankfully, and I hope yours does, too.

  7. That salad dressing sounds really good!

  8. I hope the pickles turn out great--they sure can be wonderful! The darning on socks is an interesting challenge!

  9. Oh man, those muffins look amazing, Vera! And I never thought of pickled ginger... my go to is ginger syrup (which is a delight in cocktails!)

  10. That cucumber edamame salad sounds delicious to me. The muffins look wonderful.