Friday, March 31, 2023

Mabel Update and a Finish!!

 Good Morning!

Another chilly (below freezing) morning, but at least it is not windy (currently).  Yesterday over lunch, we decided that Mabel should have a visit to the vet since she was still limping and hopping.  I called and amazingly, got an appointment for 2:30.  She was not pleased to go and was somewhat vocal in the car, but once there she settled in.  First she was weighed (she is now 9.01 lbs - up from 7 lbs in the fall!!).  The vet examined her paw while the tech held her (they are much better at that than Fletch and I are!).  

Turns out Mabel does have a very small wound under one of her pads (beans).  Very small, very minor.  She may have stepped on a thorn or briar or something - who knows?  The vet cleaned it up (I saw dirt on the gauze, but no blood) and then gave her an injection of antibiotic.  We came home with some liquid pain medicine should she need it (so far she has not gotten any).  The worst part is that she must stay inside for 5 days and I'm not sure we will all survive that!  And, she cannot lick or chew on that paw.  If she does, she will have to wear the cone of shame (which we do not have...would need to get one).

I'm happy to say that she lasted through the night quietly.  "She was, of course, very vocal by the door when we got home from the vet, but we kept saying "No" and eventually she walked away to take a nap somewhere.  She was quiet all night (allowing me to sleep for 7 hours straight), but has been fairly vocal this morning.  She is desperate to go out and commune with the birds.

She seems to be walking better and not hopping, so I assume everything is on the mend.  I'm thankful that the vet could see her so quickly, and I'm glad we decided to take her in.  Now we just need to get through the next few days!  LOL

The other part of this post is a Finish!  Yup!  The Pi Socks are finished.  I finished off #2 after dinner last night and wove in all the ends.  Fletch loves them.

Fraternal twins and just so soft!  Sarah reminded me that the "fraternal" part is the fun part with Lisa's Pi Yarn - the stripes are non-repeating just like the digits in Pi (duh!  guess that's why she names it Pi Yarn).

The Pi Yarn is from Fibernymph Dye Works (I ordered the Mountain Tweed BFL which contains Neps) and used #2 needles.  They are just a plain sock - no pattern.  15 rows of ribbing at the cuff, 75 rows for the leg, an eye of the partridge heel flap and then 75 rows down the foot before the toe decreases begin.  The second sock for me always seem to go faster than the first and, true to form, I started sock #2 just a week ago!

After finishing the sock and weaving in all the ends (a mini was used for the cuff, heel flap & turn and the toes), I had the pleasure of looking through some stash to see what my next pair of socks may be.  I've picked out two skeins and I may just need to cast on for two pair!

My 10:00 conference call has been cancelled, but unfortunately I still have one at 1:00 (nap time - don't they know??).  Happy end of March!  I'm hoping for sunny skies and some warmer temps.  Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm glad to hear that Mabel is on the mend. I hope she's not too annoying for the next several days while you have to keep her inside! The socks are great -- you're pretty lucky to have someone to knit for whose measurements work out so well! Here's hoping the conference call this afternoon goes quickly and you can start your weekend as soon as it's over.

  2. Ooooh, boy, Mabel on house arrest! Good luck with that! Seriously, though, I'm glad she's on the mend and it's not anything serious.

  3. I hope you all get through Mabel's "house arrest"! It's a good thing you took her to the vet so her paw didn't get infected. I hope you can just tell her "no" and she'll go take a nap for five days. Fletch's pi socks look wonderful and I'm anxious to see what you cast on next. Here's hoping your 1:00 call gets cancelled and you have a great weekend!

  4. Perhaps Mabel will get used to being an Indoor Cat and love the Cozy Life. There's so much danger out there! (Yeah, right.)

    I hope your conference call is brief and you can squeeze your nap in.

  5. Those socks are gorgeous! (I have turned the heel on Steve's sock so it should move quickly along now!)

    I am so sorry to hear that poor Mabel has a sore foot... and forced indoor time, yikes! Good luck to all of you! XO

  6. Great news on Mabel--so glad you took her in! Try a sock on her foot if she is driving you crazy to go out! The socks you just finished are beautiful (handsome!)!

  7. Oh poor Mabel! I know my boys get rather put out when it's raining - and they can go out - they just won't but they yell at me to make the rain stop!

    And fantastic finish on the socks!

  8. The socks look great.

    Glad Mabel is doing better.

  9. I'm glad that you took Mabel in and that it wasn't anything major. You'll make it through the next few days (as will Miss Mabel) but hoping for a bit of rain so she doesn't want to go out. :0)

  10. Great job on the socks and for the fast finish! Mabel will soon be back to her old self.

  11. Poor Mabel. Kitty boo boos are no fun. We just had an abscess on one of them to deal with and it was a three week and three visit ordeal. That antibiotic shot is a game changer. I never could get medicine in any of the cats.
    Love those socks. I can't believe how fast you got them done.

  12. The orange male that has been around a few years, was a suitor to Tootsie, is not using one leg. No idea if bitten during conflict, or a wound of sorts. Can't get within 30 feet of him. Put a new house out for Toots so I can get her prepared for a trap.

  13. I hope Mabel continues to heal and doesn't keep you awake at night. The socks look great. Yes, the second sock goes more quickly - usually. Blustery and chilly today but it's dry so that is something. Have a good weekend.

  14. Warmer temps? We had 75F yesterday and snow is predicted again tonight. S. Dakota is in a blizzard warning. It's a crazy year for sure!
    Those socks are great. I like the mini you chose too. When you count all of those rows, do you. Do you use a row counter or do you just count as you go? I would totally lose track! I have a terrible memory.
    Mom has covid and Dennis and I have both been exposed numerous times before we knew. Ugh! Just something else to get through I guess.

  15. Poor Mabel but I'm glad you took her in! Frodo pulled his shoulder right before we left for Indiana and I was freaking out. My husband is good as assessing damages in pets and is the voice of reason and knew it was a strain. Thank goodness.