Monday, March 6, 2023

Monday, Monday 3/6/23

 Hello and Good Morning,

How are you?  It is a sunny day here.  Still chilly (just 32), but sunny and, at least for the moment, it looks as though the winds have died down.  Today I will be playing catch up after having Friday off.  I know a ton of emails came in for work, but I have not yet looked at them.

The trip to Ikea on Friday was nice.  Not as long as I would have liked...and next time I will go solo and leave Fletch at home.  I wanted to wander a bit more through the Marketplace section - so many great kitchen finds, but he was anxious to get in and get out (where's the fun in that??).  But, I did find the wine glasses I wanted as well as some new kitchen tongs and a fun set of dish towels that I will send down to Leslie to brighten her day (all slices of fruits and veggies in bright colors).  Please keep Leslie in your thoughts and best friend...another cancer diagnosis...tomorrow is her 2nd chemo treatment.  She is a trooper, but this is more than anyone should need to go through.

Back to Friday...we also stopped at an Asian market where I found the Japanese eggplants I wanted.  And then we did have a very nice lunch out.  It definitely was fun to have a different day than my usual Friday conference calls!

Dee and I did meet up on Saturday to knit, chat, sip coffee, laugh, solve the world's problems, etc.  If only we ruled the world!  The balance of the weekend was filled with both pleasure and chores (a little laundry, changing out the tablecloth and napkins, sweeping the kitchen, etc.).  I read, knit a little and stitched some.  A good balance of things.

Sunday morning as I was fixing coffee and thinking about making breakfast I glanced out and saw two Red Winged Blackbirds at our sunflower seed feeder.  I'd been hearing them for a couple of weeks and seen one or two on the ground.

Not the best picture taken through our back door, but you can see the band on the wing of the one to the right.  (The yellow object is a kayak hanging from our patio ceiling - LOL).

Thanks to all the cooking I did last week we have a ton of leftovers in the frig.  Some dinners for this week are already made!!  Last night we had some of the leftover stew I had made in the crock pot.  (There is yet more left for another meal!).  The only thing I made to go with it was a new recipe for Mushrooms with White Wine and Brussels Sprouts.  

I used this recipe but skipped the heavy cream.  The mixture looked so good at the point where I should have added that, but I decided to keep it lighter.  Very tasty.  I did use a mixture of cremini, oyster and shitake mushrooms.

While the sprouts were roasting, I looked out and the moon was already up!

Almost full - the app on Fletch's phone said it was 98% full.

Last night we watched Genius - highly recommend!

And, that's a wrap for me.  Time to pour another cup of coffee and dig into the work emails.  Wishing you all a wonderful Monday.


  1. I hope most of the emails awaiting you are easily dealt with. I will send out some positive energy your friend's way; I'm sure she'll be cheered by the dish towels you found for her.

  2. Tom is also very big on . . . get-in-get-out. ;-) I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, Leslie. I will keep her in my thoughts and send all the juju her way. I hope your week is a good one, Vera. And I thank you for the tip about Genius. That sounds like something Tom and I would enjoy watching, too. XO

  3. John also does not like to "dawdle" as he calls it, but sometimes I'm glad to take my time like you. It might be a catch-up Monday with work but at least you've got lots of food prepared for this week! Sending all good thoughts to your friend.

  4. Must be a male quality... get in, and out. No lingering! I hope the emails are easily dealt with and your Monday is equally easy :)

  5. I make it a point to go solo to Ikea for that very reason. I could spend all day there. I used to work just a few minutes from ours and would go over after work some days just to sit and knit for a bit with a cup of their coffee before I started my long commute home. Daughter knew the security manager and he used to let her run through the store at night after it closed. How fun would that be?

  6. Sending good wishes to Leslie AND to Carol. Hope both are feeling better soon.

  7. what a nice weekend! I'm lucky that my husband loves Ikea browsing!! Our weekend was restive (except for visiting icu) trying to max out the self care when at home :)

  8. It’s heartbreaking when bad times settle around someone we love. I know Leslie appreciates your ongoing support. I pray her treatment goes smoothly.

  9. I'm sorry to hear about Leslie's diagnoses. She's blessed to have a friend like you who cares about her so much. I'll be keeping her in my prayers.
    I'm glad that you and Dee had your usual good time and you had a productive weekend. We re-watched all of the Harry Potter movies over the last week and I knitted on the Christmas stockings. I'm on the foot of the second one now. We also were gone a lot yesterday. Church and lunch out with friends and then to Mandy and Brad's to help with a few things. The floor is still not done but "maybe" today.
    Take care Vera.

  10. Sounds like a good weekend, and I'm sending bright light to Leslie.

  11. Ha - I'm like Fletch when it comes to Ikea.
    The last time I went (which just before we moved into the townhouse - so like 10 years ago) I had Dad take me because I needed his truck.
    We were there as soon as they opened. I had everything I wanted on a list, with the aisles listed, and the sequence we would hit them in! . We were in and out in under 15 minutes. Dad was super impressed.

    Sending good healing thoughts to your friend. It's hard to go through, but there's so many more success stories out there now. I'm sure she will be one of them!

    I finally saw a red-winged blackbird late last week when we were headed into Sarnia for an appointment. It flew in front of the truck! I haven't heard them yet, but it was good to see. Still no robins though.

  12. Red winged blackbirds are my favorite sign of spring! I haven't heard or seen any here yet but it should be long now. I will keep your friend in my thoughts, I'm sorry for what she has to endure.

  13. I will keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers. Cancer is such an awful disease. Hurray for red - winged blackbirds. They are a sure sign of Spring. Oh if only you and Dee ruled the world, what a better place it would be.