Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Unraveled Wednesday 3/29/23

 Good Morning My Friends,

How are you this morning?  It's a little chillly here (just 32 degrees), but hopefully it will be a sunny day.

Poor little Mabel has been limping around the house (and, thankfully mostly staying inside other than to do her "business").  She is holding up her left front paw and hopping a bit.  She does not like to be picked up or held really, so it is difficult to see what is going on, but her front paw appears to be a bit swollen.  There is no cut or scrape on her pad.  I'm guessig she may have stepped hard on something and bruised her paw.  We will keep our eye on her and if it does not improve in a day or so, we will call the vet.

So hard to believe it is the last week of March.  A quarter of 2023 is gone!  I keep thinking that just means how much closer to retirement I am!  LOL

Anyway, it is Wednesday - the last in March - and time to link up with Kat to share what we are making and reading.  Of course, I am making socks.  Specifically Pi Socks using the special Pi Yarn that Lisa from FDW dyed.  So pretty/handsome.  And, voila! progress has been made.  The first sock has been completed and the second sock has passed the heel turn and is cruising down the foot now.

Fletch really likes them which is a good thing since they are for him.  

You will see in this picture that they are not matchy-matchy.  Which is fine.  I prefer them to not be that way and Fletch doesn't care.  The stripes are not always the same length, so it would have been next to impossible to match them up anyway.

On the reading side of things I have several finishes!!  First, I read The Queen of Dirt Island by Donal Ryan.  Such a good book!  Four generations of women living together with plenty of drama and loud (!!) language.  However, their love and devotion for each other shine through.

So happy to say that I FINALLY finished The Love Songs of W. E. B. Du Bois!  Oh my!  What a lengthy book (like 800 pages).  I did enjoy the book, but I felt as though it could have/should have been a bit shorter.  Some major editing could have taken place.  And, although the story is powerful and sad and hopeful and frustrating, I confess that by the last 200 pages or so I was over it.  I just wanted it to be finished.  And, now it is!

Last night Fletch and I finished listening to Patrick O'Brian's first (of 18) in the Aubrey-Maturin series, Master and Commander.  Another one I am happy to have finished!  LOL  We listened to this after dinner and the narrator (Patrick Tull) is perfect.  Such expression in his voice.  Fletch enjoyed this book very much...I guess I'm just not that into naval battles and the like.  But, I will say it is not all battles and I did find myself laughing at times.  Tonight we will pick another book to listen to after dinner.  I have several on Audible, so we will pick and choose.

Currently I am reading Unraveling by Peggy Orenstein and finding it enjoyable and interesting.  Though it is about the author's journey to learn to shear a sheep, spin the wool, dye it and make a sweater, there is also a lot about the current state of the world - global warming, uncertain times, etc.  It's an easy and quick book to read (and not terribly long).

And that is a wrap for me.  Be sure to check out Kat's blog so you can see what everyone is making and reading.  I guarantee you will be inspired.  I need to head to the office in a couple of hours.  It will (hopefully) be a quick in and out trip.  And, of course, I will make my usual stops at Trader Joe's and the liquor store while in the neighborhood.  Looking forward to red beans and rice tonight!  Have a great Wednesday.


  1. Fletch's socks are looking wonderful! I think Lisa's Pi yarns are so much fun, but they really aren't for people who like perfectly matching socks -- that's pretty much the whole point of the yarns, that the stripes are non-repeating, just like the digits in pi!

    Congrats on finally finishing Love Songs. I still have to read it; it's on my list to get to this year. And Unraveling finally showed up in Libby! There's one copy right now and I'm ninth in line, so I may be waiting a little while, but perhaps they'll add more copies while I'm waiting.

  2. Those socks are indeed a wonder! I wonder how they manage to dye yarn like that, but it is beautiful however they do it. Congratulations on finishing Love Songs! It is a good book, but a bit on the long side. I hope your trip to work is a quick one, and Mabel recovers from her mystery injury soon!

  3. I love Fraternal Twin Socks... and these are simply brilliant. I hope to get to the heel this week (Dr Office Knitting anyone? lol)

    I am glad you finished Love Songs! Whew! :)

  4. Beautiful socks, indeed! Hope Mabel just landed hard on her paw jumping from a tree and that she will be right as rain in a few days!

  5. Oooh. Queen of Dirt Island is on my list... if I ever get to it! ;) Loving that pair of socks

  6. You're making excellent sock progress! Hope Mabel is feeling better soon

  7. Handsome socks! I love the colors and the stripes. Sending healing thoughts for Mabel. I hope a vet visit is not necessarily.

  8. Oh poor Mabel. COuld it have been a little sting? Or a prick from a prickly plant? I hope she feels better soon.

  9. Pretty socks! I hope Mabel is on the mend soon. Pup has just figured out how to go up steps again. It's been almost a year since her surgery. It's good timing because carrying her up and down at the same time I'm having to deal with The Mister's surgery and recovery didn't sound like much fun.

  10. I'm so sorry for little Miss Mabel. I hope her paw feels better very soon. Maybe a bee sting? Are the bees out yet in your area? I haven't seen any here.
    The socks look great. Hope all is going weel .

  11. Hooray for finishing Love Songs. I have yet to put the hard copy on hold at the library. I always think the foot of a sock goes faster than the cuff, perhaps by the time the gusset is finished, one is part way down the foot. Anyway I predict you'll be finished in no time. Such pretty colors.

  12. How apt that you are reading a book on Unraveling. Love the socks.

  13. They are very ‘manly’ looking socks…..and most men aren’t fussed if things don’t match. And out of curiosity I’ve put Unraveling on hold at my library….

  14. I'm with you on the matching stripes - way too much effort for so little reward. The great reviews for Dirt Island are stacking up - I can't wait. I started an earlier book of his All We Shall Know this morning and it's good, but not great ... my favorite part is the Irish slang. Did you know that "going for messages" means "going for groceries"? and finally, hope Mabel's paw is better. so weird...