Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Unraveled Wednesday 3/8/23

 Good Morning Friends,

I'm feeling a little groggy this morning.  I slept pretty well, but my gosh what a noisy night!  The wind - howling and screaming around the house.  When Mabel woke me at 4:30 (as is her habit), I wasn't sure I could/would get back to sleep.  Thankfully I managed, but I feel as though the night was a bit fretful or something!

Here we are though, once again, poised to link up with Kat and her Merry Band of Unravelers.  No unraveling for me this week.  Thank Goodness!

The second Trekking sock is nearing the finish line.

I have roughly 30 or 35 rows to go to the toe decrease, so theoretically (that being the KEY word) I should complete this sock in a day or two.  Hopefully, because this arrived in the mail:

My Pi yarn from Fibernymph Dye Works.  What beautiful colors in this yarn!  I will cake this up for the next pair of socks for Fletch (he is a good man and deserves them).  I also ordered the set of mini's in the Atlantic Pi collection:

Not sure yet what I will do with these, but I could not resist them!  Each mini is 20 grams and there is a total of 435 yards here - could make a nice hat or cowl for someone.

My reading continues as it has...for some weeks.  I confess to be growing a bit weary of The Love Songs of W. E. B. Du Bois.  Don't get me wrong...the writing is so good and the story heartbreaking and compelling.  But, I'm finding it easy to put down and do something else.  I do think the book doesn't need to be as long as it could have been edited down a bit (personal opinion).  I have under 200 pages left, so I'm on the finishing track!  I also continue to read The Shipping News at night after I crawl into bed.  As Kat has said, what a bunch of quirky characters!  And, I continue to be amazed that I don't remember a thing about this book!

One afternoon this past week I listened to The Book Store Sisters by Alice Hoffman.  A quick listen - just over an hour.  It was ok - not fabulous, but it was nice to have something to listen to while I worked on my stitching.  I'm glad I didn't pay for the audio book!

Last up, my African Violet continues to thrive on my kitchen windowsill.  It is covered in an amazing number of buds!

Thanks for all your well wishes, thoughts, prayers, etc. for Leslie.  We texted back and forth yesterday as she was being served her various "cocktails."  She texted later (at home) two down and four to go, so she is a third of the way through this horrible ordeal.  Cheers to that and cheers to being at the mid-way point of the week.  Hope your week is going well.


  1. I'm glad your pi yarn has arrived! The minis are lovely, too. I've had the same thoughts as you while reading The Shipping News; I remembered one specific event in it from my first read, but I haven't gotten to it yet, so it must be at the very end of the book because I have less than 100 pages left to go!

  2. I really like those socks and have even looked for some of that Trekking yarn but couldn't find it. And the pi yarn is lovely, too. Fletch is a lucky man! Your violet knows that it is almost spring and is putting on a real show!

  3. Ditto Bonny... I searched for that Trekking yarn also, but had no luck! It is such a nice color/stripe combination!

    I got those mini's too... I am thinking they will make their way into the Gnome Yarn Bag! lol!

  4. Such a lovely - happy - violet, Vera! I love them so . . . but don't seem able to grow them for myself. Thanks for sharing yours! And that yarn! What gorgeous colors. :-) I felt that way about Love Songs now and then, too. It was . . . really long. I think it helped me that I was both listening AND reading with my eyes. I could alternate -- and keep up with the reading even when I was doing something else.

  5. Such sweet little minis! I heard the wind howling last night too and wondered why we didn't get a wind advisory. I guess this one snuck up on us.

  6. your socks are almost done! yay! love the minis, I find that they are such a creative burst to knitting because anything goes.

  7. Oh boy, that is really some lovely new yarn!!

  8. I'm glad to hear that Leslie is doing well so far. I'll continue to pray for her. You've gotten some gorgeous yarn and your socks are almost done! Yippee!
    I'm on the third Christmas stocking and then I think I'm going to put the nine-patch blanket together that I've been working on for several years. I hope I have enough squares for a nice size throw.
    Have a great day Vera.

  9. Socks are looking good. Love the new yarn. Your violet is very happy!

  10. Is Fletch's yarn the one you will work on when we meet up? It is very handsome.

    Send my good wishes to Leslie and to Carol too.

  11. I do think Love Songs could have been a bit shorter but by the time I was at the point that you're at now I just couldn't put it down. That African violet is stunning!

  12. What a pretty African Violet. They remind me of my Gram who had a window full of them. I missed the Fibernymph Newsletter about the Pi color. By the time I got there, the Bounce was sold out. Well another time. I wasn't sure I wanted to try the BFL so I ordered spinning fiber instead. It's not like I don't have sock yarn. Hooray for an almost finished pair of socks. That is a fun colorway too.

  13. My mom had healthy African Violets and loved them.

    My SIL had two types of cancer and treatment for one would be dangerous because of the other. A nightmare. Prayers and hope for your friend.