Monday, March 20, 2023

Weekending 3/20/23

 Good Morning!

First of all, Happy Birthday to my Mom who would be 104 today!!  And Happy First Day of Spring.  Yay!!  Even though it is in the low 20's here.  Yesterday was horribly windy (again) and the thermometer never got above freezing.  But, Friday was mild and I discovered a bunch of blooms!

These smaller daffodils are always the first to bloom and it is always a surprise to me because they are all along the north side of the house.

Again, Friday was mild enough that we had the first fire of the year in our fire pit!!  

You can see our arbor lights at the edge of our woods are on.  They are solar lights and Friday was pretty sunny.  The shiny thing on the other side of Fletch is a thistle feeder hanging in the apple tree.  Within about 40 minutes we started to feel a few drops of rain, but we lasted out there just about an hour and it was so nice to get back into a backyard fire.

Saturday morning found me meeting up with Dee as usual for some chatting, knitting and sipping.  I had to cut our visit a little short because Fletch and I had plans for the afternoon.  Years ago Fletch became friends with a local (movie) director and used to help out on sets, etc.  One day John asked him to be in one of the movies he was filming.  Fast forward to now and John had the premier of the movie on Saturday.  I joked with Dee that I needed to go home and find a gown to wear...and the only gowns I own are nightgowns.  LOL

Anyway, we went to the premier which was fun.  The movie is about an ex-boxer who is just out of prison and starting his life over and is told a champion wants to fight him.  Of course they fight and of course the ex-boxer wins (and gets a boat load of money and hooks up with his parole officer - which makes no sense whatsoever).  I did not particularly care for the movie but it was fun to see the scene that Fletch was in.  The audio was horrible though and I had a hard time hearing most of the actors (Fletch was audible though!).  A fun and different way to spend an afternoon.

The premier was held at the Norristown Public Library and a display case in front of the library entrance had some beautiful ceramic pieces from the local high school.

Love this trio of kitty boxes.

Sorry for the glare - difficult to get good pics.

Interesting teapots!

Some of these high school kids are very talented.

Despite the wind, Fletch spent some time outside and radish seeds have now been planted.  He counted 47 garlic shoots coming up (47 out of 50 planted)!!  Inside, the sungold cherry tomato seeds have sprouted.

So, even though the temps are chilly, Spring is emerging and that is an encouraging and wonderful thing!

I'm hoping for an easy start to the work week.  And, wishing you all a wonderful Monday!


  1. Happy spring to you! It's so exciting to see seeds starting to sprout. I've seen lots of daffodils blooming in the neighborhood, and the ones in our driveway looked like they'd be blooming in a couple of days.

  2. What fun to attend a movie premiere! :-) And I love the ceramic exhibition. Our library has local art on exhibit all the time, and I just love to take a peek at the latest installation whenever I stop by. And celebrating spring with seed-planting (especially when it doesn't FEEL like spring) is always a great idea. Because . . . spring IS coming. XO

  3. what a fun weekend! I've never done a premier of anything so it sounds like super fun regardless of gown/no gown :)

  4. Attending a movie premiere does make for a fun and different weekend, especially a movie that Fletch is in! I also like the ceramics exhibition, especially the kitty boxes. I will think about putting my gown on when I put my nightgown on tonight!

  5. What fun is right! Although I confess to some laughter at the gown choices you have! LOL

    I love the artwork exhibit! Students are so creative! Thanks for sharing!

  6. So you're married to an actor now and went to a premiere. Good heavens, you lead an exciting life! Mine got a bit more thrilling just knowing you virtually.

    I'm jealous of your daffodils. Ours got stunted for a while since we had another visit of winter weather and temperatures. Typical NE Ohio in March, but I was hoping against hope since we had been having a very Atypical winter thus far.

    Those cat ceramics are charming. I love looking at student work. They often exhibit at the local community college gallery nearby; I need to drop in and take a look.

  7. Oh - how fun to be part of a movie - even a bad one! Lol.

    You know I LOVE those kitty boxes ! Too cute

  8. Happy spring! What is it like being married to a movie star? Did anyone recognize him at the screening?

  9. Friends, fashion, fame, fire - you had a memorable weekend! The flowers look great on your table.

  10. How fun that must have been to see Fletch on the big screen! And the rest of your weekend sounds lovely, too. Happy Birthday to your mom, I hope you have wonderful memories of past birthdays with her to get you through the day.

  11. I'm so glad to see blooms making their way north! and smiling that the photos from Fletch's premier are of the lobby display :-)

  12. High school kids? Seriously? I am so impressed. I spent a lot of time in the ceramic building when I was in college and I didn't make anything that looked as good as any of that.

  13. you are just chocked full of interesting times--nice to have a sit and knit time with Dee; the movie sounds like a blast! The ceramics at the library is very encouraging to see. Spring came in very chilly here, too!

  14. It sounds like you had a wonderful and fun weekend. Fun times galore! We had a beautifully warm day here today after a frigid week of below zero last week. We actually had the balcony door open and had Zoey's bed on the deck so she could lay in the sunshine It was SO welcome!

  15. Sounds like a fun weekend!n I love those kitty ceramics, they are so cute.

  16. What a fun weekend. I love the ceramic teapots. And hooray for daffodils. The fox dug up my little daffodil bed and nothing is coming up in that spot. Drat!