Thursday, March 30, 2023

A Walk and Some Food!

 Good Morning All,

Another bright, sun-shiny day here, though on the chilly side (below feezing this a.m.).  My trip to the office yesterday was fruitless.  One of my bosses, Bruce, had asked if I would come in to the office - that he would be there on Wednesday.  I agreed.  He never showed!  When I emailed him indicating I was at the office and he wasn't, he called me and apologized...saying he should have let me know that he was not coming in.  Well yeah brother!  Oh well, I did want to go to Trader Joe's anyway and that is right around the corner from my office.  Being Wednesday, I saw a few folks - accounting people usually are in on Wednesday, so it was nice to catch up with some of them.  But you can bet I did not linger at the office!  LOL

It was a gorgeous day, so I decided to take a walk after lunch.  Oaks was my destination - the trail there which runs alongside the Perkiomen Creek and then the Schuylkill River is paved and with our recent rain I knew my other favorite trails would be a bit mucky.  Just look at this beautiful blue sky:

Another pretty Sycamore tree.  Obviously not like the one I saw on Saturday, but still very pretty.

I know I've shown you all a picture like this in the past, but it has been a long time since I scampered off the trail and down to the creek where I can see these roots.  They fascinate me and I think they are beautiful.  I imagine all the little creatures having homes in there!

Luckily I saw no snakes (even though it was a warm day) and unfortunately I did not see any birds or other wildlife.  But, it felt great to get out.  I am babying my back a bit and walked slower than normal, but still managed to walk 2.5 miles.

On the food side of things, I cooked another new-to-us dish this week and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Naturally I forgot to take pictures of my "Southwest Ground Beef and Sweet Potato Skillet" dish, but THIS is the recipe I used and it is a keeper.  Bonus - leftovers!

Mabel is still limping occasionally, but she is running and walking normally too...we will continue to keep our eye on her.  Thanks to you all for the healing wishes for our girl!

I'm hoping it warms up a bit as I'd like to get out for a walk again today.  Hope your Thursday is a great one!


  1. It was a lovely day yesterday, and warm enough that I was able to take some of my plants outside to water and prune them. I even saw a bee so I ran inside to get my lime tree. It's blooming and I hope the bee will fertilize some of the blossoms so I get fruit. Today is supposed to be cooler but I hope you get a walk in later!

  2. We had a cold and rainy day yesterday. The temperature dropped rapidly by 15 degrees in only a couple of hours. Not a nice day for much of anything outdoors. I hope for a nicer day today so I can get a good walk in.

    Thanks for the link; that recipe looks like something we'd enjoy and it would take us out of a bit of a rut. I think I'll skimp on the beef a bit and bump up the sweet potato.

  3. Well that was a bummer. Driving in to work and the purpose of going in decided not to show up! At least it was salvaged with a trip to Trader Joe's. I haven't been to the one here in months. In Spokane we finally got one pretty close to us just a few years before we moved. But I enjoyed it while I could! It's quite a ways from the apartment so I don't go often now.

  4. Good to hear that Mabel is on the mend. I like the photo of the exposed tree roots - uniquely beautiful.

  5. that recipe looks good! Sometimes its hard to find weet potato recipes (other than fries) that aren't very Thanksgiving-esque.

  6. was a cold morning. I'm hoping for a warm up too so I can get Pup out. Her energy level seems to have returned and she's driving me crazy anymore.

  7. That was not very nice of him to neglect to tell you he wasn't coming in! At least you made the most of being there and didn't have to stick around too long, and I'm glad you were able to fit in a walk and some time outside. Fresh air and sunshine are the best!

  8. The walk had to be wonderful--it does you a world of good to be outside! Bonus not to see any snakes! lol

  9. so glad that Mabel is okay! lovely photos!