Monday, April 3, 2023

Weekending 4/3/23

 Good Morning!

Another chilly start to the day - it's only in the 20's, but there are signs of Spring!  More of those later, but how was your weekend?  Ours was good.  Dee came down with a nasty bug of some kind last week, so we did not get together on Saturday.  I missed our time together, but was glad not to be exposed to anything.  Hope you are feeling much, much better Dee.

Becaue I know you all have inquiring minds - lol - here is the Mabel update.  She is fine.  And no, we did not last 5 days with her inside.  We lasted about 48 hours!  Saturday morning was pretty miserable weather-wise.  It poured rain, but it was mild (60's).  Late afternoon the sun came out and Fletch and I decided to sit outside and enjoy the afternoon.  Mabel made it pretty clear she needed to be out as well.  We had not noticed her limping or hopping, so decided to let her out.  She was running around as crazy as ever and not favoring that paw, so I guess all is ok.  We are keeping her in at night and are continuing to pay attention to how she is walking, but all seems good.

The weather turned again - abruptly - just after dinner.  The winds picked up and a rather large and noisy thunderstorm moved in.  Multiple flashes of lightening and very loud thunder.  The winds were howling ALL night.  Turns out we were close (maybe in) a tornado watch area and one actually touched down about 7 miles from where my friend Carol lives.  Particularly frightening since she lives in a mobile home.

Before the weather turned nasty and while Fletch and I were outside on Saturday I saw some signs of Spring!

Our redbud tree.  If you look closely (or click to enlarge) you will see the beginnings of red buds on the branches.  It won't be long before it is in full glory (and we may miss it since we leave on vacatioin next Saturday).

Garlic shoots!  Waiting impatiently for scapes.  I think Fletch said that 47 or 48 came up (out of 50 planted)

Rhubarb starting to thrive in the new season!  (The tomato cages are just resting there - Fletch was clearing the debris and turning soil where tomatoes and other things will be planted.)

A hyacinth!  My Dad used to bring us a potted plant every Easter - usually it was a hyacinth.  We planted them all over the property - some out front by our mailbox, some at the edge of the patio, some further out in the yard in other beds.  It's fun to see them come up each and every year and brings back such fond memories of my Dad.

As mentioned above, we leave for vacation next Saturday.  Over the weekend I managed to put away the wool sweaters and bring out warmer weather tops and shorts.  We will be heading South, so I wanted to be sure I could pack some warm weather clothes.

Even though I am now on FTO instead of PTO and there are no "holidays" per se, my office (corporate office) is still observing that holidays we have had in the past.  So, this is a 4 day work week for me!  Woo-Hoo.  I have Friday off for Spring Observance (really Good Friday, but we are not supposed to say that).  Then I will be off all the following week plus the Monday after.

I've got a conference call at 10 and have some errands to run.  Otherwise it should be an easy day (fingers crossed).  Here's hoping your Monday is off to a great start!


  1. I'm glad to hear Mabel is back to her usual active self! I had a feeling she'd be outside soon.

    We're having some ups and downs with temperatures here, but things are really blooming! I saw some buds on a redbud yesterday, and several houses had some fully bloomed hyacinths (ours still haven't made an appearance).

  2. I'm glad Mabel is doing well -- and that you have such lovely signs of spring in your corner of the world. It's so nice that you have "your Dad's" hyacinths in your garden, Vera. I have some early tulips that hitchhiked into my garden from my mom (the bulbs apparently came along with some hostas she dug up and gave me years ago). I especially love having these tulips pop up every spring. It's like my mom . . . stopping by to say hi. :-)

  3. I was wondering if the vet said five days and thought to himself that you would be lucky to make it two days! I'm glad Mabel is doing better. Our neighbor planted a redbud right on the property line but it's the side of the house I rarely see, so I need to get out to take a look at buds. I have some mini daffodils from my mother planted by the side door, and I often say hi when I come in. :-)

  4. I wish I had a redbud in our yard but every time we go to buy one they are sold out. I have got to quit looking for them and then they will appear on sale.

  5. I love the redbud... thank you for sharing yours! And I love that hyacinth... and your thoughts about your dad!

    But I am so very happy that Miss Mabel is mended! YAY!

  6. So glad that Miss Mabel is back to her old self. Hopefully, she will be more careful and avoid what hurt her in the first place.

    We've had so much up and down weather here in NEO, but it hasn't delayed Spring at all. She has stayed right on track, and the magnolias are certainly going to burst forth this week. I might even get some of my pink-centred daffodils, too. The yellow and mini ones are already blooming in the neighborhood.

    As is Custom here, however, our snow shovels will remain at our back door until at least the end of the month. Everyone knows not to tempt the Snow Gods.

  7. I'm glad to hear that Mabel is running and playing and back to her antics!

  8. Here's hoping the day unfolds wrinkle free! Despite the bad weather-Spring is finally coming!

  9. I'm happy to hear Mabel is on the mend. That weekend weather was crazy. Not as bad as they are having down south. This spring has been as weird as this winter. My grandkids are on vacation in CO and they are having a snowstorm. Crazy.

  10. Redbud is one of my favorites. (Haha, every flowering tree is a favorite!) My rhubarb is JUST starting to emerge -- it'll grow fast! Nice enough this afternoon that I had the door open at work for a while.

  11. I love that the plants your Dad gave continue to grow and bloom, keeping his love and memories alive. Happy to hear that Mabel is walking much better.

  12. Glad Miss Mabel is feeling better and can get outside.

    If you aren't too busy and want to get together Friday morning, let me know. I'm SURE I'll be fine by then.

  13. Look at the green plants and shoots coming up. Hip Hip Hooray. How wonderful that you have plants around the yard that remind you of your Dad. I need to check the rhubarb. My plan last fall was to replace it this Spring.

  14. I didn't think you would last an entire five days of Mabel inside. lol She loves the outdoors too much. Zoey's favorite spot these days is in her bed laying on the balcony and watching over her domain.
    We had some wild weather just east of us this weekend too. Tornado warnings all over Iowa. We seem to be sitting right on the line of where the cold and the warm air meets. We've miss out on the the severe storms, thank goodness, but we have friends that have been affected. We've been told that the weather service expects to have more severe weather than normal this year. Not good. At least we have a storm shelter just one floor below us and it's virtually under our apartment so it wouldn't take long to get to it.
    Take care Vera.