Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Tiny Needle Tuesday 4/25/23

 Hey There!  Good Morning!

While heating the milk I had frothed for my coffee a few minutes ago I looked out back and saw 3 deer - the first that I have seen in weeks!  They probably sniffed out that we bought new plants and are looking to sample them.  BUT, they are out of luck!  Anything new that Fletch put in the ground (or the herbs in my pots for the patio) is covered and plants not yet in the ground were brought inside last night.  Yup - we had a freeze warning.  When I came downstairs to let Mabel out at 5 a.m. I looked at my phone and it was 34 degrees at that point.  I crawled back into bed with an extra blanket!

After not stitching for around 2 weeks (!!) (I had packed my stitching for vacation, but never looked at it even once), I finally got back to putting a few threads in fabric on Friday.  An additional motif, some more gold at the bottom and a bit more on the spotted stag has been done.

It's coming along.  There is still quite a bit to be filled in on the stag and the gold at the bottom is an endless stitch!  There are a couple more birds to be stitched - they will be above the stag and under the other motifs.  I'm still enjoying this, but will definitely be happy when it is finished.

I have picked out my next piece (I think - always subject to change) and I ordered and received the bag to embroider just like Kym is doing and I am looking forward to starting that as well.  But all in good time.

The lilacs I had picked/cut the other day drooped quickly (they always do - does anyone have a suggestion for keeping them looking good for longer than 24 hours?), so I cut a few of the Lily of the Valley that are just beginning to open.

Anyone remember Muguet des Bois?  I wore that perfume in my early teens!

I also did a bit of cooking yesterday morning.  I've been wanting to replicate a salad I had while on vacation that was divine.  It is the Nomad Salad from the restaurant in Hillsborough, NC by the same name.  If you Google recipes for nomad salad, most have grains - either cous cous or farro or quinoa, but the salad I had did not have any grains.  It is simply kale, brussels sprouts, roasted beet, strawberries, crunchy chickpeas and a lemon garlic vinagrette.  It also calls for goat cheese, but I had mine with no cheese and I did add tofu (for protein).  

First I made the crunchy chickpeas which came out ok.  They were good in the salad, but over time they are not as crunchy.  I probably won't bother again.  Next I made the crunchy tofu using This Recipe at Kym's suggestion.  WOW!  The tofu turned out perfectly!

Crunchy on the outside and pillow-like soft inside.  Delicious!

For my salad I subbed some purple cabbage for the brussels sprouts (because that's what I had).  I also added some pepitas.  The vinagrette was simple:  the juice of half a lemon, some minced garlic, some EVOO, a small spoon of Dijon mustard and a splash of Maple Syrup - whisked all together and then mixed into the salad.

Fletch had some for lunch (sans tofu) and loved it.  I ate the rest with the tofu added.  So tasty, filling, and good for you!

Then I made a new-to-me beef stew for dinner which was just ok (no pics and I won't bother sharing the recipe).  Lots of leftovers - some in the frig and a lot in the freezer.  The stew recipe did not call for the usual veggies I put in stew (potatoes, carrots, onion, celery) - just roasted peppers.  So, I roasted the other veggies in the oven and they were wonderful.

Not sure what is on the menu tonight - we go grocery shopping later today, so I will figure something out!

The temp is now up to 37 according to my computer and the sun is up.  I see blue sky through the trees outside my office window.  Wishing you all a beautiful Tuesday - enjoy!


  1. Your sampler looks great, but I can see how endless that gold is. Just keep chanting "I am No. 1 at stitching this never-ending gold!" With two recommendations for crispy tofu, I may have to try it someday. (But it might be a day when John isn't around for dinner.) Hope you have a good Tuesday!

  2. I'm so glad you liked the tofu! I think it's fabulous (and so easy, too) prepared that way. I love your lilies of the valley . . . and mygod it's snowing here. (I just can't . . )

  3. Your sampler is looking so good! And I am laughing at Bonny's stitch chant!

    I need to try that tofu recipe...and in a salad might just be perfect! Steve might even think they were croutons! HA!

  4. We're back to November here! Freezes and highs struggling to reach the upper forties or fifty. At least we're getting some sun today.

    I think I'l skip your salad; it's full of lots of things we dislike. I'm glad you enjoyed it, though.

  5. You are the never-ending-gold Little Engine That Could.

    The salad sounds good.

  6. Your project is really coming together! It's certainly well populated with interesting things. I always have a freezer full of tofu. I love it. I make The Mister eat it at least once a week and he's grown to like it.
    I have lily of the valley out back and never thought to go check on it. I'm cutting the grass to today so I'll have to go take a look and see if they are doing their thing. I hate to think I missed it. I always look forward to them. They really are the last things to bloom around here until the hosta flowers pop up-if the deer don't eat them first.

  7. Your project is coming along great! I love all of the different motifs and symbols. Choosing a new project is always fun though. I finished a baby blanket Sunday night and started a new one yesterday!
    Your salad looks good. All of our Japanese kids who lived with us tried to convert me to tofu, but I don't like it at all. Although, crunchy has never been really crunchy to me. :-)
    I really love the smell of lilacs but they don't stay fresh nearly long enough. I wish I had the answer in keeping them fresh longer.

  8. Yeah I think I need to order that bag too.

  9. Great stitching this week: the sampler is coming together nicely. I wish lilacs lasted longer once cut, but they never do.

  10. Dave and I went out to grab a burger last night and coming home we saw about 25 deer (several small groups in different fields). Four of them were super close to the road. I wish I'd had my camera, I would have stopped and tried to get a few pics.

    Im jealous that you have lilacs and lily-of-the-valley already. My lilac is just starting to get buds - and most of them are leaf buds. But my LotV is still just tiny shoots.

  11. that is a chilly start to the day--hope you enjoyed the sunshine later on! The stitching is coming along--I can just imagine how good the Lily of the Valley blooms smell!

  12. yummy foods! You know if you did not pack the stitching then you would have had plenty of idle time wishing you packed it!! That's what happens to me.

  13. That tofu recipe has been in regular rotation at my house since Kym shared it (though I just do oil and cornstarch, and I'm the only one who eats it). The salad you made sounds delicious! I want to try to recreate a salad from a local place -- it's all shaved Brussels sprouts with slivered apple tossed in a lemon vinaigrette.

  14. Lily of the Valley remind me of a good friend of mine who died two years ago. She loved them and always brought me a small bouquet. The salad sounds great. I like roasted chick-peas and often keep them around but you are right after awhile they lose their crunch.

  15. Oh there's that kale again. We did instant pot stew, our usual. You're getting closer to a finish and I can understand looking forward to that. I do with each project, especially if all motifs. And yep, PA is cold. I want to start plants but haven't yet. We cut the bottom off plastic gallon milk or tea jugs and use as a greenhouse over each plant. Lid on at night and removed in morning.

  16. I wish Rusty hadn't ruined tofu for me years ago... I avoid it like the plague! Maybe I should bite the bullet, take control, and try a recipe that I know others have had success with!! haha.