Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Unraveled Wednesday 4/5/23

 Good Morning!

Once again I am a bit groggy!  I was up at 5:30 a.m. to let Mable out (of course) and went back to bed.  Normally I don't fall asleep after letting her highness out, but I will rest for 30 or 45 minutes before getting up.  This morning?  I did fall back asleep until 7:45 a.m.!  And, I went to bed early last night.  Guess that once again I needed the sleep.  Anyway, I'm moving slowly and just sipping my first cup of coffee.  Fortunately work email is quiet.

Yesterday I ended up walking along the trail that runs between the canal and the Schuylkill River.  One of my favorite spots to walk.  I did not see any blue herons, but everywhere there was a branch sticking out of the canal water, there were turtles basking in the sun.

Little ones and big ones all lined up

Fitzwater Station, a bar/pub/restaurant along the canal was doing a brisk business on their deck.  They also rent canoes and kayaks.  Though I did not see anyone on the water, the boats were all lined up ready for use.

So pretty!  I love the yellow and red together.  (see below - looks like my new sock start - lol)  Cheerful.

I only walked 1.5 miles.  It was HOT (my car thermometer was reading 77) and I was in jeans - I should have switched to capri leggings before I left the house.  And, it was buggy!  Lots and lots of flying insects around and many of them were landing on my hands and arms as well as my face.

Most likely I will not get out today.  I'm starting to ramp up for vacation.  Today I am doing a final load (or loads as the case may be) of laundry before we take off and I want to start organizing stuff to pack.  It's pretty cloudy and damp outside anyway.  I haven't looked, but rain may be in the forecast.

Meanwhile, it's time to link up with Kat and her Merry Band of Unravelers to talk Making and Reading.  As I posted earlier in the week, the Pi Socks are finished.  Fletch has worn them (and they are in the pile of laundry to be washed today - lol) and loves them!  They fit him perfectly.  Naturally I had to cast on for another pair immediately!

Another plain sock and this one may be for me...not sure.  The yarn is from West Yorkshire Spinners and the colourway is "Goldfinch."  There are lovely pops of yellow and red making this a fun sock to knit.  There are 15 rows of ribbing and so far 70 rows on the leg.  Next up is the heel flap and turn.  This yarn will go on vacation with me and hopefully sock #1 and #2 will both be completed.  I also have another skein of yarn in the bag to cast on a new pair.

On the reading side of life - you can see what I am reading above.  Trespasses by Louise Kennedy which just happens to be the next Read With Us selection.  We will be discussing this book in June.  I had no difficulty getting it from my library and so far (a little over 100 pages in), it is a very good read.  This should make for a lively RWU Zoom discussion.

I did finish Unraveling by Peggy Orenstein and I highly recommend this book.  It was an interesting read.  Her chapters on dyeing and the color blue were particularly interesting.  Did you know that eons ago languages did not have a word for "blue?"  Then Colin told me that there is no word in Chinese for the color orange.  This fascinates me.  Anyway, the book is so much more than just about Peggy learning to shear a sheep, dye the wool and make a sweater.

Fletch and I started listening to Words of Mercury by Patrick Leigh Fermor.  Back in the 30's Fermor took off on a long walk...wandering from the Hook of Holland to Constantinople!  What a time to be wandering through Europe!  We had read two of his travel memoir books years ago and thoroughly enjoyed them.  "Words of Mercury" contains his writing from varied sources.  Some from the two books we have read, but other chapters are from other books.  The narrator is perfect!

Well, this has turned into a lengthy post.  Thanks for sticking with me!  I'll leave you with a partial shot of my kitchen windowsill looking out back.  The African Violet continues to bloom like crazy!  And is joined by a couple of daffodils that were leaning over and needed to be rescued from the ground!


  1. I would love to see turtles lined up on my walk, but I thank you for sharing your turtles. Your next sock looks great and you are fairly far along. Good thing you're taking another skein of yarn, just in case! That violet is amazing. I might need to get one for my windowsill and see if it can perform even half as well.

  2. Your African violet is so pretty. I'm looking out the window... and things are greening up!!

  3. today is going to be 83 (the world is ending). Why oh why can't we have 60-70 for a month or two? Love your knitting and I hope to get back to a second sock and complete a pair.

  4. It's going to be even hotter today. Thank goodness I get to power wash the deck and the backside of the house which is on the north side today. Yesterday was brutal as I also had to be covered in my bug gear to keep from getting eaten alive.
    I do love the colorway on that sock. I've got a thing about red and yellow socks. They are always the first ones I pick out of my immense sock drawer. I won't be needing wool socks today that's for sure. 83 degrees? In April? Argh....

  5. I love a long post! impressed by the progress you've already made on your new socks. and thank you for the book recommendations. I really enjoyed Trespasses a few months back - it's going to be great to discuss!

  6. Love the beaded kitty on your windowsill ❤️ The new sock yarn is pretty. I don’t think I have any red or yellow yarn in my stash, but you’ve prompted me to look.

  7. It's quite warm and a bit muggy out here today -- and I actually saw some bees when I was out on my run! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Unraveling and are enjoying Trespasses. Trespasses is up next for me.

    With the progress you've already made on the new socks, I think you might want to stick another skein in your bag for your trip!

  8. I love those socks! I also tend to love West Yorkshire Spinners yarn!

  9. That restaurant on the river reminds me of the Netflix series Virgin River. I saw my first great blue heron this morning as I was leaving for work, I'm so glad they are back!

  10. Wow! You are already far along on the new sock.

    The window sill looks cheery with the violet, daffodils, and the beaded kitty.

  11. Our weather has been much the same, almost too warm one day and then cold the next. I like to knit with West Yorkshire Spinners sock yarn. It's sturdy, pretty, and has a generous yardage. The price point is good too. I predict you are going to need that extra skein of yarn for another pair of socks on vacation.

  12. I love those turtles all basking in the sun! Thank you for bringing your walk back to us! :)

    I finished my Pi Socks yesterday! Wooo! I settled myself back on Sleeve Island to finish my sweater!

  13. While we haven't had weather nearly that warm yet, it did get up into the 60s yesterday - which felt tropical! - until some huge thunderstorms came through and got things back into a more spring-like (ha!) 30s. It's that push-and-pull of spring in the north . . . Your windowsill looks so charming, Vera. I love your view -- and your collection of vases! XO

  14. Turtles already! Ours at the lake haven't woken up yet.
    I love the colourway of that yarn and can't wait to see how it knits up.

  15. Lovely new socks!!!! The weather turned hot fast! The bugs adjust quickest, unfortunately! lol