Friday, April 21, 2023

A Finish and a Walk

 Good Morning All,

As predicted, the Goldfinch socks were finished Wednesday.  I love how they turned out.

Who read the MDK post/letter the other day and saw the Shakerag Skirt that Nell Ziroli has designed?  Well, I sort of jumped on that bandwagon and bought the pattern right away.  Trying to pick a color is the hard part.

Meanwhile yesterday was a beautiful day.  Fletch and I went to our local/favorite greenhouse in the morning and picked up a few things.  We were a bit early for everything we wanted - they had not yet put out snapdragons, jalapenos or basil.  But, we managed to find a few things to get.

I really wanted to take a walk, but my back was bothering me, so I opted for a short one - out to the magnificent sycamore and then on to the ruins of Pawling's Farm.

The air was filled with the perfume from many, many wisteria.  Ambrosia!!

And there were bluebells blooming!!  Love this shade of blue.

Today is a bit overcast - rain is expected by some time tomorrow.  I've got a busy morning with two conference calls, but by lunch I will consider the weekend started.  Wishing you all a wonderful one - enjoy!


  1. Fantastic socks! Those WYS yarns always deliver. We are also expecting rain by late today (along with another drop in temperature), but today is supposed to be warm and sunny. I am hoping that work is quiet so that I can feel like I have an early start to the weekend, too! Hope yours is a good one!

  2. hope your back feels better soon! love the socks!! I am looking forward to a weekend of relaxation :)

  3. I love that skirt, Vera! I'm tempted to knit one along with you . . . And my Virginia Bluebells are just about to bloom. (I'm so excited.) XO

  4. Ugh, I hope your back is better soon! Those socks are just great!

    I, too, saw that skirt and it is rumbling around my brain. I might join you... once we are back from Erie!

  5. Your socks look great! I'm sure you'll cast on something new soon. Here's hoping your back feels better and you get started early on a great weekend!

  6. Wisteria! That tree! Those would be reaffirming sights. The socks are a triumph. I hope your back eases soon and that you are soon back to feeling tiptop.

  7. That skirt is really interesting.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...wisteria. I think that is my favorite spring flower and sadly, the ones around here were torn down. They were over where they are building the new apartments. :-( See you tomorrow.

  8. I love those socks. Congrats on the finish!
    The Mister just asked me if anyone ever knits skirts and I said they do but not too often. That's a very pretty one.

  9. Love those socks--may need to get that yarn for a pair for Tim--he likes those colors. In answer to your blog question yesterday--the woven squares can be easily seamed together--I'm going to do a bunch for a shawl for me. I finished a second one and will sew the two I have together so you can see. :-)

  10. Fantastic socks!

    I always wanted to knit a skirt, but I only look good in certain types of skirts... and never could find a pattern I liked!

  11. Ah, wisteria and bluebells. Two of my favorites. Those socks turned out perfectly matched. WYS is great yarn for matching like that. If I could only lose weight and be able to wear knitted skirts and other clothing like it again.
    I think our rain has finally reached you but now it's cold and cloudy.
    Take care.

  12. How beautiful to see the wisteria!!! The new socks are so pretty!

  13. I’m visiting my sister in Colorado this week, and this morning we woke to snow. It’s been dreary all day. Love your socks!

  14. What beautiful photos. I picked up some wisteria seeds on a recent walk. I wonder if I really want it to grow in my yard though.