Monday, April 24, 2023

Weekending 4/24/23

 Good Morning!

Fickle Spring...after soaring temps (into the 80's), like so many of you, it is chilly here this morning.  Chilly enough that I nudged the heat on.  Even in a sweatshirt, I am feeling the nip inside and my hands are cold as I type.  Grrrrr

Oh well, nothing I can do about it.  This roller coaster weather seems to be good for some things though.  The lilac outside my front office window has more blooms than ever!  I've been cutting some to bring inside and I wish you could catch a whiff of the perfume through your computer.  Just heavenly.

And our Iris are getting ready to bloom.  After some very spotty years where we only had a couple of blooms, they are back in force this year.  Within a couple of days I should be cutting some of those too.

How was your weekend?  Mine was very nice.  After missing my get together with Dee while we were on vacation, the two of us met up again Saturday morning.  It was so nice to sit and sip and chat together while we worked on our knitting (both of us knitting on socks).  I feel so fortunate that Dee lives close by and that we can get together regularly.

Yesterday Fletch and I headed out to get some more plants since our local greenhouse had not had so many things out yet.  We headed to Otts Nursery in Schwenksville and boy were they busy!  It's a fun and wonderful place to wander around.  Fletch picked out some red romaine, I found several types of basil and they had snapdragons too.  We could not resist some new houseplants as well.

A Flaming Sword Bromeliad - if you click to enlarge you can see the yellow beginning to emerge in the bloom.  This is fabulous!

And a lemon cyprus!  This has the prettiest foliage and when you brush against it, you can get a scent of lemon.  We will prune this to keep it on the small side, but we just could not resist it!

Fletch has already planted the basil for me in a pot that will stay by the patio - within easy reach when I am cooking.

I made Brunswick Stew and cornbread for dinner.  It was chilly enough to be a perfect night for that.  Later in the evening we settled in to watch Bob Dylan - Live in Newport 1963 - 1965 which we both enjoyed a lot (could have done without all the fundraising breaks though).  Of course, Dylan looked to be about 15 in some of those early shots!

Now it's back to Monday and the start of another work week - the last one in April and we will be a third of the way through the year!  That does not seem possible.

Hope your weekend was a good one and cheers to the week ahead!


  1. What lovely new houseplants, Vera! I always find indoor gardening to be a good diversion while waiting for spring to make up its mind!!! (It was actually snowing here this morning. But not enough to stick. Thank goodness.) XO

  2. It feels a bit wintry here, too, and I had to switch off the AC and turn the heat back on. Yesterday afternoon it felt more like October than April! I'm hoping this is the last blast of cold and we can get back to spring soon. I want to get my garden in, but I'm waiting until after the freeze warnings pass. Love your new plant additions!

  3. I wish Ott's was closer! Someday I'm going to make the trip but 90 min. is pretty far to go for plants. Now if they also had yarn and books ... :-)
    Your bromeliad is quite distinctive and I love scented plants, so the lemon cypress will be wonderful. Happy Monday!

  4. Oooo! I love the new plants, Vera! (and I really wish I was closer to join you and Dee for sips and stitches!)

    We have the heat on here... it dipped below freezing here again last night, sigh. I have not put the woollies away... yet, and will be packing one or two for our Erie trip later this week. April weather has been so fickle!

  5. is cold today. I packed away all my winter things last week and got out my sun dresses. I am going to have to go dig something out because I am freezing this morning.
    Your lilacs are so pretty. I noticed that the ones in my neighbors yards aren't doing too well this year. I think the roller coaster weather got to them.

  6. I awoke to snow coming down this morning in big, fat, wet flakes. Ugh. This cold will be with us through the first week of May. So annoying.

    Our friend who owns a greenhouse pruned all his basil and saved the clippings for me. I'll be making pesto like it's my fulltime job today. I love that it freezes so well.

    Lilacs are about a week behind you here. At least they were, until this cold snap came through.

  7. I got a lemon cypress at Christmas and it's still going - though I really need to water it more regularly. It does smell nice

  8. I'm so envious of your lilacs! I just planted some basil yesterday in an outdoor pot and we'll see if anything happens. It is supposed to get into the 60s and maybe the 70s here this week--and no rain! Hooray!

  9. Oh, your post is bringing to mind some glorious aromas--lemon and lilacs and basil!!!!

  10. Our weather has been very similar. Dale wanted to light the wood stove yesterday but I said no way and just turned the heat on for a bit. I'm itching to go plant shopping but it's still too early for annuals here.

  11. Nice weekend!! I am ignoring this weird weather, it does not exist. On my walk today I saw little flakes!!

  12. We drove past Ott's on our way to Trappe. Didn't see your car. LOL

    The new plants look pretty. Bromeliads are really popular it seems.

  13. Oh, the green plants warm my heart. What a nice weekend. Basil in a pot beside the door is just the best. Wednesday is senior citizen discount day at two local nurseries so I am going to look for sure.

  14. THis year does seem to be going quickly doesn't it? Your plants are really unusual ones, except the lilacs. -) I do miss my lilac bushes. Apartment living has it's perks but I sure miss some things too.
    It sounds like you had a great weekend. I sure wish I had someone to knit with like you and Dee have each other. I hope you have a great week.