Monday, May 20, 2024

Weekending 5/20/24

Hello and Happy Monday,

Funny how the word "Monday" doesn't quite have the same meaning for me that it used to have.  LOL. In case you all have not figured it out, I am loving retirement!!  And the days/weeks are zipping by.  Here we are at May 20th already!  And another weekend over...hoping yours was a good one.

Fletch and I watched an interesting "nature moment" Friday afternoon.  As usual, we were sitting on the patio enjoying a beverage before making dinner.  There was a blur to the left and Mr. Fox was racing across our neighbor's back yard and into our woods...then across our woods (we could see him through the trees) and then out of sight.  The interesting thing was that a crow was chasing him!  The crow was very noisy.  Mabel had been on our driveway (off to the right), but she came racing to the back door and wanted in.  Smart cat.  I also tried to tell her that the crows are her friends, but I'm not sure she believes that.

Friday night I made a couple of loaves of lemon-walnut bread, planning to take one to our neighbors Rob & Eva.  Saturday morning Rob texted me that they had made focaccia and had saved some for us!  I was out running errands, but once home, Fletch and I walked over to Rob's to trade bread.  While talking with him outside, we saw Mr. Fox again, cross the street from Rob's property and then run between our house and our neighbor's.  There are so many of them (foxes) around!!  Rob also told us that one a young doe is keeping her little fawn safe in his barn!  Hopefully safe.

A shout out to Carole who a few weeks ago shared the recipe she used for little mini chicken pot pies.  I made little mini turkey pot pies on Saturday!

Boy were they good!  I wasn't sure that one would be sufficient for either of us, but it was!  So, we have two left for another dinner this week.  There was also quite a bit of filling left over which I think would be tasty over biscuits or toast or something...or just heated up in a bowl.

Just as our "regular" iris are beginning to wane, our flag iris are beginning to open up.  We have both purple and yellow in our "boggy area" and more yellow by the patio.

The boggy area is also where we have day lilies, but the deer have pretty much destroyed them.  Hoping they will leave the iris alone.

I've got a few errands to run today and am hoping to get a nice walk in.  Tonight Fletch and I are heading over to Colin's for dinner.  Mailing will be in Austin for work, but it will be good to see Colin again.

Here's hoping your week is off to a nice start!


  1. I can't wait for the day when Monday doesn't arrive with some dread! Sounds like it was a lovely weekend -- how nice that you have neighbors you can exchange bread with! I'm also laughing at the visual image of the fox being chased by the crow.

  2. Lemon walnut bread sounds wonderful.

    I told you that you'd be busy in retirement! (And loving it.) What's up with all the foxes in your neighbourhood? Does someone have a henhouse? LOL

  3. Lemon walnut bread does sound amazing, Vera! But that fox and his antics... it sounds like he is very much habituated to being around people. Not good for him or you!

  4. the chicken pot pies look great! As does the lemon walnut bread!!!

  5. It certainly sounds like retirement agrees with you. But I worry about Mabel and that fox. I sure wish she would be content as an indoor cat. Fox are beautiful, but cunning for sure. I'm glad the crows chased him away.
    The breads sound delicious and theose pot pies look wonderful. There must be a lot of good smells coming from your kitchen these days.
    Enjoy your day full of fun and retirement!

  6. I like your bread exchange with the neighbors! I have never used lemon and walnut together but as soon as I'm done typing here, I'm looking up a recipe for lemon walnut bread! I would like some right now but hopefully I'll be enjoying some later today.

  7. Those pot pies look good! I wake up every morning in awe of the fact I don't have to jump up and go to work. Even after 15 years it still amazes me.

  8. I'm so glad to hear you made pot pies and loved them. Isn't it funny how it doesn't look like much of a serving but it really is plenty? It's a win to get two meals out of a recipe, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing more fox stories. Happy RETIRED Monday!

  9. So much nature!!! I love all your photos and hope some day to see Mr. Fox. Still waiting for fawns out west.

  10. Are the fawn and doe the same ones you saw last week, maybe?

  11. Love the fox stories! We never see them in our neighborhood (which backs up on a chain of lakes and a wooded area), although we see a little of everything else. We do see them up north in the woods -- but they are very shy. I knew you'd love retirement, Vera! XO

  12. I love nature moments - out here we get to see the smaller birds dive bombing the hawks

  13. Yum, you always have something delicious at your house. We have a neighborhood fox also. I'm happy that you are enjoying retirement. It sure doesn't take long to get into the swing of not going to work. Ha.