Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Unraveled Wednesday 5/22/24

 Good Morning!

Hoo-Boy was yesterday warm.  Make that HOT (86 by my car's thermometer).  I ended up going to Evansburg State Park to walk after lunch.  I had not walked this particular trail in years (Fletch and I used to walk it a lot).  The access road is now blocked and you have to park at the head of that and walk the sun...over a rough and uneven semi-paved-semi just rocks road.  Not all that pleasant...might be a better spot to walk come the Fall and Winter weather.  I did see some pretty flowers though.

There were not many folks guy walking two small dogs (who had been swimming), one guy fishing and one couple sitting on rocks by the water.  For now (warm weather) I will stick to my other trails, but it was nice to be somewhere different.

Now it's Wednesday and time to meet up with Kat and her Merry Band of Unravelers to talk making and reading.  My knitting has been slow, but steady.  The first shortie sock for my friend Merelyn has been finished and the second one started.

That's a mighty big looking foot!  LOL. The second sock is now at the heel flap.  This is what I will be bringing with me to work on when I meet up with Dee and Bonny tomorrow!

Another 8 rows of pattern have been added to my Fairy Maiden sock.  This is the first one and I sure wish it were going a little faster.  But those cables slow me down.  It is a pretty project though.

And the project that is really exciting me:  my Shakerag Skirt!!!

A bit hard to see the lace pattern here, but it is just so pretty and I absolutely LOVE the color of the yarn (Rowan's Creative Linen in Oasis).  I only have about 5 rows left and then I will be to the point where it will be mindless knitting round and round.  It's hard for me to figure out why I stopped working on this last summer.  The pattern is not all that difficult to memorize.  Yes, the rows are long, but you can get in a rhythm and they just sort of get done.  Anyway, whatever the reason, I'm happy to have picked it up again.

My reading has slowed a little bit.  The books are good, but it is hard to stay awake!  I've read the first three stories in Table for Two by Amor Towles.  Like everyone else, I'm enchanted by Towles' writing.  However, short stories are still not my favorite genre.  

Last night I was so tired (after minimal sleep the prior night and no nap), I went up to bed at 8:30!  Before turning out the light I picked up Musical Tables by Billy Collins.  I picked up this book when we were on vacation with Colin & Mailing and her parents earlier this Spring.  Billy Collins never disappoints.

Fletch and I started listening to Nobody's Fool by Richard Russo.  We've only listened for 3 nights and although I'm enjoying it, Fletch is getting bored.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to find books that are appealing to both of us...

Let me hear/read about what you are making and reading!


  1. I'm so excited to see your skirt! I expect it's a lot easier to focus on now that you're retired and don't have other concerns running through your head all the time (it's amazing how much brain space work can take up). I think you should be able to get through the rest of the lace pretty quickly and then you'll zoom through the stockinette.

    I'm honestly quite amazed that you and Fletch have been able to find so many books that you both enjoy! My husband and I have a lot in common, but books are not among those things. If he reads, it's usually business books -- boring! I'm currently reading Kairos and am planning to start an ARC of Elizabeth Strout's new book soon.

  2. It's been terribly hot here, too, and I'm already sick of it. It's only May! I miss having windows open for spring breezes. Too early for AC!

    I'm reading The Bee Sting by Paul Murray. It's a very long book, but it reads quickly. The narration is rather conversational, and even though the characters are complex, they're not overly quirky. I'm enjoying it.

    I remember when you started the skirt, and I don't recall why you stopped working on it. Another project taking precedence, maybe? You were pretty excited about it then, so maybe your eye surgery? (Wasn't there an eye surgery?)

  3. Oooo! Your skirt is just so lovely, Vera! I really like that color as well! I might need to join you and Bonny in your short sock knit along! Ha!

    I think you and Fletch might enjoy Erik Larson's latest book, The Demon of Unrest. It is about the lead in to the Civil War with lots of Lincoln's letters and thoughts. It is really so very good!

  4. Your socks are looking good and your Shakerag skirt is really beautiful! I agree; it was way too hot yesterday and today looks to be even hotter. But I guess it's summer, and my complaints don't help at all. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

  5. It has been really nice to get out these last few days. It's too bad it can't stay this way all summer.
    I have the same thoughts with some of my projects when I abandon them and then pick them up later. I just did that with Audun and wondered why I didn't finish putting the latest row on. I always enjoy working on it.

  6. I was actually going to ask you about just that! Finding books that appeal to both of you! Troy and I are definitely NOT the same kind of reader (or watcher -- for the most part. Some, yes; most, no.).
    That Fairy Maiden sock is gorgeous. And hooray for the resurfaced skirt! That'll be a great one to get to Mindless Rows...with some good company, you may be wearing that in no time?!
    Have a great time tomorrow :)

  7. I need to wind the yarn for my Shakerag but I'm put off by all the lace to start it off. I'm lazy!

  8. My daisies are still a few weeks from blooming! But it's hot here too - today is an indoor day because it's just too humid out

  9. You did see some pretty flowers but 86 degrees sounds like summer to me. I also love the color of the skirt. And you have two pairs of lovely socks on the go. I hope you had fun at your meet-up.

  10. Oh, what interesting knitting on your needles! The two pairs of socks are so pretty and that is great progress on the skirt!!!!

  11. I am clumsy on anything not level and smooth, so that trail would have caused some ankle twists. Be careful! Nice colors on those socks.

  12. your skirt is looking mighty fine! It's been hot here and the allergies have been horrible. My husband's asthma is constantly being set off.