Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Unraveled Wednesday 11/29/23

 Good Morning!

It is a chilly one here - just 22 degrees by my phone and my computer.  I have a shawl wrapped around my shoulders and a steaming cup of coffee next to me.

Many of you commented on sweet Mabel yesterday and I thank you for that.  She is not all angelic though, for sure.  When I got home from feeding Marcel and Talbot yesterday morning, Mabel pranced across our patio with a bird in her mouth.  I was not pleased.  I know it's only natural, but I don't have to like it.

Also, I have a needle felted raccoon that I think I bought at one of the MD Sheep & Wool that I attended.  It is hanging from a shelf bracket in the kitchen.

Looking a little worse for wear these days.

On one of my strolls through the living room yesterday I noticed the poor raccoon under the rocking chair!  Now Mabel knows she is not supposed to get up on the buffet (under the shelf), but she could only have gotten the raccooon by jumping up on the buffet.  Again, not pleased.  A year ago I put that raccoon away in a drawer in the buffet because Mabel was constantly "getting" it.  I brought it back out after she went missing earlier this year.  Guess I may need to put it away again.

Yesterday was awfully chilly and very, very windy.  We also had some flurries!  When I was two minutes from home yesterday, driving over to Mailing's and Colin's it started snowing.  Stopped at a traffic light, I was able to get a shot:

We had more flurries in the afternoon before dinner.  Pretty, but bitter cold!

Well, it's Wednesday and time to link up with Kat and her Merry Band of Unravelers to talk making and reading.  Unlike the lack of stitching I had for yesterday, I do have a tiny bit of knitting to show.

The First Red Winged Blackbird Sock

The heel has been turned and the gusset decreases are completed on the first  Red Winged Blackbird Sock.  I need to step up my game a bit if I am going to get these finished for Christmas and, perhaps, knit something else.  I have some ideas in my head of "quick" things I could make...but time will tell.

Reading is still slow.  I'm almost finished "The Comfort of Crows" and am enjoying it immensely.  I think "Late Migrations" is my favorite of her books, but "Comfort" is a close second.  I've moved up in the queue for "The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store" - I am now #128!! 

On my nightstand I have Fox and I which I am looking forward to diving into once I finish "Comfort."  Finally, Fletch and I are wrapping up The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry.  It is like a Robert Ludlum or Dan Brown book and is ok.  We will be happy to get into something else!

After feeding Talbot & Marcel this morning, I am planning on driving to the office.  It's been quite some time since I went in and I should check mail, etc.  Then I have some errands to run (Trader Joe's and a bit of shopping for gifts!).  It will be a longish day for moi, but I'm hoping that stores will not be too crowded on a Wednesday.

Have a wonderful Wednesday whatever you are up to!


  1. Message for Mabel: no more birds, please! I know that won't do any good, but as you said, we don't have to like it. I do like the stripes in that sock. I wish you a good Wednesday with an easy time at the office and no crowds in the stores!

  2. Mabel... sigh. It is a good thing you are so cute! lol

    We had snow flurries yesterday too... and this morning it was only 19 degrees on my morning walk with Sherman (who was NOT happy at all!) But the sunrise was lovely!

  3. It's such a hard thing, to love both cats + birds! I've always struggled. And the only solution I could ever come up with was keeping kitty indoors. But we've had cats who were decidedly NOT full-time indoor cats. And so. Out they went. And in came the birds, on occasion. (Even worse than birds for me were the baby bunnies. Nursing a few of them back to health and releasing. Oh my.
    Sock no. 1 is gorgeous! And I love the theme here: crows, migration, RW blackbird.... :)

  4. Oh, that sweet little racoon looks like PERFECT kitty-bait! I'm afraid you'll have to put it out of reach again. . . We've had snow for days here. It got very cold . . . and Lake Michigan is still (relatively) warm . . . so the Lake Effect Snow Machine kicked in. It's lovely - like snow globe lovely. But driving yesterday was pretty treacherous. (It should start melting later today.) Here's to a good and productive busy day for you!

  5. Oh Mabel! What will we do with you? I guess it's just part of being a cat to try to catch all manner of things. Gotta love her anyway.
    It sounds like you have a busy day today. I hope your time at the office is uneventful and that things go smoothly and you can get away quickly.
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. I wondered if you and Dee got any snow yesterday. They said it came down as far as Garrett County here. Some people said they saw flurries here but I didn't. It is cold though. 25 and The Mister had a 8 am therapy session. I had to dig out all the woollies.

  7. I suppose Mabel wouldn't be Mabel if she wasn't getting into some sort of mischief. I'm sure she'd rather get up on furniture she's not supposed to be on than disappear again!

    We had snow the past couple of days (just light flurries), and it was about 10 degrees with wind chill here this morning! I bundled up extra well for my run this morning, and although that helped, I did not like feeling like it was the middle of January!

  8. You have a Mabel - I have a Lemmy! He gets into EVERYTHING and nothing yarny or paper-made is safe!

  9. I have a felted troll that I bought in Iceland and I had to put it away because Fred and George. I think they break all the rules the minute we leave the house and they laugh and laugh at us. The first snow of the season is definitely worthy of documenting!

  10. It's funny how the cats can behave for only so long! The sock is looking good!

  11. I guess Mabel's thoughts are ...NO RACCOONS IN THE HOUSE! You just have to laugh at their antics and keep the valuables out of reach. LOL

    We had snow in the AM, but didn't get the afternoon flurries.

  12. Our Saturday flurries must have moved into your area. Time to tuck that little racoon safely in the drawer. Those kitties are full of adventure. I was 53rd in line for The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store. I gave up and ordered a copy. I'm hoping maybe I can convince my local group to read it sometime next year. Then I'll get double duty from a copy. Ha! The sock is coming along nicely.

  13. It’s fun how the red/yellow on the gusset look like the red wing blackbird’s wing. Love the stripes.

  14. I've been away on holiday for 5 weeks so I didn't know that Mabel had been found - just scrolled back to that wonderful post. I am so happy for you, miracles do indeed happen. What a great early Christmas present.

  15. Seeing that temperature made me instantly cold! It’s been chilly in my area too, but not quite the same. I would love to have snow! Sweaters are a blessing, along with shawls. Your sock is looking great 😊

  16. after Mabel's 'adventures' I would let her play with the raccoon, lol. I love when cats get up to something. Holly is mature now and she rarely doesn't something that is damaging...that I know of!