Monday, November 6, 2023

Weekending 11/6/23

 Hello All,

How are you?  I am well on this chilly (35 degrees) Monday morning.  I hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as I had!

If you read Dee's Blog [and if not, you should] or Bonny's Blog [again, if you don't, you should], then you already know that the 3 of us met up for a delightful morning and on into the afternoon.

These two just make me so happy.  We laughed (and laughed) and sipped our coffee and eventually had lunch and continued chatting away.  I don't think we solved any of the world's problems, but we dealt with some of our own.  I managed to really screw up the knitting I had started (the lighting was not good and I was having problems seeing what I was doing) and next time we go there (Lumberville General Store) I will bring a small pillow or cushion to sit on - the wooden chairs were damn hard!!  (and believe me, I have padding...).  It was so nice to get together.  Thank you Bonny and Dee for meeting up and for your friendship.  Love you two!

Eventually I made my way home and Fletch and I sat out briefly on the patio with our beverages.  We spotted a hawk two doors down at the top of a dead tree.  There were birds in some of the surrounding trees too (not crows though which are usually there).

I'm happy to let you know that some of the green figs I picked are beginning to ripen!!

I cut a few up Sunday morning for us to share with our breakfast.  Although they are not as strongly flavored as prior years and they are much, much was still wonderful to have a taste of fig (and they went very well with pecan waffles and sausage!  LOL).

The balance of my weekend was taken up with some laundry, some cleaning and I FINALLY managed to pick up my tiny needle and put a few stitches in one of the pieces I am stitching.  It had been about 3 weeks since I had done any stitching which is pretty much unacceptable in my book.  Hopefully I can find a little more time this afternoon.

Today I'm going to the office in a bit.  My fob cracked in half.  I can still get in my office, but am unable to use it to log onto any of the printers.  Tom from IT (i.e., Jake) has already activated a new fob for me and he should be in today and will be able to set me up to print.  I hope to be home by mid-to-late morning and then I have a conference call at 11:30.  I may try to find a way to back out of that call!

Last night was pretty nice, so we had a fire and listened to music outside for a bit.  A nice way to end the weekend.

Have a great week!  I should be back tomorrow with a TNT post.


  1. Seeing you and Dee was definitely the highlight of my weekend! It was wonderful and I thank you and Dee so much. Next time, you bring a pillow and I may bring a small light. We can move right in!

    Some small figs are better than no figs at all and I'm so glad you've finally gotten a chance to stitch a bit. Here's hoping you get more time. Love the Fletcher by firelight photo!

  2. Yay for small figs (that you grew yourself!) And I am a bit envious that you all can get together so easily! Happy Monday to you!

  3. A fresh fig is always a treat, even if it's a little small. Glad the three of you were able to get together and have such a good time.

    Do you think the fob knows that you're not sticking around at work for too much longer? ;-)

  4. Maybe your cracked fob is trying to tell you something???? ;-)
    I'm so glad you and Dee and Bonny were able to get together on Saturday. (I'm so jealous.) You all look like you were having a great time together -- and I so love to see that. Here's to a good week, Vera, with plenty of time for stitching. XO

  5. How cool is that! It would be like meeting a rock star to see any of my blog friends in person.
    Nothing better than a fresh fig. It's a treat straight from my childhood.

  6. Love that the three of you got together and had such a terrific time. But, why wouldn't you, right?

    Your petite fig is quite photogenic. It looked right at home on that pretty china. And you have more to come!

  7. so glad you were in good company this weekend. I hope your work week is gentle and you have time to cuddle M and knit a lot.

  8. It WAS a very good time on Saturday.

    The photo of the hawk in the tree looks so very wintery!

  9. It’s fun to meet with friends and ease into the weekend with laughter and maybe some knitting. I’m glad the three of you had a good time.

  10. I just love seeing the 3 of you together even if I do wish I could have been there, too! I also love the image of you and Fletch gathering on your patio to share some time together.

  11. Glad you had a great time, and glad you had a fire! That looks so lovely. Stay warm!

  12. I just love seeing you, and Dee, and Bonny ... in triplicate!! and how FUN for y'all to be together in person. Glad you found some time to stitch this weekend; looking foward to some TNT tomorrow.

  13. I love seeing the three of you together. I'm glad you were able to spend the time together. These days we need our friends. Hooray for fresh figs.

  14. I sure looks and sounds like the three of you all had a great time on Saturday. I enjoyed reading all three of your accounts of the morning. I'm super jealous. I would love to be there too.
    I think your cracked fob means something. lol And Fletcher by the fire looks great. Almost like a camping trip in your backyard and your own bed to sleep in. Pretty good!

  15. So fun. I love seeing those smiling faces!!

  16. Fun get together!!! The evening bonfire looks relaxing, too.