Monday, November 27, 2023

Weekending 11/27/23

 Hello and Good Morning!

I'm hoping that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that it was as tasty as ours was!  The biggest thrill for us though was having the kids back in town.

It was great to all be together again, if only for a brief time.  C&M are now back in Texas, having flown back last evening.  Colin texted that despite the dire prognostications, there were no lines at security so they breezed through and their flight was on time and no delays (despite the pouring rain here in the Philadelphia area).  Mailing will be back for 2-3 days next week for work and then they will both be back permanently on the 19th.  YAY!!

Otto (Anna's dog) joined us on Thursday.  He is a big fan of turkey!

He is a quiet dog and takes his food so nicely - sitting and then giving first one paw and then the other.  When he takes food from your fingers, he is so gentle!!

None of my Christmas cacti have buds yet, but Bonnie & Zhongren have a gorgeous one beginning to blooom.

I do, however, have snapdragons still blooming!  For the first time ever I caught deer munching on them, so I chased them off and then cut a couple of the blooms to have on the kitchen windowsill.

Dee and I did meet up on Friday for a few hours of friendship, knitting and sipping.  We decided that Panera's might not be quite as crowded as it can be on a Saturday and that everyone else out would be shopping on Black Friday.  As usual, it was a lovely time.  However, it kept making me think that Friday was Saturday and then Saturday was Sunday, etc.  

So now a new week.  We are on cat duty and I will be heading over to C&M's to feed Talbot and Marcel once Fletch is awake (and it is no longer dark outside).  I will also be picking up soaking wet laundry!  C&M's washer conked out in the middle of a cycle yesterday morning, so I will gather up the wet clothes, bring them home to wash (again) and then dry.  Once they are back in town, if they determine they need to replace the washer I will not recommend a Maytag (the one I have) - LOL.  I will, however, suggest a Speed Queen.

Cheers to a great week ahead!!


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you had such a lovely Thanksgiving! And I didn't realize that C&M would be back for good so soon! I know you'll be happy when they are.

    What is it with washing machines lately?!

  2. What a great Thanksgiving! There will probably be a lot for C&M to pack and do before the 19th, but they've made a good start with the cats and the car. Have fun with the cats and the laundry and have a good Monday!

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Family back together again. I'm guessing Marcel and Talbot are enjoying being back in their own house again. Even animals seem to know the "there's no place like home" mantra.
    There sure seems to be a lot of washer drama everywhere these days. I hope theirs is an easy fix. It's good to have famil so close to help with these types of things.
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. What a great weekend, Vera (well, except for the washer... sigh) May these days fly by until C&M are back home again!

  5. Glad you had such a good holiday. It was strange to meet up on a Friday. I was thinking the same thing about the days. LOL Old habits really stick, don't they??? LOL

    I haven't had any troubles with my Maytag (other than the ones I caused), but if I could get a Speed Queen I would. Unfortunately, they don't make full size front loaders. :-( Hopefully, it won't be an issue. My washer/dryer aren't that old.

  6. I was confused about the days all weekend but now I am pretty sure it is Monday - right?

  7. What an amazing feast together!!!! I can't believe it has been a year already (almost ) that they've been gone. coming home for good is so much better!

  8. Oh, what joy! A Tgiving reunion and the promise of an imminent homecoming.

    But what a rude washer. I've had my Maytag forever--decades!--and I love it. I hope the kids can get a quick and cheap fix.

  9. Oof washers. We went through three in 20 years, which may not seem like a lot but it is a lot. We now have a (newish) Maytag that has not let us down yet. Hopefully we'll have it for a while!

    Also, I cannot help but think that the ghost is unhappy that people are back in the house and so it broke the washer. JUST SAYING.

  10. What an exciting time for you all to have Colin and Mailing back (almost) permanently! I'm not so sure they should let you touch the washing machine though . . . LOL

  11. What a nice photo Vera. Permanently home must sound wonderful to you!

  12. It's great to see your family together in the photo. What a bummer about the washer. Good thing you are around to help.

  13. What a great day for you all! And I'll second the Speed Queen choice. (What IS it with washing machines these days?????) ;-)