Tuesday, November 28, 2023

No TNT Today 11/28/23

 Good Morning Everyone,

There will be no TNT post today.  I have not picked up a tiny needle in over a week now!  It's just been busy (as you know, because I mention that ALL the time).

But, I have a couple of things to show.  First up, sweet Mabel.

A minute before I snapped this picture she was attempting to grab the yarn as it spun around the bowl.

I've always liked jade plants and I finally got myself one.  Very small.  In a small pot in the office room.

And here is what I hope it looks like some day!

This one is at Bonnie & Zhongren's home.

I managed to get C&M's wet laundry re-washed and dried yesterday.  I'll take that over this morning.  Fletch went over last night after dinner to feed Talbot & Marcel.  I had planned to go with him, but ended up having to work instead (see...busy!!).  I'm looking for an easier day today.

Time to dry my hair, get dressed and head over to C&M's house.  Wishing you all a lovely Tuesday - enjoy!


  1. I will happily take a photo of Mabel in lieu of a photo of stitching!

  2. Mabel has perfected the ability to look sweet and innocent while you try to convince us she was grabbing your yarn! I hope your jade tree grows large.

  3. Mabel has indeed perfected innocence and indifference in that yarn in the bowl! lol She is so sweet! I love your little jade plant! I hope there are moments of quiet today!

  4. C&M are so lucky to have you. You do so much everyday and still manage to take very good care of them. I am amazed and inspired!

  5. Best of luck with your sweet little jade plant! They are really one of my favorite plants -- and I've had many over the years. (Usually, they thrive for me for several years . . . and then get spider mites. . . ) I hope you have a calm day today! XO

  6. That is a sweet little jade plant. I like them too but...I kill them quickly. Have no idea what I do to them but they never, ever survive. I've admitted it and have moved on. lol
    Mabel looks so innocent and sweet that I can't imagine she ever messed with your yarn.
    Blessings and hugs,

  7. How could that sweet innocent Mabel ever be doing anything bad??? Just look at her!!!

    I too love Jade plants. I was gifted a HUGE 60 year-old one by my best friends mother (it belonged to her mother originally). It was like a small tree. Unfortunately, Burton liked to use the trunk as a scratching post, and I didn't notice until it was too late. I had several babies from it, but over the last few years they've all died off. I have several jade variants, but none of that common jade. I should try again

  8. The sweet girl was tensioning your yarn for you. She looks quite content to watch you knit.

  9. I had a beautiful Jade plant in the 70s. It loved being outside in the summer in partial shade.

  10. It might be extra work to get ready for them but it will be so wonderful to have them nearby again!!!! (I can't believe it's been almost two yrs!)

  11. Happy Thanksgiving and like you, it's been busy here! Our company will leave on Friday and take the virus with them and hopefully leave no traces, ha ha ha.

  12. A new plant sounds like a nice treat.