Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Unraveled Wednesday 8/24/22


It's still early...not quite 6 a.m.  I woke at 4:15 this morning but managed to stay in bed for another hour.  When I did finally get up at 5:15, I looked out the window and it was so clear.  I saw a lot of stars and the moon was a beautiful yellow crescent in the sky.  Just another reason why I love the early morning hours.  It is peaceful and quiet.  Even the birds are still and not yet singing their morning songs.  Mabel was singing her song when I came downstairs.  Or rather meowing loudly by the door to the patio.  She was hungry!  She has had her breakfast and is back out patrolling her property.

Welcome to Unraveled Wednesday where we link up with Kat to talk making and reading.  There has been a little knitting since last Wednesday.  The leg of the first Cosmopolitan sock is complete and the heel flap has been constructed.

Gosh this yarn has knit up so lovely!  I knit the heel flap as Eye of the Partridge and really like how that turned out!  The pink and yellow play so well together.  Here's a close up of it (which I was unable to turn around):

Last night I cast on for another dishcloth.  Another skein of CotLin from KnitPicks and the pattern I chose was Tin Ceiling from Purl Soho.  

But...four rows in and for some reason I had messed up a very simple pattern, so it was all ripped out.  Perhaps I will try again today.

Reading has been quite good.  Fletch and I finished listening to Northland by Porter Fox.  This is the one where the narrator's voice was initially really weird, but we got used to it!  And, we both enjoyed the book about the border between the US and Canada.  Last night we started listening to The Peregrine by J. A. Baker.  It is read by David Attenborough, and listening to his voice is like a lullaby to me.

I finished Fellowship Point by Alice Elliott Dark.  Initially I had a little bit of trouble getting into the book, but after 40 or so pages I was hooked.  I loved all the characters of the story and the fact that it takes place in both Philadelphia and the coast of Maine.  Perfect for me!  Now I'm reading Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason for the Read With Us group.  It is an easy read, but I'm finding myself pretty bored with it.  I'm about a third of the way through and hoping it gets a bit more interesting.

Yesterday afternoon while I was fixing dinner, Fletch walked over to see Rob, our neighbor across the way.  He came home with two rather large zucchini and two red bell peppers.

Guess what I'm doing today?  Grating the zucchini to make some bread.  The tomatoes are just some of what I picked yesterday.  We would give some to Rob and Eva, but their garden is loaded with tomatoes too!  I might just have to roast some to make sauce.

The sun is now up and it looks like it will be a nice day.  I plan to do a couple loads of wash and hopefully hang them on the line to dry.  Whatever you are up to, I hope it's a great day for you - Enjoy!


  1. Your yarn is very pretty indeed.

  2. Your sock is very nice indeed and I also like that shade of CotLin. I love David Attenborough so I am going to look for that book! I grated zucchini, made more sauce, and froze more beans yesterday. I may be ready for the garden to be done!

  3. I am still enjoying how that sock is knitting up! I think Eye of Partridge always looks great with multicolored yarn; if it didn't make such firm fabric, I'd use it on all of a sock.

    I'm waiting on a tomato to ripen (and hoping I get to it before the tomato-loving critter who keeps taking bites out of them) and watching my melon get bigger. Our sunflowers might be blooming soon, too!

  4. I am with Bonny... I love David Attenborough as well! Thanks for the heads up on that book! :)

    Your sock heel does look so lovely! (and those peppers look gorgeous!)

  5. Eye of Partridge is perfect for that sock.

  6. That sock is so pretty, Vera! It reminds me of summer. :-) Enjoy your garden bounty. XO

  7. Beautiful sock, Vera. Absolutely perfect.
    I just read a recipe for a chocolate zucchini loaf cake. I'm ready to try it, but have to get some zucchini. If we lived closer, I could trade you some fresh pesto for one of those squash! I'm making it like crazy, and it goes so well with fresh tomatoes.

  8. Love,love, love your sock! Very little knitting happened here this week - my knitting mojo needs a jump start, so maybe a new cast on is needed.

  9. That's a very pretty sock! I put zucchini on my grocery order this week and got the teeny tiniest little thing. I didn't know they came that small this time of year.

  10. Sounds like Mabel is a bit of a diva with all her demands! Sock is looking great!

  11. Our tomatoes are not turning! Full sun and watered regularly and we only have a few yellow variety and Sweet Millions. And man, are they sweet.
    I let Missy out for a few hours on nice days, never at night, and she still comes home injured. The attack was in our yard again but we didn't see the stray that hurt her.

  12. The Eye of Partridge heel looks very spiffy in the pink and yellow. What a pretty sock yarn. I have Fellowship Point on hold but its going to be awhile. Your early morning sounds lovely.

  13. you can never ever have too many dish cloths. I have barely knit this week but hopefully this weekend I will dive back in!