Thursday, August 25, 2022

Thursday Doings

 Hello Again,

Yup, another morning has rolled around.  Like yesterday, it is dark now - the clock is just chiming 6 a.m.  I was up early (again) and slept really well!  The stars did not appear quite as bright this morning, but I could still see them (and the moon).  Lovely.

I managed to do a little stitching the other day, but not enough to merit showing or talking about on the blog.  I'm planning on having more to show by next Tuesday for a true TNT report.

Yesterday a good amount of time was spent in the kitchen as well as outside.  Two loads of wash were hung on the lines to dry.  On the kitchen front I roasted the tomatoes in the morning.

I wish I could provide the scent that was coming from the oven - pure heaven!  I put some EVOO in the bottom of the pan and then scattered a bunch of cut up garlic cloves and lots of fresh oregano and basil over that.  Tomatoes were cut in half and into the oven at 400 that all went for roughly 1/2 hour.  Once they cooled I pulled the skins off and threw everything into the blender.  Voila - sauce!  We are having that tonight with shrimp added to it.  My mouth is watering already.

I grated just one of the zucchini (the smaller one which just about filled my food processor!).  A new (to me) recipe came to my email yesterday for Zucchini Cookies With a Lemon Glaze so decided to give them a try.  More like mini cakes than cookies, but hey!  They've got veggies in them, so I call them healthy!  LOL

I haven't tried one yet.  But I'm hoping they are good.  Today or tonight I will make some zucchini bread with more of the grated veggie.  I plan to add fresh cranberries (well, ones that I froze last winter) and either walnuts or pecans.

Meanwhile, I'm heading to the office this morning.  I don't want to go, but I need to go.  Planning to get in early and get out early, pick up some wine and head to CVS for another try at getting Fletch's prescription and a few things I need.  Hoping/planning to get home in time to work out before lunch.  A busy, but (hopefully) productive day.  Hope yours is a good one.


  1. That tomato smell is just the best, isn't it?! I hope your work day is easy, breezy and done quickly! And may you have success at CVS! Happy Thursday!

  2. Mmm ... delicious post! That sauce and those cookies sound wonderful and I'm sure they also taste wonderful. I hope it's a good Thursday and you get in and out of the office quickly.

  3. Mmm, freshly made tomato sauce -- my mouth is watering even though I just had breakfast! I'll be interested to hear what you think of the zucchini cookies. They certainly sound good!

  4. I need to go have a bit of a lie-down......all your busyness made me tired again. LOL

  5. I have never roasted tomatoes for sauce. That must be delicious. I'll have to try it. I love homemade sauce. So much better than the stuff in the jars.

  6. All this talk of baking reminds me I have bananas rotting in the fridge - I need to make a banana bread asap!

  7. I just got a haul of tomatoes from my sister, the family gardener. BLTs last night were terrific. I'll be eating fresh tomatoes like it's my job for the next few days.

    Love the idea of those cookies. They sound so good.

  8. those food photos! GAH. I would try a zucchini cookie! Bummer you had to go to the office when you don't feel like it.

  9. I love roasted tomatoes. I can just imagine the smells coming from your kitchen. Let us know about the zucchini cookies. I hope you were able to scoot in and out of the office.