Thursday, August 4, 2022

A Little Stitching on a Thursday

 Hi Everyone,

Hope this Thursday morning finds you doing well.  The heat is building here in Eastern PA.  Yesterday ended up being a rather nice day though.  The humidity stayed relatively low and there was a wonderful breeze in the afternoon.  Not sure that will be the case today, but so far it is comfortable outside.  I just lowered a bamboo shade that we have at the edge of our patio - it keeps the morning sun off the patio and, therefore, keeps the heat down.  By early afternoon we can raise the shade and the patio is all in the shadows at that time.

Yesterday as Fletch and I sat with our beverages around 4 p.m., a young deer came boldly into the yard walking right toward us.  It was coming for some of the apples that have fallen from our tree, but at the last moment it got spooked and ran away.  I was sorry my phone...and therefore my camera...was inside on the table.  The deer would have made a sweet picture.  We have also been having a young (I'm guessing there) sharp shinned hawk that is flying around daily and calling constantly (and loudly).  The smaller birds don't seem too bothered by him/her which is a little unusual, so I'm not sure what's up.

Fletch discovered a volunteer patty-pan squash plant in the garden and our first squash has been harvested!

The tomatoes and garlic in the picture are also from the garden.  So much goodness there!  And figgy, our lovely fig tree, is just loaded with fruit this year.  Nothing ripe yet, but it shouldn't be too long!

I did manage to do a little stitching the other day.  Not a lot and not as much as I had hoped, but only one more motif to stitch at the bottom...and a smaller one up above the lower row.  Then a border and the alphabet under that.  It's coming along!

I really need to buckle down and decide on my next piece so that I can order the appropriate fabric.  Maybe I'll do that this afternoon.

Good new for my friend Carole - she was sent home from the hospital yesterday.  She needs to make MAJOR lifestyle changes and, hopefully, she will do that.  We had a long conversation last evening and I believe she understands the severity of her situation.

And, more good news:  Colin will be flying up here next week.  He will rent a car and then drive to the Catskills for a Batchelor Party.  He will be back over that weekend and is planning to have dinner with us on Sunday, the 14th.  He and Mailing will be crossing paths in the air when he flies back to TX on the 15th - she will be flying up for a get-together with a bunch of friends.

That's it for me today.  Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the August days.


  1. Good news about your friend. I hope she is going to commit to a lifestyle change for her health and happiness overall.

    We had a thunderstorm last night and it rained quite a bit. Today it's just horrid out there--tropical humidity and not a breath of air anywhere. I'm grocery shopping and that is it.

    I know how happy you are to look forward to a visit with Colin. Only 10 more days!

  2. Such a pretty sampler! I love patty pan squash. I think it's the name that gets me. It's so darn cute.

  3. The motifs on that sampler are so pretty. I love all the bright colors.

  4. Every stitch gets you closer to the end!
    Yesterday was horribly hot and humid here. And of course, it was the day we were moving several large pieces of furniture from Dave's grandma's house. We were soaked and exhausted by the time we were done.
    Happily though, by 7pm everything got crazy dark and we got an incredible thunderstorm. And the rain continued all through the night. It's still humid, but overcast, so it's somewhat tolerable out there. And more rain is expected this afternoon. We've gotten some rain through July, but definitely not as much as the farmer's needed, so this is very welcome!

  5. I am delighted to hear that your friend is out of the hospital, and I hope she is able to take this scare seriously and make the changes necessary. You've gotten a lovely bounty from your garden! I picked a tomato this morning that will be added to our salad tonight.

    It is unbearably humid here today -- I was literally dripping when I came in from my run and had to toss my workout clothes right into the laundry because they were drenched. We're supposed to have some storms moving through later today, and I hope they help to make it a bit more comfortable outside.

  6. What garden bounty and what a pretty sampler. This late summer weather has been something else - everywhere. I am glad your friend is home from the hospital.

  7. Vera! So much to love here. I love everything from your garden and am very excited that you have fresh figs!! And those tomatoes - enjoy them! Your sampler is so pretty and I'm loving its progress. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Wow... all those figs! YUM! Your stitching is always so fun to watch!