Friday, August 5, 2022

Friday's All Creatures Great and Small

 Good Friday Morning!

The sun is beginning to poke out and the air feels refreshed.  Gosh it was hot (94) and muggy yesterday.  After dinner the wind whipped up and I could hear distant thunder.  Before I knew it we were having a whopper of a thunderstorm.  Fletch was watching something on TV and I was sitting at the table reading when POP and the power went out.  That was around 9:30.  We lit some candles, Fletch grabbed a flashlight, and we headed out to sit on the patio.  It was so still and warm.  The wind had died...very muggy.  Around 10:30 I went up to bed.  I opened the back window wide and crawled under the sheet.  In under 10 minutes the power came back on.  Thank goodness because the upstairs was very, very warm.  So I closed the window, turned on the air and the next thing I knew it was 6:10 this morning!

Yesterday I mentioned that we had been hearing a very noisy sharp shin hawk most days.  Well, while I was hanging clothes on the line yesterday morning, I heard him again.  I looked up and there he was near the top of a dead tree two houses down from us.

Again there were small birds in the tree paying him no attention whatsoever.  He flew off calling very shortly after I took the picture.

This morning while feeding Mabel, I looked out and saw a couple of deer having their breakfast of fallen apples.

If you click to enlarge, you will see the deer on the right is a young buck.  

Yesterday's post also mentioned how our fig tree is loaded with figs this year.  None are ripe yet, but when they come in, there will be a lot!

The anticipation is killing me!  LOL

And, finally, the best creature of all:  Mabel!

She says it is much too hot to be modest - LOL.  I'm surprised the grass looks so green in the picture.

Here's hoping my conference calls (2) go quickly and smoothly and I can ease into weekend mode.  I've plans to meet up with Dee tomorrow so am looking forward to that.  And no other plans to speak of which is how I like it.  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend whatever you do - enjoy!


  1. Oh MABEL!!! LOL

    Those deer come quite close to the house. So beautiful.

    I had to look up sharp shinned hawk. That was a new one to me.

  2. Sheesh! That anonymous is me. (Sometimes I hate this phone. LOL)

  3. love the MABEL! I hope that you get your smooth fast conference and the weekend begins peacefully!

  4. Mabel has the right idea in this weather!

  5. I'm with Mabel -- when it's this hot, modesty is pointless! I hope the conference calls go by quickly so you can get an early start to a relaxing weekend.

  6. Mabel... smart girl! This heat and humidity is just so... awful! We have a rainy forecast for the weekend and I am hoping the weatherman is right!

  7. I enjoyed the storms last night. The lights did stay on and the trees stayed where they belong so it was nice to have the rain and thunder to go to sleep to.
    Your figs look wonderful. I sure miss my fig tree and regularly haunt the ones in the neighborhood to watch their progress. With all the trees we've lost I'm wondering if I get enough sun out front for one now.

  8. I love seeing all of your wildlife, especially barely-domesticated Mabel. Those figs are making me terribly jealous.
    There seem to be a lot of deer out and about in the heat, poor things. Rick and I notice so many more on our drives this summer.

  9. I hope your Friday is going well--I love to look out and see deer--beautiful!

  10. I'd love to have deer in our yard, but we are too far in town (even though the town is small). We see them on the outskirts all the time though.
    Love the pic of Mabel.

  11. I hope those conference calls went well. It's hotter than hot here, 98 degrees at 7:00 p.m. for heaven's sake. No rain and none in sight. I love to see all the creatures. Hope you are having a good weekend.

  12. Missy has been just as shameful in her pose on hot days. Figs looking good! I found out after eating that entire tray of fresh that I purchased, that my mouth condition can't take them. I was in agony with those tiny seeds stuck in my tongue fissures!