Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday June 30, 2021

 Good Morning!

6:45 a.m. and it already feels sticky and humid.  I shouldn't complain...I think Seattle has it worse than we do.  But still...I would like to be able to enjoy a cup of HOT coffee in the morning.

Yesterday ended up busy, busy.  The morning was busy work-wise.  Then I had my pre-op appointment with the eye doctor.  That went quickly and I stopped to drop off a prescription at CVS for the eye drops I will need to start next Monday.  When I got home, Fletch and I ran out to Home Depot.  And bought a new range.  Gosh they have gotten expensive!

Long story...hopefuly made a little shorter...quite some time ago (years) my current oven started sparking and flaming and the fire department arrived.  One of the elements needed to be replaced.  We did that.  Then it happened again and again we replaced it.  Then the glass inside the door broke - for real!  Then the pandemic happened and neither one of us wanted to go stove shopping.  And, the oven worked fine.  Probably not as efficient, but it worked.  Until this last Sunday when I turned the oven on to heat it up for cooking some bacon.  Sparks!  Again!  Luckily I saw them and turned it off immediately.  So, I've been oven-less since Sunday morning.  And, luckily the burners on top work fine.

I went on line and found a range I one has it in stock and no one is anticipating getting it.  I liked it because the price was "reasonable."  And that was because it is an older model and will be discontinued.  Bottom line, we went with a more expensive model in a different brand and it will be here on July 14th (the appliance store we have always used couldn't give us any delivery we went with Home Depot).

But let's move on to the fun things.  Knitting (of course).  Fuego #1 is finished and #2 has been started:

I just love the colors in this yarn and it is knitting up so nicely (Trekking).  The finished sock fits me perfectly, so I guess these are going to be mine - LOL.

On the reading front:  I am reading Save Me The Plums by Ruth Reichl.  I really do enjoy memoirs and this one is no exception.  However, I'm disappointed by how few recipes are included in this book.  I loved "My Kitchen Year" by Reichl which had a ton of recipes.  This is kind of reading a little bit like "The Devil Wears Prada" - what a back stabbing community magazines/publishing businesses are!

Fletch and I are reading The Gift of the Deer by Helen Hoover which I think is a book Bonny read and recommended.  Hoover and her husband (an artist whose pen and ink drawings are in the book) lived in a two room cabin in Minnesota near the Canadian border.  One Christmas morning a deer near starving and blind in one eye shows up on their property.  They end up feeding it...not making it a pet, but keeping it wild.  We've only read 50 pages or so and I'm enjoying it.  Fletch is not feeling very fondly towards deer these days as some have been munching in his garden (beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, even jalapeno peppers!).  He needs to build a fence and Colin has offered to help, but it is hot and humid so I'm not sure when that will get done!

As usual, I'm linking up with Kat for Unraveled Wednesday.  Be sure to check out her blog to see what she and others are making and reading.  Inspiration abounds!

Today I need to go back to the office.  Ggrrrrrr.  There are several documents I need to scan for my month-end reports and I forgot to do that the other day.  I don't have scanning ability at home.  Luckily it is a pretty drive through Valley Forge Park and not all that long (12 miles or so).  Funny how I used to go to the office daily in the "before times" and now I get annoyed if I have to go in more than one day a week - LOL.  But, there is a very good state store nearby, so I will pick up some wine...then stop at CVS to pick up my eye drop prescriptions (which should be filled by then) and then the library to pick up a book that came in for me.

Hope you all enjoy the day!


  1. That was a busy day, and I hope you enjoy your new spark-less range when it gets delivered. I don't think cataract surgery is exactly a vacation, but it might be nice to have a little break. I hope your time at the office is short and you get to enjoy some relaxing sock knitting time.

  2. I know it's tough to get any appliances now, thanks to a supply chain issue caused by COVID. Factories shut down, including parts manufacturers and assemblers. It's still a big problem. And because of short supply, no one has to offer any deals.

    But your socks look lovely, and I'm glad your cataract surgery is moving along with no problems.

  3. You did have a busy day! I think you're actually fortunate to be able to get your new range delivered so quickly, Vera. I know people who've been waiting for ranges and refrigerators for months and months! (Supply chain woes and all.) I've been waiting for two new chairs for months and months -- and maybe even more months. Who knew??? Anyway. I love your socks! Those colors are such fun -- and you're going to love having them, come fall. XO

  4. I hope the new stove comes in on time! The deer book sounds like a good one! Not so much the deer damage in the yard--DH is doing similar competitions with his garden!

  5. Those cheerful socks will have you dancing down the street/trail when you wear them! I love the stripes and the colors.

  6. Your oven, my vacuum...if it's not the virus out to get us it's the

  7. YIKES -- sparking ovens are NOT good.

    Sooooooooo, what kind did you get?

    The Fuego sock looks great!

  8. Eek! I'm glad you saw the sparks and turned it off. Replacing major appliances is such a pain -- I'm glad that when we had to replace our oven, it was only because the door hinge broke (and apparently it was something they just don't fix?). I guess at least if you have to wait for a new range, it's good that it happens in summer when you don't really need to bake anything!

  9. I really like reading your blog ! this one brought back memories . I read The Gift of the Deer many years ago . Loved it , even wrote to the author and she wrote back !! I think there are 2 kinds of deer . The ones ( our farm included ) that will eat everything , even tomato plants , and in the woods deer you can happily watch and enjoy . I also need a new stove , thanks for the warning . Again , I enjoy your blog !

  10. I look forward to seeing your new sparkless stove and oven. Our sofa for the family room is now anticipated to not be delivered until November! It was ordered the first week in May and it's NOT custom made either.
    I'm glad you'll be all prepared for your surgery by having the drops pre-ordered. Every little thing to help the day go smoothly. Sorry about the deer eating everything. I've given up on all flowers in the backyard except the two pots hanging from the deck cover. The deer eat it all except one pot of marigolds. Next year I think I'll just do marigolds. :-)
    I hope your trip to work and back went well. I got twenty baby hats sewn up that Nita sent me while at Mom's this afternooon. It's been a good day.

  11. a new stove and oven!! Sorry the other broke. Your FUEGO socks are time_y, right?

  12. A full day! But a new stove!! Exciting times! :) And those socks! I love how trekking yarn wears (like iron!!)

  13. Sounds like you are busy. The pace of life seems to be picking up. I hope your new stove arrives when promised. Good thing it is summer and you can fall back on the grill. I love those bright socks. Two years or so ago, I had cataract surgery and it went really well. I literally had no pain. It was a bit of a pain waiting for my eye to heal so I could get fitted for glasses but other than that it was easy/peasy. I'm holding a good thought for you.

  14. It's so tough to get appliances or furniture in a timely manner! I waited months for my couch, and Ali's been waiting for almost that long for her new fridge!